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Okay so I have a few items I’d like to discuss with all of you in the blog world.  So I have a limited dating scheme in Erie…so, as I have mentioned before, I try really put myself out there for dating.  This includes phone calls, getting enough nerve to ask out guys…and unfortunately they usually don’t pan out well.  This is fine and all because I can at least say that I have put my best foot forward and gave it a try.  But, also with that I sometimes feel like colossal ass for what seems like cycle I put myself though.  So I admit I’m a little tender when potential dates don’t pan out.  What I have found that if I am left alone for a bit I get over it and then I’m back in the game…no biggie right.  WRONG…I am beginning to realize that I am stuck in this terrible cycle of seeing the people that I ask out or make efforts to ask out, around town and we always end up seeing each other.  It is uncanny how many times I’ve run into people that I’ve hit on in the past.  That is the case that occurred last night…


I posted awhile ago about HCG (I put the link below for you to read up on it).




 Well last night I went out with a bunch of girls that I know and Lauren.  We went to a place where the martinis are cold and expensive, the music is good, and the gays are good looking. (It isn’t a gay bar though…but I think it must be a requisite for one to work there you must be gay…and really good looking).  I walk in and there are 6 of us at the bar being charming and having good conversation when I look over my right shoulder and see a really good looking guy, we kinda make eye contact (bad idea).  I see him lean over to one of his friends and whisper something.  I don’t give it much thought and begin my martini.  I glance over at him occasionally, nothing big when I suddenly realize that the guy is the HCG whom I had met for coffee one night, thought things were going well, then the next day he was in a relationship…..hhhhhhhhmmmmmmm….I am thinking the same thing folks. 


All I can think is I just want to remain in some type of anonymity because I had hit on him and obviously it didn’t work out and I suspect he was their with his boyfriend.  Is anonymity to much to ask…apparently yes it is.  It is one thing for me to make a fool out of myself but as God as my witness I refuse to be the topic of conversation between said hit on guy and his boyfriend.  What do I do…I down my martini and attempt to melt into the bar.  No, I didn’t go over and confront him.  To make matters worse I know the bartender and he always says my name pretty loudly, so it’s like I’m being announced over a PA system and other than HCG and his posse we are the only ones there, so it wasn’t like I could disappear somewhere.


God if you read blogs, listen to me…no more….I say no more of this seeing guys I’ve foolishly hit on at bars…I always look like desperate heehaw when this happens and I need a smidge of a break from it….thanks!




On a happier note…we have a new UPS guy delivering at work….and is he oh so good looking.  Short, with short black hair, built nicely, tan, with a thumb ring, and those little UPS shorts that just make life a little bit nicer.

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So I have a ton of stuff to do today (yes I make lists of errands to accomplish during the day) but I thought I would do a quick post and talk about the explosion of hotties I was caught in. 


I know it isn’t an everyday occurrence but yesterday was a maelstrom of hottie mchottersons.  They came from every direction; they were literally crawling out of the woodwork.  But it was one explosion I didn’t mind being in.  Work during the week is slow due to the summer so I’m usually bored.  During said bouts of boredom I try to fend off the weird conversations my one co-worker tries to strike up with me or think of things I’d rather be doing than being at work, when yesterday in through our front door walked this hot college aged kid.  He looked like that one guy from the Hill’s or something (I don’t watch that show for fear of losing any brain cells that I have not yet destroyed with copious amounts of alcohol)…I think his name is Jason.  I’ll post a picture below.


