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Enjoy the video….this boy is done working for the week and is off to a wedding.  Sunday night I will continue my conquest for bartender….that means karaoke…maybe I’ll get drunk and attempt a song…or make a fool of myself….whatever comes first.

Breif gay political rant:  McCain picked a woman to be his V.P.  He would.  If she says anything about denying gay marriage perhaps we need to talk about taking away her right to vote….I mean it really comes down to equality.

Also, HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So I have a few bones to pick with the state of Arkansas.  What in the world are they doing with this ban on adoptions for unmarried individuals?  See the link below:




There are a few levels here that need to be discussed.  First, this is supposedly going to be on the ballot in November, meaning there is still a chance to overrule this proposal.  Secondly, I can understand the hesitation to allow unmarried individuals to adopt, but on the flip side doesn’t a state agency look into this sort of thing?  I believe there are requirements that have to be fulfilled if an adoption between two people should occur.  Thirdly, since Arkansas doesn’t allow for gay marriage gay men and women are, for all intensive purposes, unable to adopt.  Take this into consideration.  Let’s say we have a straight unmarried couple who wants to adopt.  The only thing that this couple has to do, other than pass state clearance for adoption, is get married.  They can literally walk down to the courthouse on a lunch break and have a Justice of the Peace marry them, whereas gay men and women can’t. 


As mentioned in article it was the Arkansas Family Council that brought this to fruition.

“Arkansas needs to affirm the importance of married mothers and fathers,” Family Council President Jerry Cox said. “We need to publicly affirm the gold standard of rearing children whenever we can. The state standard should be as close to that gold standard of married mom and dad homes as possible.” 

Gold standard my ass, this infuriates me because these people hide behind marriage jargon when all it really is rhetoric that says that adoption is only good for straight people because churches define marriage as being between a man and a woman.  As if marriage determines the ability for people to raise a child.


But, I think the most important aspect of this whole thing is the children that are involved.  It kills me to think that there are people out there, like Jerry Cox, that would rather a child stay in a state system than let gay couples adopt him or her.  That is what it really comes down to.  Their moral standard doesn’t help the children that are waiting to be adopted…in fact I will even go as far as to say that their (Arkansas Family Council) moral righteousness is keeping children in the state system.  What is good about that?  What is good about denying a child a good home because the couple just happens to be gay?  The mean, cynical gay part of me says screw them and their proposal let them do what they want; I’m fed up with dimwitted idiots like Jerry Cox trying to be a straight martyr.  Then I think of those kids in the system who deserve a good home and I know that we have to stop blatant discrimination like this.  This is messed up.


On the upside though Arkansas’s Families First is campaigning against the measure!  “”We’re going to work very hard to defeat this because it is just bad policy for children,” Willhite said.  Debbie Willhite is a consultant for Families First.



I do have one more tiny little rant to cover.  Madonna during her Sticky and Sweet tour made a tiny reference to McCain…a reference that compared him to Robert Mugabe….and Hitler. 


See the link below:




Now let me reiterate that in a past post I bashed McCain’s camp for making ludicrous comparisons between Brittney Spears, Parish Hilton, and Obama.  I have to say that Madonna’s comparison is absurd as well.  Don’t get me wrong the liberal part of me is cheering for her!  And, I also have to suspect that this piece political “discourse” didn’t hurt her in ticket sales either if you get what I’m saying.  Political uproar is always edgy, controversial…and a great money maker.


And rightly so McCain’s camp has done damage control denounced the negatively charged comments saying, “”The comparisons are outrageous, unacceptable and crudely divisive all at the same time,” said Tucker Bounds, A McCain campaign spokesman.  “It clearly shows that when it comes to supporting Barack Obama, his fellow worldwide celebrities refuse to consider any smear or attack off limits.”


You know what I have to say about that:




The whole McCain camp is full of hypocrites.  So it is okay for McCain’s camp to put out a PAID (yes paid as in campaign funds donated by McCain supporters used to shoot a video) video comparing Obama to Spears and Hilton.  Then when a private citizen chooses to make a big statement in the same manner against McCain, the camp is shocked and sickened by it.  How could McCain’s people not see this one coming?  I think the best part of this whole thing is that McCain paid to have his video against Obama done and Madonna just hauled off and put it into her tour for no money.


