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So I wasn’t going to do a post today cause of the massive blog I wrote yesterday…then I saw this (see link below) and decided the gay political analyst should investigate. 




So the McCain camp has released this new ad comparing Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, questioning his ability to lead a nation.  Now I’m definitely not voting for McCain and I am still deciding on whether or not I’ll vote for Obama (I have the right not to vote for a president if I don’t like the candidates…) but really this ad McCain’s camp has put out is seriously flawed.  First, here is the ad from youtube.




There are a couple of things that I would like to point out….especially for those of you reading this that think this is a great ad.  When one makes a comparison, to truly drive your point home, one should really compare like things.  Britney Spears and Paris Hilton compared to Sen. Obama?  That’s like comparing gummi bears to popcorn.  While Obama, Spears, and Hilton all share a certain amount of fame/celebrity they are not even in the same arena.  Gummi bears and popcorn are both snacks served at a movie theater…so they’re alike right?  Wrong….gummi bears are made of glucose syrup, starch, and sugar while popcorn comes from a dried kernel from the Zea mays averta strain of corn.  (Wikipedia helped me with that one J)  So there are differences, are you seeing my point.


Britney Spears and Paris Hilton flash their lady stations while getting out of cars, put out music, are daily fodder for celebrity blogs (ahem Perezhilton p.s. if you read this I love your blog), and sleep with a variety of less then moral men.  Obama puts out laws, doesn’t sleep with men (that’s suppose to be funny), I’m pretty sure he has never put out a pop song for radio play etc. 


Of course I wouldn’t trust Britney or Paris to run my country, but that’s because they are not comparable to Obama in any shape or form.  Now if we were looking for comparisons perhaps Obama should be gauged beside the Clinton’s, or one of the Bush’s…he should at least be compared to someone that has been to our Nation’s Capitol and understands how a bicameral system works.


But, perhaps I’m being to hasty, maybe I should allow for a comparison of celebrity’s to Obama.  I mean shouldn’t we look at both sides of the dime….if McCain’s camp can compare Obama to Spears and Hilton, couldn’t I compare him to Angelina Jolie, Bono, or Bill Gates.  I suspect those three understand the bicameral system of our government. 


You see it’s only a one sided game McCain’s team is playing.  It is easy to make a flimsy, slanted, one-sided comparison to scare the general public (like I said I would move to Canada if Spears or Hilton campaigned for president).  More importantly if we take a step back and look at the poor assessment McCain’s team is doing judging Obama against these two blonde celebutants…McCain’s team loses the real selling point of the ad and that’s the higher gas prices and higher taxes (or else known via the ad spot “the real Obama”).


In my mind if McCain’s camp tries to draw me in (aka the voting public) with a half-assed comparison of Obama to Britney “I shaved my hair off” Spears and Paris “I probably shouldn’t have made that tape” Hilton and I know it’s a flawed comparison then I have to, at least suspect, that his reasoning is flawed in regards to his assessment of Obama’s “policies” on off shore drilling and higher tax prices.


If the first part of the ad is flawed how can I not think the second part of the ad is flawed as well?  The worst part is at the end McCain approved the ad…so that makes me think McCain subscribes to this type of flawed thinking this ad exudes. 


In all actuality I think McCain is just upset because Obama is more famous than him…I’m just saying…or perhaps he’s a little scared of what November has in store for the Republican Party.


One final thought…..WHAT A DUMB AD.  Really we have a man that is running for President that spent probably entirely too much money for this ridiculous ad.  In my opinion a presidential candidate that agrees to this type of campaigning is not one that should be on the ballot in November.  This add was fluff and nothing else; it is dirty politics that makes a joke of our political processes and McCain’s Camp should be ashamed that they are behind it.  Political campaigning should be about informing the masses not scaring them with the allusion that Britney Spears or Paris Hilton is remotely a good leader or role model.

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Well the weekend is over and I am back indulging in my blogging.  I have a variety of things to cover in this posting.


As I had mentioned I went to a friends place for a birthday extravaganza, and as I hypothesized it was messy, and to answer your question I didn’t get to make out with patchouli and coffee guy (unfortunately).


It was your normal two days of partying…the booze was flowing, ample food, and good company, hours of corn-hole and over all a great time.  I did however get to share a room with patchouli guy.  I was pretty pleased with this serendipitous event.  I’ll tell you what he looks better and better every time I see him.  All I can think is that the women are really missing out on a GREAT guy, and here is this gay guy pining away for him.  But, I’ll tell you what I am glad I didn’t get drunk and try to have a heart to hear with him and convince him to…uumm how do you say…fool around with me, because that would have probably ended badly. 


He doesn’t even realize that he has a free pass with me.  I mean he could probably ask me to do whatever (within reason…I’m not that big of whore) and I’d do it, but oh well.  He’s missing out on me!