 So he tries to sell me tickets to baseball games but I couldn’t rip my focus from his eyes…which were blue…teeth…which were straight and well kept…chest…which hinted at a lean tone to it…and his uummm well his basket….which promised fun sexy times.  I told him I didn’t want any tickets and he ended up giving me his card which he wrote, what I think is his cell phone number on it.  But I was so taken with my gawking I didn’t give him my card.  So I’ve decided to ring up Mr. Ticket Sales and see if he will be running anymore specials anytime soon in the Erie area and leave him my cell phone number….Desperate perhaps…resourceful definitely!  Always use what you have available to your advantage 


So moving on I had an event to attend for my job.  So I get out of work a little early, I had to go home and get my tie I had forgotten, go and my luck just happens to stay with me.  I walk into the event and there is a good looking guy in a suit who is in the booth facing me, then behind me there is a guy that reminds me of an older version of a crush I had…okay okay still have…from college. (I am not talking about patchouli guy either)  I had ample man samples to feast my eyes on during the entire event…I was beyond pleased. 


So after many dirty thoughts later the event ends and I head out to my trivia team at a local bar in Erie.  Yes, I am on a trivia team…and I like it, so shoosh.  At trivia there is a team that sits right next to our team and there is this really good looking guy that is on it.  As it turns out after an extended absence from his team he made his triumphant return.  He kinda has a Rob Thomasness likeness to him.  I think specifically in his short hair, eyes, and ears(which like Mr. Thomas are pierced).  Here is a posted picture!


Anyhoo, he is dreamy to look at.  He always wears these tight shirts that ride up and show the small of his back….okay that sounded stalkerish, but nonetheless he really was the cherry on top of my mansundae yesterday.  The only bad thing is he was there with a couple people I think could have been gay and/or his significant other….I didn’t ask, I just hypothesized. 










So that was my Tuesday not bad for a day that started out slow at work.  I‘ll post and let you know how the phone call goes in the next couple of days.  If I don’t post about it then it is safe to assume Mr. Ticket Sales was either not gay, or has rejected my advances and I have resorted to licking my wounds and not discussing the embarrassing episode.


Also, I think I am starting to get posting down I jazzed up this post with pictures and text boxes.  I am pretty pleased with myself J  You may now compliment me LOL


Have a spectacular hump day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hello folks so here is an update from the past weekend.  You’ll have to excuse me my blogging might be a little wild and off kilter today I have had about 10 cups of coffee and I am firing on all pistons at the moment….As for a little update, I was out of town again for a wedding in Hermitage.  As it turned out what my friend meant when she said wedding, she meant a backyard picnic to celebrate a wedding that had already occurred.  So my suit was not appropriate attire and I ended up having to buy a new polo for the occasion….which I really like.  So her boyfriend ends up coming down to which can sometimes be fun and sometimes awkward.  It was fun this time.  So I was there with a bunch of people that I know through Carrie (that’s my friend’s name).  We ended up have a blast…then some crazy drunk man (who was the brother of the groom) told me I needed “a reality check” when I mentioned that I wanted some chicken.  He then proceeded to yell “yeah well fuck you, you Nancy boy.”  I am not sure if he was talking to me or Carrie’s boyfriend, whom he had asked if he was gay earlier in the evening.  Well, we promptly left the party after that.  I don’t think I was to entirely offended about potentially being called a nancy (I’m not sure if grammatically I am suppose to capitalize nancy because I’m not sure if the crazy drunk man meant nancy as a slander, or if he meant it as a proper name…so I’ll use a mix of capitalization and lower case for your reading enjoyment…what ee cummings got away with it).  There are several reasons why I didn’t find it to offensive


1)      He was crazy

2)      He was wasted

3)      He didn’t seem like the best representative of the family

4)      He was middle aged, graying, and obese


So I thought screw him he really isn’t anything to worry about.  Anyhoo the weekend was a blast.


As for any gay schenanigans, there were none….there wasn’t anyone to wildly attractive I could potentially want to hook up with it so the dry spell continues….hhrrmmmm






One last thing…I have fallen in LOVE with the following video.  It is Mercy by Duffy, great music cute dancers….it is true love



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Alright everyone I just wanted to do another quick post before the start of the weekend.  I have another wedding this weekend.  It is much closer to the homoterritory than York is.  I am heading down to an Urban Family members home in Hermitage.  I am really excited I am going as her guest for a wedding of one of her co-workers that we both know.  So It is going to be a good time.  I hope there are hotties to oogle from the pews and reception…I am going to try and be good, just because I don’t know where my gay antics might get me in a room full of people I don’t know…but who knows…booze always has a very persuasive way of getting me to do things I deem perhaps not totally acceptable. 