No I lied I think the best part of the whole debacle is that Obama’s camp came out and denounced Madonna’s political jabs while still sticking to McCain supporters.  Tommy Vetor, a spokesperson for Obama’s camp, also spoke out about Madonna’s controversial move. “These comparisons are outrageous and offensive and have no place in the political process,” he said in a statement to CNN. “We hope that John McCain will offer a similar condemnation as his allies increasingly practice sleazy swift-boat politics.”


I just want you to remember that it was McCain’s camp that opened Pandora’s Box here, and that they paid for a celebutack (see below).  Where as Obama is playing with clean political campaigning.

(celebutack- c-leb-you-tac- n. meaning the use of one’s celebrity, whether it be of paid or personal use, to attack ones opponent.)

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So I had a pretty mundane weekend, which is exactly what I needed!  Friday night I went out to a bunch of the art galleries in Erie with Lucy.  The offered free refreshments and rides to each gallery.  It was really awesome and I’ve decided to purchase a piece of artwork out of my price range but I have a little help from one of my Aunts.  It is awesome and as soon as I make the purchase I’ll put a pic up of the piece!  After the galleries I decided to continue the gay bar scene and go to one called Craze.  I’ve been to the Zone in Erie which is a whole hell of a lot different then Craze.  Craze was less busy and less smoky.  I was much more at ease.  So I’m there with Lucy having a drink she DDed that night which was nice.  What else was nice was that the bartender flirted with me the entire time we were there.  I came to notice it after Lucy pointed out that he hadn’t stopped staring at me since we had come in.  A nice change of pace since I’m usually the one doing the staring.  I make small talk with him and return to my usual MO and leave my number on a napkin (this is getting painful).  I did hand it to him and told him it was my number and to give me a call after he finished work.  There are a couple of things there that you should know.  1) Yes it would be late if he did call, but he was a bartender so I was aware 2) I wanted a make out friend for the evening…what? 3) I had my apartment to myself since Lauren was out of town at a wedding…like you’ve never enjoyed the perks of having your apartment to yourself for a weekend?!?!!?  Well he never called…I was kinda disappointed to say the least. 


I have to say I reflected on why I was so disappointed.  Was I disappointed because they guy was showing me interest didn’t pan out, was it because I was kinda into the guy, or was I disappointed because I had the perfect opportunity to break my 10 month dry spell (yes I typed it 10 months….I know I know it’s been rough trust me).  So I spend the next few days just hanging around my apartment.  I watched a lot of TV which I haven’t done in a while, I dusted my bedroom (unfortunately no beer was involved), and I dusted out baseboards of our apartment… (jesus baseboards really?)


Sunday evening rolls around and Lauren comes home and decides that she wants to go out.  She has been hanging out with this guy recently so we were going to check out one of his haunts to see if he was there.  Well I took this as the opportunity to go back to Craze and do some damaged control myself (or make a fool of myself…whichever came first).  So we go order our drinks, and low and behold it’s karaoke night.  Needless to say I did get some giggles out of the singers…like you wouldn’t.  It seems like the bartender isn’t there so I’m bummed then I catch sight of him.  As it turns out he is running karaoke night from the DJ booth.  Well Lauren signs up for a song (no I don’t sing karaoke…I had a terrible experience as a 16 regarding a karaoke birthday party…lets not go any further it is bringing up bad memories lol).  I take the slip to the guy we chat briefly.  I’m not quite sure if this is considered stalking or being forward with wanting to talk with the guy.  Lauren at one point leans over and tells me the same thing that Lucy had said to me two nights ago, he hasn’t stopped staring at me.  God I love feeling like a piece of meat J.  Then at one point he gets up and starts singing.  As you might or might not know I love love love old music like jazz.  It is great music that our generation will never fully recognize or understand.  Well, bartender guy starts singing “I Wanna Be Around” and I couldn’t help falling just a little for him.  I know what you’re thinking…Sammy just falls to easily, well let me tell you something, there is nothing more attractive than someone who can sing a good jazz song, and boy did he nail it.  Great voice, great song (even though it’s about heartbreak…and I don’t intent to think about the over arching theme of the song) and I was sold.


