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Not only is the Matthew Shepard Act working its way though congress but now New Hampshire is pushing a gay marriage bill though the states governance.  The Gay Marriage Bill passed the House but looked like it would be defeated in the Senate; the Bill was reworked and passed by the Senate.  The Bill(s) have to be reviewed and reworked because two different bills were passed by the two branches of the New Hampshire’s government before Gov. John Lynch  can sign it. 

I will be interested to see how the Bill works if passed because the reworking of the Bill included language that allows clergy to decline marrying gay couples.  I think that it is a provacative addition to the Bill.  The change also allows couples to choose between the words “bride”, “groom”, or spouse on the marriage liscens.

New Hampshire already has civil unions and has become another State to f ight for marriage language even though civil unions are already granted.  On one final note, from the article, it sounds as if Maine might be the next State to grant gay marriage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is some pretty exciting news!!!!!!!

What will be nice is that if the East Coast keeps this precedence up it will be a great help to Califonria’s Supreme Court when it reviews Prop 8.

I am really excited to see the gay marriage movement to be picking up steam.  I didn’t realize how quickly it would pick up and it’s great!!!!!!!!!!!


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H.R. 1913 aka the Matthew Shepard Act has passed the House of Representatives!!!!!!!  This is an important step for the Bill.  For those of you who do not know about the Act check out some info here.  It is named after Matthew Shepard; a young man who fell victim to a violent hate crime. 

The importance of this act is that it protects gays, lesbians, transgenered, and bisexuals from hate crimes.  H.R. 1913 passed the House by a vote of 249 to 175.   A significant margin!  But our work isn’t done there.  It has to  pass the Senate and then Obama must sign it into law.  The Matthew Shepard act came close to being passed in 2007 but was ultimately killed on the floor because it was going to be vetoed by Bush.  One third and  only two more to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello bloggers!  I hope you are doing well and getting ready for a wonderful weekend.  Erie is starting to shed its winter and soggy spring and morphing into 70 degree with for the next four days.  It is about time considering were had a snow and rain mix (otherwise known as sleet).

I apologize for the late post.  The past week has been full tilt, balls to walls busy.  Between my regular daily routines (laundry, dinner, dishes etc…you know those fun adult things you have to do so you don’t live in squalor) work and more dating with Frank life has been quite busy actually.  You know the John Lennon quote, “Life happens when you are making up other plans” well that is what has been a happening recently.  It has been busy which isn’t necessarily bad. 

You heard right Frank and I are exclusively dating one another which is nice.  I am still trying to get my wits about dating.  Needless to say it has been quite some time since I’ve dated…let alone dated a man.  Yes in the past I have dated women but I never went beyond a nice make-out session.  Nope; no naked parties with the ladies!  We have been seeing each other for about two months and it has been really nice.  It is a whole different world when it comes to exclusively dating one person…after several years of playing the field without exclusivity being a top priority I find myself lost in the world of monogamy.  Not that I can’t be monogamous; that isn’t it at all (I sound like a cheater but I don’t cheat…eep!).  It’s that as you work your way through the dating world one become adept at one’s own independence.  It is a whole different perspective when you have to think about someone else, and let’s face it I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy my independence.  So I am slowly navigating the land of exclusive dating, proper dating etiquette (who is paying for the bill etc), trying not to see him too much during the week/making sure I see my friends too.  You know all the usual stuff.  So it’s been good and I will keep you abreast on the dating world!