The work week was pretty lousy and I am glad the weekend is here.  One of the brighter points of the week is that me, Lauren, and Lucy scored tickets to see my favorite comedian, Kathy Griffin, in NY!!!!!!!!!!!  Needless to say, I am very very very excited and cannot wait for August to arrive (that’s when her show is).  The only bad thing is is Lauren’s boyfriend is going and he isn’t always a socially fun guy and I suspect he isn’t going to enjoy Kathy.  Oh well, he isn’t going to rain on my parade….(and the sun’s a bowl of butter…I gotta stop myself my homo is showing…LOL).  We are making shirts for the occasion and I am uber excited about that too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well I hope all of you have a spectacular fun filled weekend!  Below is a fun clip of Kathy Griffin for you to enjoy.






okay okay there are two clips…there were to parts….just enjoy it bitches!!!!



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Hello all! I am back from my extended 4 day weekend and ready to blog.  So from my previous post I let you guys know that I went to a friends wedding.  I took an extra two days off from work to see some relatives and take my time traveling to York.  Who likes a 7 hour car ride…especially if you’re the driver…and you’re all alone. 


So the first leg of my trip was a stop in Somerset to stay with my Aunt for two nights.  It was a great decision.  I got there late Thursday evening and my Aunt and I talked for hours over lasagna.  Let me paint a picture of my Aunt…she is my Father’s sister and very much in touch with her Italian side.  She cooks and is happy (typical Italian mantra).  To give you a better idea of what she’s like, she’s like Doris Robert’s character in the movie Grandma’s Boy…if you haven’t seen it and you like comedies I highly recommend it.  In the style of Robert’s Character, Grandma Lilly, I was fed like a king, did some housework for her, she has cats (albeit live cats), and we even discussed the Antique Road Show.  That Friday my Father came up to my surprise, he occasionally spends weekends with his sister and I got to give him his Father’s Day gift and then on Saturday, my Uncle (my Father’s brother) also came up.  So it was nice to see a portion of my family.  I headed out early on Saturday to get to the wedding fully intending on a night of fun, drinking, good food, good friends, and perhaps some man on man action.  I get to the hotel in York with no problems and find my Urban Family.  We all stayed in the same suite together (all seven of us).  The wedding was beautiful, but, unbeknownst to me, it was outside and hot.  The reception was loads of fun and I managed to work up a great buzz.  I was just drunk enough to get on the dance floor and not make a fool of myself.  Mean while, in the man on man action area, the bride’s older brother was a sight for soar eyes.  Tall, lean, broad shouldered, with a brown beard and big hands……deliciousness all around…but I wasn’t sure if he was married or not, and I am pretty sure I am not a home wrecker, and considering it was the brides brother….I chose not to pursue him….He did actually give me a slap on the ass on the dance floor though, all I could think was, “if you ask nicely, I would definitely let you do more than just slap my ass.”  But, I digress…the wedding ended and sleep was had by all.  The next day the Urban Family and I had a big brunch and we set off to our particular places of residency around the country.  I began my journey back for another night at my Aunts.  I get to my Aunts and we had a blast we just hung out and watched a couple of movies together….it was heaven.  Then on Monday morning I began my journey back to my homoterritory of Erie PA.   I did manage to flambé my arm on the way home…now my left arm and leg are a full shade of tan darker than on my right side….it hurt.


So that was a run down of the past four days of my life.  I am currently getting ready for another wedding this Saturday which I am also excited for.  I am a date for one of my Urban Family members.  It will be a fast weekend but fun none the less.