Well at that point Lauren wants to go to see if her hottie is out so I decide to break my usual pattern. I write a quick little note on a napkin giving him my number again asking if he wanted to catch a movie this week. Then I ask the bartender to give it to him.  And with that I was gone.  Cowardly perhaps, but really who wants to be bothered by an enamored boy while trying to host a karaoke night.  I haven’t heard from him, which is disappointing but we’ll see what happens.  But I am pretty pleased with the fact that I went back to the bar…I don’t usually do things like that.  If someone doesn’t call I usually just accept it and move on.  Below is a version of the song the bartender sang.  If you just want to hear the words you will have to jump to the 1:49 second mark!





On one final note Matthew Mitcham took home the gold from the Olympics!!!!!!!  I was thrilled about his accomplishment.  Again, he is a spectacular athlete and great representative of the gay community.  He should be very proud of his grace and dignity that he has shown in times where gay athletes are not always shown the same.  He has a lot of respect from this boy in Erie!!!!!


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I just wanted to quickly post about this band that I found about a year ago.  Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings!!!!!!  They have been playing for a few years and have three cds out and they are amazing.  If you like 60’s and 70’s funk and soul you will fall in love with them like I have.  Here is a song from youtube that I just found and I’m including their wikipedia link.    The Dap Kings who back Sharon is the same band that backs Amy Winehouse (yes I love her too!).  I have had the chance to see them in band and I can tell you if you get the chance to check them out.  They are cool and their music isn’t like what my generation gets the chance to always hear.  THEY ROCK!







Have a funky weekend everyone and I’ll see you on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So I haven’t really been following the Olympics.  I am not as big as a fanatic as others are; which is entirely fine.  Don’t get me wrong I love the athleticism, the competition, and the concept that the world for two weeks comes together to honor athletic events despite political undertones…even thought I don’t agree with Beijing’s handling of internet policing, bad human rights records,  and their not so accepting views of LGBT Rights.  Call me a hater but whatever.  But, among all the events, all the medals, all the athletes, all the records that are broken, this gay guy from Erie, PA is excited for one person.  I’m excited to Australia’s Matthew Mitcham dive.  He is only a hand full of out athletes that are competing in the Olympics. In fact I believe he is the only out gay man who will be competing in this years Olympics.  Not an easy task in my book.






It isn’t the sheer fact that he is gay and an athlete, but it’s the, I think, subtle poise and strength that he has shouldered being a gay athlete that makes me a fan.  I had read an article about him in the newest Advocate Magazine that came out and was struck by some of the things he said.  What I liked about the article is that he didn’t allow being gay define who he was athletically and that’s important.  We all know the adage, “Being gay only a part of who I am.”  Mitcham seems to embody that idea well and in a difficult position…the public eye.  So I’ll be rooting for Mr. Mitcham as he dives again tomorrow because he is a great representative of the gay community whether or not he wins the gold (but I am hoping he wins the gold…what I have a smidge of a competitive streak in me) (I am rooting for all the out gay athletes too!)

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Hello all I’m back from my vacation and ready to do some quality blogging!  I’m a little battered and bruised (I’ll be explaining this later) but rested and happy after the past week.  Below is a recap of my week; I hope you enjoy it!


Wednesday:  I had a half day of work so I got home finished packing and picked Lauren up at work to  head up to her parent’s cottage.  While visiting her place of work she, a coworker, and myself were unwittingly attacked (or scared senselessly by a bat that we thought was dead) As a side note, Erie just recently had a rabies case involving a bat.  It was lying on the floor with its wings spread and it looked dead.  So, from a few feet distance, I blew on it…I’m not sure why, but I did, I think it was to see if it was in fact dead…well as it turned out it wasn’t dead.  I learned a few things at that moment 1. Bats do not like to be blown on. 2. Bats take flight very quickly when blown on 3.  Lauren and her guy co-worker scream like little girls and left me 4.  I scream like a little girl and run wildly about when an unhappy bat takes flight.  The bat eventually resumed its laying position, but it watched me as I ran past it to rejoin my group….he was probably planning his next attack I’m sure of it.  Soon we were on the road and at the cabin.  I met practically all of Lauren’s extended family on her mother’s side of the family.  I’m sure they all assumed I was gay, which is weird for me because being gay has always been such a fiercely personal subject for me.  Especially since my immediate family barely talks about it.  One of Lauren’s Aunts, who was drunk on a bottle of wine, asked her if I was gay, and a drunk Lauren in response said as him yourself…and all I could muster was BINGO.  Yes that was my response…BINGO!  I know I know I’m a mess.  So the day ended with ample food and fun and me passing out on a very comfortable couch.