Here is a picture of me doing a keg stand…please enjoy…also I think my butt looks pretty good in this picture.  I don’t normally see that side of me…LOL.  Also, I’ve included a song for some fun, all I have to say is JESUS DOESN’T LOVE ME ANY MORE!





I’m excited about the next few weekends that will be coming up.  I think I might head home to visit the rentals next weekend, the weekend after that is Kathy Griffin, after that I will be spending 4 days with Lauren and her family at their cabin in NY, then I have a bachelor party to attend for a wedding I’m in, in October.  Needless to say I’m going to be a pretty busy boy for the month of August.


Next, yesterday I stopped in for a healthy dose of Coldstone ice-cream flirting.  I lucked out the ice-cream guy was there.  TIP TIP HORRAY!  So I order and make small talk with him then I fall into my old routine; I scribble my number down on the back of my receipt and hand it to him.  I did tell him he was a cute guy and that if he ever wanted to go out to “shoot me a text” or call.  I did break my routine because we were talking while I did it (which I ordinarily never do when leaving my number) and I’m pretty sure he knew what was happening…I didn’t do my usually scribble and run routine.  Nope I scribbled…delayed…then high tailed it out of Coldstone.  I end up getting a text from him later that night that read:


“Hey im really flattered but I just got out of a long relationship recently and im not even thinking of starting dating again”


Needless to say I’m a bit deflated.  He was really cute.  So I send him a quick text back:


“Thanks for the text I appreciate it.  My offer still stands if you decide otherwise later.  Good luck with being single.”


Sappy yes, but always polite….I do have to say he was much more polite and adult like compared to oh say coffee guy, so I can’t really complain.  The downside, I’ve put myself out there again and it kinda blew up again…the upside, no regrets (I at least tried), and no more Coldstone ice-cream…it was the 4th day eating it……blah.


Finally, on a great note, Massachusetts House voted to repeal the 1913 law that Mitt Romney resurrected to stop gays from coming to Massachusetts to marry.  There is one more “procedural vote in each chamber before being forwarded to the governor.”  Best of all, “Gov. Deval Patrick has said he will sign the bill.”  YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (link below)





What I especially like is the statements from Mitt Romney and the Massachusetts Family Institute. 


Mitty (that’s my new nick name for him) said if the repeal occurs Massachusetts will turn into the “Las Vegas of Gay Marriage.”  I want to be really upset about this statement but I can’t help but laugh at it.  I love a good slot machine…hahahahahaha.  Well Mitty, if everyone allowed for gay marriage perhaps you wouldn’t have to worry about the Las Vegas of Gay Marriage.  Talk about blowing it out of proportion…he’s really good at connecting gay marriage with “Sin City.”  Is it me or am I sensing undertones by connecting Sin City with gay marriage….I believe Mitty is saying gay marriage is sinful.  I don’t know I’m just reading between the lines.  As for Massachusetts Family Institute they are going for a more democratic statement.


“With that protective barrier removed, out-of-state same-sex couples who marry here will sue to seek recognition in their home states, creating a flood of costly lawsuits and further eroding the people’s right to define marriage democratically,” the Massachusetts Family Institute said in a statement.” 


Let me interpret what MFI is getting at…ahem…We hear at MFI believe that gay marriage is a sin.  Men should not sleep with men and the same goes for women.  We are going to try our hardest to stop out of state gays from marrying even though we were unable to stop gays from inside Massachusetts from marrying.  We will guise this fear by saying it will cause financial turmoil and many lawsuits in an attempt to make it sound like it would be the end of the world if gays were married.  We are also scared that because we are unable to stop gay marriage in Massachusetts other states will see that gay marriage isn’t really the abomination that we claim it is paving the way for equality for gays in the United States.  We are going to state that it “erod[es] the people’s right to define marriage democratically” because by democratically defining marriage we mean the church decides what is considered acceptable or unacceptable in terms of marriage.


PROPS TO MASSACHUSETTS PEOPLE AND THEIR LEGISLATION YOU ROCK MY WORLD.  Also, don’t forget all the gays can go to New York because you have rights there too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You know I was going to discuss my weekend in OH then I saw this article on cnn.com and it made me sick. (See the link below)






This man in Tennessee goes into a liberal church, which he targeted for being liberal and killed two and wounded seven of the church goers.  Then thinking he would be killed by the police he left a note discussing how liberals and Democrats were causing America to fall into decline, and then he discussed how he did not like “hated” gay people. 