I had one faithful reader ask me if I was going to do an editorial regarding the whole Miss California debacle.  I debated about it but I ultimately decided not to honor her with a full rant because she represents the ignorance of people…and because she said this on stage and has already been publically mock…which she should be.  There are a couple things to consider though regarding Miss California.  One, we will start with the Miss America contest itself.  **Sammy clears his throat and gets in touch with his feminist side** Of all the hackneyed places for a young woman to declare her feelings regarding the political hot bed of gay marriage, Miss California decides to do it on a stage where she is being judged on her outward appearance.  She does it on a stage where she and other young women parade around being judged for “scholarship” money.  I just think that it is ironic that this young woman decided to come out against gay marriage at an event that judges women in bathing suits.  I mean come on we are talking about a program that bases 20% of a contestants score on her evening wear compared to the 5% of her score being based on her on stage question.  Secondly, she’s correct when she says she didn’t win the crown because of the question.  If you really wanted that crown and you had any sense about you you would lie and say that you agreed with gay marriage or at least a civil union.  How could she not know the backlash of that question?  Apparently she didn’t want that crown bad enough.  But I will give her this at least she spoke up for what she believed in…I’m not sure if this was before or after the swimsuit section of the evening…but at least she was true to herself and  her character (**Sammy rolls his eyes and shakes his head).  We’ll see the tune she is whistling when the she has her first gay hair dresser yank out a fist full of hair because he can’t marry his partner because marriage is between a man and a woman.   Finally, I can’t take Miss California seriously because she paints herself up and squeezes herself into a dress to parade around in front of camera in a competition that considers your talent as 35% of your score and while judging your ability to look at the world and see an injustice and speak out against that injustice as 5%of their score…in my opinion Miss California score was very low in the onstage question portion of the evening and that speaks more about her than any bathing suit, talent, or evening gown could ever say about her.


Here is a little something for Miss California’s conservative sensibilities 😉  Have a great weekend everyone!  I’ve missed you and can’t wait to post with you next week.  And remember marriage can only be between a man and a woman 😉


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New  York’s Governor David Paterson just announced a Marriage Equality Bill for New York.  Meaning if passed gay marriages would occure in the State!  It is just being announced so if you get the chance go to cnn.com!!!!!!

We are working our way down the East!!!!! Now lets hope the bill passes!  Here here New York!


P.S.  New  York already honors gay marriages from other states 🙂

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Just when I thought this week of gay marriage advancements couldn’t get any better Washingt D.C.’s City Council voted to recognize same-sex marriages from other states!  This is great because when gay couples marry in a state that provieds either a gay marriage or a civil union, then the said couple moves to another state the benefits that these couples are given do not always transfer from state to state.  This flow of rights and freedoms between states is somewhat comparabile to the Dred Scott case which questioned whether or not slaves can be considered free, or can obtain the rights of freed  men, if they reside in a state or territory that prohibited slavery.

It is nice to see D.C. starting to get in the game!  We are off to a good start this year and I hope it keeps up!


I also want to wish all of you a wonderful Easter!!!!!  I will see you all next week!

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Woot woot for Vermont…in the grand total of like 15 hours since my last post…Vermont State and House Reps. managed to swing votes was able to override Gov. James Douglas’s veto against gay  marriage.  MEANING VERMONT NOW PROVIDES GAY MARRAIGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is the 4th State in the U.S. to allow gay marriage and the only state to do this without a court order! 

What great Tuesday News!  Lets hear it for Vermont!!!!! Four States down and 46 to go! 


P.S. This says a lot about the Reps in the Vermont House and Senate! But says nothing good for the Gov.

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Hello all after some light posting for the past two weeks I thought I would do a longer post…one with some meat to it 😉


Frank and I are doing well.  We are still going on out dates together and having our naked parties.  It is nice change compared to being single.  I went out with him last weekend and met several of his friends…it was nice and his friends were really kind.  I think they knew we were seeing each other.  It makes things a little awkward because his friends are his peers and he is a respectable person and I don’t want our age difference to deter from that and him being a professional.  But overall the dinner with his friends was good…then came the big night.  He had a big solo this past Friday and I went to the concert….Here I was under the impression I would meet a ton of his peers…well I met a few but it wasn’t as big of a deal as I had once made it out to be (go figure).  It was a good concert and I appreciated being there and that Frank wanted me to come.  Things have been good with Frank and we, I feel are just enjoying, each other’s company.  I plan on seeing him tonight and I hope on Wednesday after that I will be out of town for Easter L 


This weekend I attempted my first try at spaghetti sauce.  Not just any sauce but my Mother’s pasta sauce.  After a visit to the grocery story to get all the accoutrements I dutifully diced, pressed, and chopped all the ingredients for the sauce.  There I was in my tiny kitchen dumping cans of tomatoes, diced onions, a variety of broths etc into a big pot…I looked like an Italian Grandma…the pot simmering and boiling and I’m just standing there stirring.  I did badger my mother out of her mind.  She’s done the sauce for so long she knows it by hear a la no exact recipe for Sammy to follow.   Our poor phone bill!  Then there was this moment where I was standing in front of a warming pot with a concoction of lord knows what and all I could think is, “Please god let this pot of stuff magically become my Mother’s sauce.”  Well in the end I managed to put together my Mother’s sauce!!!  I was pleased with the results.  The one other thing that my Mother failed to mention and I forgot to ask about is the recipe that she gave me makes enough sauce to feed a family of four and then some.  Needless to say my freezer is full of pasta sauce.  I also made a roast this weekend and did a ton of laundry…what I was a domesticated god this weekend 😉