Thursday:  I woke up late and was Lauren’s moms bitch for the day.  No I am not insulting her Mom she declared me her bitch because I was trying hard to help her with whatever I could.  I mean they did let me stay for almost a week with them so I did what was asked of me.  This included shucking corn, raking part of the beach, putting out beach chairs.  Her Mom helped to so it was the least I could do to thank then for letting me stay plus it was funny.  That day one of Lauren’s sisters had a bunch of her young high school friends stay at the cottage.  We are looking at about dozen 15-16 year olds.  So that was a mess.  I laid out on the beach, looked for beach glass etc.  But, one of the best things I got to do was go tubing.  I had never gone before and it was a blast.  For those of you who don’t know what tubing is, it’s when a speedboat of sorts has an inner tube attached to the back of it and goes at high speeds slinging the tube about as you hang on for dear life.  It was awesome!  I think there is a pic or two out there perhaps when I find them I’ll put them up for you to see.  We eventually had dinner and Lucy came to stay at the cottage too!  A huge storm rolled in from Lake Erie and we watched lightning flash over the lake which was pretty cool too…then the storm came towards us.  We all ended up staying inside the cottage that night.  There were like 20 people sleeping in the cottage.  I snagged an air mattress and stayed with Lauren, Lauren’s middle sister, their cousin, and Lucy in their room.  One of the perks of being a gay roommate is staying in the girl’s room hahahahahahahaha


Friday:  I got up late did some work and laid out on the beach for most of the day.  I met the rest of Lauren’s extended family from her Father’s side that day too! We went tubing again this time the driver of the boat had passive aggressive tendencies with the throttle of the boat resulting in me, Lauren, and Lucy being pretty banged up.  I have two nice dark purple bruises working their way to the surface of my right leg.  Lucy had it worse though.  We had dinner and drank…eventually passing out on the couch that I had slept in a couple nights prior.


Saturday:  This was the last day at the cottage so I helped move stuff to Lauren’s parent’s cars and helped pack the cottage up.  I headed home early because my parents were coming for the weekend, I also helped move a friend into her apartment.  My best friend and her fiancé also came up on Saturday as well.  Her fiancé, my sister, and one of her friends were running a race in Erie.  So that night my parents had a big pasta party.  It was hella busy that day.


Sunday:  I was up early to make breakfast and get ready for the race.  My sister works at an Inn and they owners said we could hang out on the porch and watch the runners go by because the course was on the street where the inn was located.  This was great because we got to see all the runners go by.  Now let’s take a moment and discuss this awkward situation.  I was going to get coffee with my best friend and my sister’s best friend (who also came up to Erie) when I run into an old college hook up at like 7:30 in the morning.  We had a rough falling out so I always try to avoid him at all costs when I see him out… that’s the nice way of saying we were both assholes to one another….at least what I can remember…I was drunk…but I digress.  So I make quick eye contact and murmur a hello and try and figure out how to morph into a parking bench, aaahh always awkward.  Eventually, we have lunch get ice cream and I see everyone off.  This would be when I have to go meet Lauren’s parents out.  They came to Erie that day too.  So we visit and go out for dinner.  By this time I am so sick of food it isn’t even funny.  It was like I was training for an extreme food eating contest…..ugh.  After dinner they part ways.  Lauren goes off to meet a guy that she mauled kissed a few drunken nights from before.  I end up heading over to Presque Isle to watch fireworks with my sister and a few friends.  It was great way to end the week.  That night I am pretty sure part of me died from exhaustion in my bed.  But overall it was a great week.


As it turns out this week is going to be just as busy and I’ve decided that I am staying in on Saturday night.  Lauren is going to a wedding so I am buying a six pack of beer and cleaning my room, or watching tv and passing out.  I haven’t quite decided yet.   Any thoughts?  How was your weekend?

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This is just a little update.  Most importantly I will be gone for most of the week.  Lauren and I are traveling up to her parent’s cottage starting Wednesday evening and I won’t be back until Saturday sometime.  So I think this will be the only blog I get up during this week.  So here are updates of the past week.