You know what make me so angry about this whole situation is that he believes that liberals are the cause for the decline of America.  This is coming from the person who brought a shot gun to a children’s performance at a church.  His reasoning is skewed and I find it ironic that he blames people like myself for America’s troubles when in actuality it is people like him that are to blame for the problems in America.  Instead of being tolerant of others and allowing for liberal and conservative ideas to co-exist he goes and tries to eliminate the “liberal movement.”


I mean in actuality if one would look at the entire picture they would see the ironic natures of this incident.  The shooting took place at a church, a place of worship and community.  A place where people find solace in times of need, a place where people are TAUGHT TO LOVE THY NEIGHBOR etc!  It funny because this guy, I can’t even bare to type his name in this blog because he doesn’t deserve the notoriety of being blogged about, is upset about the decline of American (which I suspect he is thinking about the morality of America) and he is the one that halls off shoots a bunch of people in a church.  It’s ironic that he thinks the liberal agenda is the decline of America; it wasn’t the liberal that brought the gun to church. 


On two final notes, in the article the police say that the man was upset because “the liberal movement was getting more jobs… And he felt like he was being kept out of the loop because of his age.”  I would just like to say that perhaps it wasn’t his age or the liberals keeping him from getting a job, perhaps it was because he was FUCKING NUTS.


Lastly, three of the seven victims that had been shot had come to the church for the first time.  Again, it’s ironic that the shooter touted in his letter that “because he could not get to the leaders of the liberal movement … he would then target those that had voted them into office.” That’s funny because I find it hard to believe that he would be able to deduce the liberals in that church when voting for governmental positions are done by secret ballot (just because someone goes to a liberal church does not mean they are liberal) and three of his victims were at the church for the first time.


This is sad and upsetting.



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Hello everyone I hope this finds you well and ready for FRIDAY.  I know I am ready.  I am going over to OH for a friend’s birthday extravaganza.  I expect it to be very messy.  Also, the patchouli guy that I have had a crush on since college will be there too.  I  hope some fun sexy times will occur but I suspect not, but I’m sure it will be a good time.


Now for a more serious discussion… I was at Coldstone (the ice cream store) treating my sister for her birthday when the guy taking our order catches my eye.  He is very cute J tan, a nice cockeyed smile.  In fact he has some vague Chris O’Donnell features….I think it’s his eyebrows eyes and lips….off track sorry…So I go into flirt mode…it just happens sometimes, I don’t know if he’s gay or not but there is a slight ping on my radar.  I then do what all self respecting gay men do when flirting at an ice cream shop…I play dumb. The conversation was as follows:



Hot Ice-cream Guy (HICG):  Do you know what you want?


Sammy: uuummm no…I uuhhh…..


HICG:  Do you know how Coldstone works?


Sammy:  No not really, why don’t you explain it to me. (Of course I know how Coldstone works, but I’m going to play dumb to keep you talking ;))


(my sister, now completely out of the picture, is just staring blankly at all the flavors that are offered)


HICG: Well, these are the different flavors….blah blah blah…mix…touch my body (oops no I did wish he had said it)


Sammy:  Well, that makes sense.  (this is where I always engage the boy)  What flavors do you suggest (keep him in the conversation, get their thoughts on anything…LOL)


HICG goes on about his favorite flavors; I think to myself that I would like to sample his flavor…..off track…..


I put mine and my sister’s orders in and we continue our conversation.  I ask if he goes to school in Erie he says he goes to Penn State, we chat about that we talk about majors….


I note his name tag, pay, give a tip (not only because he is cute but because Coldstone workers have to sing after they get a tip…if I’m not flirting I like to be entertained…what I can’t help it)…and leave.


I now do what any self respecting person does, I do some facebook research….I know you’re thinking oohh Sammy is a stalker…but I would like to say that one, not only is facebook a public forum that can be perused by the public but two, I’m an Anthropologist, and if we Anthropologists know one thing its how to research. 


Well low and behold I find him.  I don’t make him a facebook friend.  I find out he seems to be available, my gay suspicions are confirmed, what also is confirmed is that he is 19.  YES 19. 


Here is where I’m on the fencepost.  Is it weird for a 25 year old to flirt with a 19 year old?  (I know what you are thinking, it’s weird you facebooked him) but really.


In today’s gay world are there definite ages that gay men should avoid when flirting and dating.  Obviously, we avoid jail bait, but in sometimes limited gay communities we are not always presented with a great age spectrum.  Also, I don’t want to go back to Coldstone and flirt with this guy if it seems inappropriate.  It would be a waste of his and my time.  Plus, I don’t want to be a creepy old man…lol.



So let me know what you think.  I am looking for some insights into age appropriate dating?

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Since I did a bunch of political blogging last week I thought I would have a little more fun in today’s blog!!!!!  Here are some very cute and successful guys that are great eye-candy!