So let’s talk politics!  I last posted on Iowa which is AWESOME!  But the gays have been making waves elsewhere too.  Let’s start with the mess of a state known as North Dakota.  A few months ago I did a little post regarding North Dakota passing an abortion ban protecting the rights of unborn children.  It makes it illegal for women to get an abortion…crazy right?  If that wasn’t crazy enough North Dakota decided to notch it up just a little more in the “making unsound and unjustified decisions” department.  A bill meant to protect gay men and women died in the North Dakota House.  It’s funny because the Reps for North Dakota will protect unborn children but heaven forbid they protect the rights of people who live and pay taxes in North Dakota who just happen to be gay.  Rep. Robin Weisz said the reason he didn’t support the bill was because being homosexual isn’t something you are born with it a lifestyle or a behavior. 

 What an IDIOT!  I mean really, you will protect something that isn’t viable outside of a woman’s womb but you won’t protect an adult.  It is absurd and backwards reasoning.  I guess North Dakota Reps. answered the question about protecting the rights of a child if he or she grew up to be gay….they wouldn’t.

Also, any person in the North Dakota House (in fact make that any person that uses this argument) that argued the usage of transgendered or transsexual language in the bill would allow sexual predators access to children deserves to be sterilized to save the rest of humanity from their stupidity.  I hardly think the hundreds of thousands of educated people who argue for transgendered/transsexual language are arguing for laws that would allow for sexual predators to go after children.

I just can’t wrap my mind around the break in reasoning these people have.  They argue that a child in the womb is just as much as a person who pays taxes so they create laws to protect this child in the womb yet when men and women argue to be protected from hate crimes do not get the protection they need….they don’t get the protection they need because people believe that being gay is a behavior or a lifestyle.  While it isn’t a behavior or a lifestyle (we are born this way), don’t people deserve to be protected even if there was a semblance of a chance that it is a “lifestyle” (which, like I’ve said, it isn’t).  I suspect they nuts that are Reps. in the House have some religious tendencies that misconstrue the facts about gay people.


Now we move to Vermont.  Vermont was giving me a lot of hope when I read this article a few weeks ago.  I’m pleased to see Vermont, without the courts forcing them to do it, looks to pass same-sex marriage in the State.  AWESOME…then Vermont Gov. James Douglas (yes I’ll post a picture)sends us back to the stone age saying he’d veto the bill because he thinks the civil union bill is good enough.  Listen James one, that is the most absurd thing you could have ever said, secondly, America tried something like this a while back…it was called…hhhmmm let me think….Separate but Equal and guess what it didn’t work then and it sure as hell isn’t going to work now.  So after hearing this news I was glum.  The New England states have been so good about leading the fight in gay rights that I never thought we would have such a problem.  Unfortunately, there are not enough votes to override the governor’s veto….even though both the Vermont House and Senate both passed the same-sex marriage measure.  You know what it is Douglas is a pussy (excuse the language) that doesn’t have the balls to stand up for what is right.  One person, one man, is stopping a right for thousands of people because he feels that the civil-union system is good enough.  Just because something is good enough doesn’t mean it is right, or done, or fully equal.  Then one of the worst parts was the fact that he quoted Obama’s stance as a reason for not allowing same sex message. 

“”But, like President Obama and other leaders on both sides of the aisle, I believe that marriage should remain between a man and woman.”” (I got this quote from the CNN article linked above)

This is exactly what I feared and blogged about during the Presidential elections.  What our leaders say and there stances on things, like gay marriage, matter because other elected officials and citizens look to them for guidance in these types of issues.  Go figure Obama would stand there and say he feels marriage is between a man and a woman and the Gov. of Vermont is taking the same stance and quoting Obama and others as evidence in his flimsy argument.  It’s disheartening and upsetting.    


Well that’s about it for now…I’ve rambled on and I’m sure have had enough of your gay news for the day.  I hope to get another post up before I leave town this weekend.  Have a lovely day bitches!

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