First and foremost I took a little journey Tuesday evening to a little place I’d like to call GETTING MUGGED.  Yes you read correctly Tuesday evening I was mugged along with one of my friends.  But let me clarify first.  I don’t know if I could call it an all out mugging.  I was hit a couple of times but I made it out with my wallet and my friend was fairly unscathed other than giving the “attackers” 2 dollars. I guess I could call it a “mugging light” or “diet mugging”.  So here is what happened.  As some of you may know on Tuesday evenings my friends and I are part of a trivia team at one of our bars; on nice nights we can walk to the bar from my apartment in oh say 35 40 minutes.  It isn’t a long walk and it’s practically a straight shot from my apt.  So me and my friend go and walk to the bar and afterwards start walking home.  It’s only 9:30 at night on a Tuesday.  As we are walking we are passing people on the street, there are people on their front porches, and the street itself is pretty well lit.  As we are getting to the one street where my friend and I part ways (he lives about five blocks away from me and usually meets me to walk to trivia) I notice a bunch of black kids walking behind us.  I’m not talking like 2 people…looking back I would have to estimate 4 to 8 kids.  The approach us some on bikes some walking there are more behind the ones with us.  One kid asks me if he is making me nervous and then the others start asking for money.  My friend gives them the two dollars in his pocket while I on the other have don’t give them anything.  As soon as he gives them the money they ask for more.  I am trying to keep my cool and just focus at getting near other people when my friend tells me to follow him to his house…remember this is where I would leave him and walk the last five blocks home by myself…needless to say I oblige and we turn down a street to his house.  (He lives down one street and then four house to the right on the next block so we weren’t far away).  At this point in time we notice one of the younger kids is wearing a bandanna across his nose and mouth. One of them grabs at my pocket where my house keys are at and asks for them, then they ask me to look in my other pocket and that’s when I started getting somewhat scared.  As a side note my friend is much bigger than me and much more built where as I on the other hand am a little smaller.  So we make the right and as soon as we do that one of the kids goes “you just turned down the wrong street.”  That would be the moment my heart sank.  We only make it so far when I get clocked underneath my left eye.  It isn’t a full fledge punch but enough to take stock at the worsening situation and then I get clocked from behind on the back of my head.  More so above my left ear it was a decent little hit it didn’t bring me down but I definitely felt it for a few days….that was the moment I grabbed my friend and we hauled ourselves up a strangers porch and started knocking…the kids disappeared.  So over the next hour I had to file an official police report.  The officer comes takes mine and my friend’s names and we find out there has been a rash of these muggings/attempted muggings taking place in out area this month.  He also told us that they usually take the money and beat the people pretty good.  I come to the conclusion that we were very lucky. 


Now I don’t want to sound like a helpless victim because the kids were young we are guessing the youngest being around 9/10/11 the oldest being 14 and there were a bunch of them around.  But I am pretty upset because we are talking young kids that are attempting to mug people at 9:30 at night.  I wonder where the parents are and what has led them to be on the street trying to intimidate people.  It’s unnerving to think that I can’t walk down my own street to get home with out the potential of a mugging being there. 


So that was my Tuesday…I got mugged by a bunch of kids… (Both me and my friend are okay too lol)


Then the universe decided that wasn’t enough and I ended up with a doozy of a head cold and it was the weekend to go to see Kathy Griffin.  I was a bit upset at the karmic kick in the ass that I’ve received thus far.


Kathy Griffin was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you watch her show My Life on the D List let me tell you…you must go and see her at one of her shows.  She’s even better than what you see on TV and it’s even funnier when she is unedited.  I have listened to her newest CD (the one she is trying to be Grammy nominated for) and I was worried that her show would follow the cd exactly….wrong…she had a few repeat jokes but she also had a ton of new material which make the show even better.


After the show me, Lauren, Lucy, and Lauren’s now ex boyfriend went back to Lauren’s house and then bid Lauren’s ex good by and joined her family at their cottage for the night and all the next day. (It’s the same cottage that we are going to starting on Wednesday!!!!!)  We had a great time all weekend; I got a good nights rest and that seemed to help my head cold.


And now we are back to the hum drum of the work week until Wedensday.  I have a couple more things I want to post about regarding that day at the cabin but I’m going to talk about it in another post considering the length of this one.  I hope all of you are well and we will blog later next week!!!!



Here are two of my favs for your veiwing pleasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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