Mike Siegel, Host of If Walls Could Talk













Del Marquis (Derek Gruen), Lead Guitarist of the Scissor Sisters








Jules De Martino, Drum, Guitars, and Vocals for The Ting Tings







Anderson Cooper, CNN Host and all around hottie











My final flavor of the week is Jason Ellis who owns Cakes by Jay…he has been on a couple of Food Network Challenges and is uber-hot…I couldn’t find a decent picture to share so I’m leaving his weblinks!



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Just another quick post for the week….A couple of months ago I blogged about gay marriage rights be accepted in NY and at the end I discussed the 1913 law that Mitt Romney used to stop gay men and women from marrying in Massachusetts. (the post is below)


Well there is great news today!!!!!!

The Massachusetts Senate passed repeal for the law.  This means that after a few more passes though the governance system in the state and gay men and women will be able to drive to marry in Massachusetts.  This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! (see the link below)




Not only does the repeal have the backing of some heavy leaders in the Senate, it passed with no objections!  Congrats to all the hardworking people who have made this legislation possible, you should be proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Take that Mitt Romney, perhaps we should ban Mormons being married………..(I can’t believe I just wrote that thinking Mitt Romney will ever read my blog….and I’m sure I just angered about a gazillion Mormons because I know they are a cornerstone of my readers/views of my blog *Sammy shakes his head*)













UUGGGHHH here is yet one more political picture….I’m a masochist for putting these haters up. 


Speaking of Mormons though I saw this article and it made me giggle a little. 




The Mormons are in an uproar over this calender that has young Mormon men without their shirts off. 


 What is sad is there is Mormon that is trying to lighten up Mormon image and have some fun.  He is trying to break a stereotype and then bam he is excommunicated.  Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture.  The Mormons do not like to be considered cultish (even though non-Mormons cannot attend services…cultish, and don’t get me started on women in the Mormon cult Church) and they have this guy trying to PR the shit out of the Mormon Church and show that they aren’t cultish or stereotypical and then they go and do the stereotypical thing…EXCOMMUNICATE.  I’m just saying….this kinda makes the church look…stereotypical, uptight, stupid…but hey that’s me.


You know something about excommunication…it totally ups ones hottness factor.  I mean come on this guy did something so wrong he was excommunicated from a major religion.  I’d totally hit it, and the guy on the cover of the calender…I’m just saying.  I just hope he got to keep the money he made from the calender…why not keep the money if your church excommunicated you?


On a final more fun/gratuitous hottness note the Dark Knight premiered with much fanfare in NY.  I was browsing blogs and found this hottness of man.  So I am going to end the post with him.  He is oh so good looking!  Anyone know who he is and where I can order one?  Also, I hope I don’t get in trouble for using this photo…gulp!






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Let’s take moment and discuss our George Bush.  In a recent article he is quoted as saying that, “I think the system basically is sound, I truly do,” in regards to our current financial systems.  I’ve come to the conclusion that our President is truly out of touch with middle class, blue collar workers.  When did $4 gas, a dismal home market, high food prices etc. constitute a sound financial system?  I whole heartily believe Bush has lost touch with the people he represents of America.  That’s the sad thing about this span of presidency is that we have been represented poorly.  How could/can we put our trust behind a man that cannot understand the workers of America?  I look at my parents whom are, like myself, middle class and work hard and are represented by a lunatic in office.  While Bush lives in his fantasy world of a “basically sound system” my Father works overtime every chance he gets.  I’m not saying we are not secure in incomes, but I’m saying my parents work their hearts out in an attempt to make a life for themselves and it isn’t easy because of our economic and financial systems, and Bush thinks things are on the up and up.  It just goes to show the disconnect he has with Middle America.


What’s worse is that the next president will have a mess to contend with which will, in all intensive purposes, smear their first years in office.  They new President and his Cabinet will have to clean up another’s mess left behind and one can see this already beginning.  For example, Bush has recently pressured Congress, which is headed by the Democratic Party, to lift the ban on offshore drilling.  Congress and the Democratic Party are in a tight spot for several reasons.  One, if they do lift the ban they will only be giving a short term resolution for a long term problem regarding oil costs, much like the stimulus checks.  One cannot fix a problem by taking the easy route out.  Every time we have an oil crisis we cannot just go drilling willy nilly to get beyond the tight spot, we have to nip the problem in the bud and figure out more efficient ways to power America.  Two, if they don’t lift the ban, which I think is the solution, they will be smeared because they will be the ones that are blamed for the high gas and oil prices.  It, to me, seems like an unfair tactic being used by Bush to place blame on other entities for the turmoil in the markets that have been caused by his Presidency and a Congress that was led by the Republican Majority.  Ultimately, it is going to make Congress look bad.




























Here is the link to the article I read:





I despise having put a picture of Bush on my blog….

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