On a final note, I just found out that I didn’t get a job I had applied for down in DC.  This was before I decided to start blogging.  I was very excited for it.  All dreams, of moving to the big city, working in what could be considered partly my field, while keep hot gay DCians at bay, that were dancing in my head were conveniently shattered today when I found out I didn’t get the job.  What irked me the most was the fact that I had to effing call the office and ask if I had got the job.  Talk about adding insult to injury.  I was informed that I would be contacted to let me know if I got the job after I completed the interview.  I suspect that if they can contact all the people who got the job or even a second interview they could contact those of us who didn’t get the job…right.  Am I being neurotic or does it seem like to much to ask for a letter saying I didn’t get the job?  You know, college students are always told they don’t know how to interview, they don’t dress correctly for interviews, or there is something that they don’t do right when it comes to job searches, and all I can think is perhaps the jobs and business we apply to need some etiquette lessons as well.  When I was informed I had the interview I had exactly five days to prepare myself, get to DC (which easily cost me like $250 buck) then wait for almost 2 and a half months to hear whether or not I got the job.  I busted my ass to oblige them for this opportunity and you would think that a simple letter or even an email (which is pushing it in my book) would suffice as to let me know where I stood in regards to the job instead of letting me languish in job purgatory.


Uuuuggghhh now I am irritated and still horny, not a good combo I might add.  I guess it could be worse….meh

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As promised from my last blog…..A crazy homeless story!!!!!!!!


Perhaps it’s politically incorrect, or mean, or just down right wrong, but I am afraid of homeless people.  I know what you’re thinking, this Sammy character is an ass and is a horrible person; hear me out first.


I have certain mainstream fears like flying or more appropriate plane crashes.  But, besides those mainstream fears I have discovered that the homeless have this affinity towards me.  I have no idea where it came from…they are like horses, they can sense my fear and hesitancy.  I know the moment when said fear surfaced…It was the 5 days I spent in Louisiana. 


I was in Louisiana, with one of my roommates for a conference, after the conference we did what any typical, normal, college guys would do with their friends in Louisiana…go to Bourbon St.  Innocent enough right…not the case.  So we go and get boozed up pretty well.  Then my roommate, James, tells me we have to go back to our hotel to meet someone or get something…I don’t quite remember, all I know we left Bourbon St. and turned up Canal Street heading for our hotel.  While we are walking a homeless man in a red sweat suit starts following us.  So what it looks like is homeless man on my left and James on my right.  The man was telling us how he has this disease and how many kids he has to feed etc. etc. etc.  I have no money on me so bribing my way out of this mess is out of the question; James is boozed up pretty good and is in his own world.  This is when homeless man becomes crazy homeless man.  He starts demanding we give him some type of monetary sum because now he has, in his own words “walk all the way from Bourbon St. to our current position” and he deserves it.  Now I am scared, we are walking faster and he is keeping up with us.  I can see the overhang for our hotel and all I can think is just get into the hotel because he won’t follow us in and solicit money. It would be at this point crazy homeless man produces a bottle and takes a wild swing at me with it!!!!!!!!  To clarify this, I’m drunk, not sure if the bottle is plastic or glass (I am assuming glass for two reasons 1) It makes for a better story and 2) There is liquid in it that I assume is some form of booze) and the swing whips over my head (On a side not I’m not sure if the homeless man meant for the bottle to swing over my head or if it went haywire because James stepped in front of me to protect me…he’s very tall and much bigger guy then me).  The swing was close enough to make me think in my boozy haze holy Jesus a crazy homeless man just tried to hit me with a bottle.


The crazy homeless man then scampers off into the darkness.  All in all a bit of a scary moment but more importantly it has touched off a series of crazy homeless people interactions for me…perhaps I should have given that man money I bet the S.O.B cursed me now that I think about  it.


Since then I have had a homeless man throw change at me for not giving him money and another homeless man hug me and rub his unshaven face on mine.  Not the most fun experiences to say the least….I just gave me the heebie jeebies. BLAH

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Good afternoon everyone; I hope this finds you well and recovering from a good weekend.  Erie was hot hot hot in more than one way this past weekend.  For starters the temperatures soared to the 90’s, which in my experiences is not usual for Erie this early in the summer season.  So while the heat was up and the sun was out, I managed to do some biking and hit the beach for some quality suntan time.  I was out Friday with my roommate for a bit then on Sunday by myself.  But the fun news was as I was laying out those two days I saw some delicious fathers out there.  You know the kind I’m talking about somewhat built, a nice hairy chest, tanned…and married.  Oh well their marriage doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the scenery. 


After Friday’s tanfest Lauren and I decided to get two of our friends and head out to the bars for a few adult beverages.  It was a fun night with us walking to the bars, which I would have to estimate as being three miles away (Lauren paid the ultimate price when she opted for high heels for our walk instead of a comfy pair of flipflops).  We ended up knowing a bartender at the particular bar we went to which worked to our advantage.  Not only does this bar tender know us and manages to get us very drunk, very quickly, with only one drink, he is a sight for sore eyes.  We are talking high status man candy behind the bar.  I just think of him and I get flushed and my man bits start to tingle.  I am envisioning him right now……so hot!  As mentioned, we walked home which was a new experience for me being drunk and all, and then Saturday morning I called on my friend Lucy to be my personal assistant.   I have a wedding next weekend and I had tons of stuff to do to prepare for my drive across the great state of PA.  I discuss that some more later in the post.  So anyways, we finish and I end up going out to the movies to see “Strangers” with my sis, Lauren, and Lucy.  Note to self never take three girls to see a scary movie like that…none of them could sleep.  HAHAHAHAHA.  Then on Sunday I headed to the beach again on my bike and laid out some more.  Again, there was a plethora of daddies that made me feel randy.  I was in heaven listening to ipod, reading, trying my hardest to burn my body when 4 teenage girls come along and begin to do that whiney oh my god stuff.  Blah, no wonder I’m gay.  Eventually, my body has had enough sun and I’ve had enough of the girls and I hope on my bike and head home.


Blah blah blah I am just rambling here…so this is what it feels like to write with no clear focus….anyways, this up coming weekend I will be leaving the comfort of my Homoterritory of Erie PA to travel across the state to York for a friends wedding.  Yes ladies and gentlmen it is WEDDING SEASON!!!!  You know what that means all sort of fun and most importantly well dressed hotties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not only is it a wedding, but a significant portion of my Urban Family will be there.  My Urban Family, for those of you who don’t know what one is, is a grouping of people, typically college or high school friends, that you have adopted to be your family, but in most cases share not family blood….Needless to say I am VERY excited to see all of them.  It has been almost a year since I’ve seen some of my Urban Family, after college we all ended moving to different states.  Also, the bride happens to be an Urban Family member.  If you are wondering what I got the groom and bride, I purchased and engraved a bronze knocker for their new home.  (You may now compliment me on my stunning gift giving abilities).  Anyhoo       


 There will be booze, dancing, and wedding cake yyyiiipppeeee.  Of course I’m hoping there will be a hot groomsman or gay family member that I could sneak away with and have a gay old time…pun completely intended.  What I’m allowed to make some bad decisions right….It’s been 8 months since my last, I guess you could call it “relationship” or “food and man on man action” and I’m feeling a little (okay a lot) randy….I’ll update you on and wildly inappropriate behavior that might occur next week when I get back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Keep your fingers crossed.


P.S. Sorry for the recent amount of random blogs….if you’re lucky perhaps sometime next week or even this week prior to my homoexodus I’ll post a random article about how the homeless hate me!!!! Fun I know!!!!!….Don’t give me that sass they do hate me…I’m not being mean

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