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I’ve been gone for the past couple of days and while I was away it seems as if the gay world and politics have collided and not in a good way.  While I might be a little late to the game but it seems as if DOJ is upholding DOMA and not giving good reasons why they may hold such an archaic law in place.

This folks is what I was talking about in my posts around election time.  Over and over the gay community is courted for their votes by politicians with promises of equality and fairness when all the politicians are suffering from are delusions of political grandeur.  Where does that leave the gay community?  It leaves us again smarting from a wasted vote.  Perhaps; but what is more troubling is the fact that the minute these politicians say something pro-gay our community goes racing to put said person on a pedestal.  Is it idol worship?  To some extent yes and frankly it burns us a lot.  We are so quick to canonize those that “seem” to be pro-LGBT we don’t take a moment to step back and say what happens if…?  For example, “What happens/or what does it mean if our President stands during a national debate and says  he believes that marriage is between a man and a woman?”  Or, “What happens if a hypocritical piece of legislation is passed and our President or Congress doesn’t say anything?”  Or, “What happens if those politicians we voted for deem it the States job to define marriage 50 times though-out the nation?”   Better yet, “What happens or what do we do, as a gay community, considering a week after DOJ/Obama Administration issues a statement upholding DOMA (which the Obama Admin said would be repealed), when the same Administration wants to invite us to a DNC LGBT Leadership Council Dinner/fundraiser?” 

Yes you heard right, a week after Obama’s Administration is to gutless to stand up for the gay community and hides behind a weak DOJ brief regarding the ruling on Prop 8 they want us to donate our hard earned cash for a LGBT dinner.  FUCK THAT!

We as a gay community need to boycott this dinner/fundraiser thing.  We need to hold our political figures whom woo us for our votes to a higher standard and make them deliver on their promises.  Or at least stop them from speaking out against us on rulings.  I mean if member s of Congress and Obama’s Administration can stand in front of camera’s and say things like gay marriage can be decided on a State to State basis perhaps I should save my money for my State governance system.  Or better yet perhaps I should save $30,400 (the max donation that a gay can give at this NDC dinner/fundraiser event) for the health care that my partner isn’t provided for because health care benefits aren’t provided to gay couples. 

This disgusts and infuriates me.  It is presumptuous and sickening.  I say we boycott until Congress and the Obama Administration stands up and asks the world to understand and accept us instead of asking us for more money.  We boycott until Obama and his people say DOMA and DADT are miscarriages of justice and do not provide the LGBT Community equal rights and benefits.  We boycott until we see Congress, Obama, and Obama’s Administration grow a set.  Because remember the DNC is asking for at least a $1000 for the LGBT Leadership Council dinner but the little brief the DOJ released said the following

“It is therefore permitted to maintain the unique privileges [the government] has afforded to [different-sex marriages] without immediately extending the same privileges, and scarce government resources, to new forms of marriage that States have only recently begun to recognize…DOMA maintains federal policies that have long sought to promote the traditional and uniformly-recognized form of marriage, recognizes the right of each State to expand the traditional definition if it so chooses, but declines to obligate federal taxpayers in other States to subsidize a form of marriage that their own states do not recognize.”

So the government “declines to obligate federal taxpayers in other States to subsidize a form of marriage that their own states do not recognize,” well I decline to obligate my hard earned money to people who have nothing to show for it.

Did I mention the brief compares gay marriage to incest?  Yeah, insult to injury much…..

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I’m heading home tonight then I fly to New Jersey to visit Curly Wurly Gurly  attend a friends wedding in which I have to do a reading…wish me luch and I will have all the fun gay details for you when I get back.  I’m out for the weekend bitches! 😉

Have a good weekend yourselves…whatever you hotties may be doing!

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Bruce Springsteen Set List for the May 19th Pittsburgh Show; Mellon Arena

2. Candy’s Room
3. Outlaw Pete
4. Jackson Cage
5. She’s the One
6. Workin’ On a Dream
7. Seeds
8. Johnny 99
9. Youngstown
10. Good Lovin’
11. Like a Rollin’ Stone
12. Darkness on the Edge of Town
13. Waitin’ on a Sunny Day
14. The Promised Land
15. I’m on Fire
16. Kingdom of Days
17. Lonesome Day
18. The Rising
19. Born to Run
20. Hard Times
21. Thunder Road
22. Land of Hopes and Dreams
23. American Land
24. Glory Days (with Joe and Johnny Grushecky)
25. Mony Mony


So I just wanted do a quick post about the Bruce Springsteen concert I went to last month on the 19th.  The concert was out of this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My sister and I did not get into the pit.  We were numbers 16 and 17 for the bands and they chose band number 62 to start the pit tickets and they let 500 people in.  So people with tickets from 62 to 562 got to get into the pit while the rest of us were the second group of General Admission tickets to get in.  We were disappointed but we still managed to get about 30 yards away from Bruce and the E-Street Band.  The music was great, the fans were a blast (except for the man that kept bouncing off of me :/)  Above is the set list from the Pittsburgh concert.  It was probably the best concert I have ever been to!  Bruce played songs I never thought I would hear in concert.  He set the pace with Badlands (one of my all time favorites next to Hungry Heart) and it just kept getting better!  Songs number 10, 11, and 12 were a new to the show.  First and foremost Springsteen doesn’t decide on a set list until a few minutes before he and the band go on stage.  This makes every show different and in my opinion much more enjoyable.  Well on this tour he has been playing stump the band during the concert.  This portion of the concert stats with a song and then Bruce collects the signs off the people in the pit then he selects a few to play. We he started with Good Lovin while he collected the signs, priemered Like a  Rollin’ Stone (AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and then played Darkness on the Edge of Town.  Which I still can’t believe he played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy this portion of the show but it was excellent.   Now like I had mentioned he always plays a different show but fans try to get a feel for what he might play at their show.  Recently he has been playing the HOLY GRAIL of songs Rosalita……..He had played it during the concert several times during this tour….I was told by a friend who had seen him the night before in DC that he had in fact played the song at her show.  Rosalita is a great song and a fan favorite and he use to play it a lot then one concert he dropped it from a regular rotation.  Now Rosalita will make the occasional reemergence in concert.  Before this concert one of the last times I had heard he played Rosalita was in Hershey PA as a thanks to the fans who sat thought weather hell to hear him play.  My Sister and I were praying for Rosalita, just to hear it once in concert…To be quite honest I could almost taste it.  Unfortunately, he did not play Rosalita in Pittsburgh L  He did play Rosalita 2 nights in New Jersey.   Needless to say we were disappointed.  But not for long!  He ended the show with Born to Run which is utterly fantastic every time he plays it…the encore started and we got our big surprise two songs in.  Bruce hit his harmonica and the opening strains of Thunder Road began to fill the air.  The excitement from the Mellon Arena was palpable.  You could feel the utter excited and electricity race though the crowd with the realization of what he and the E-Street Band were about to play.  I was thrilled and I can’t think of anything else to say except I get chills remembering it!  The song and the entire concert left me breathless.  The show was outta this world and you can bet if I can get tickets again I will go!  AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you get the chance to see him go!


P.S. I was looking over the link that I have on this page and it mentioned at the top that Mony Mony has only been played three times on tour and Pittsburgh was number 2 woot woot.

Also, some fun stories from the show was during the song Waitin’ on a Sunny Day.  Bruce leaned into the crowd and let a little girl sing the chorus with him and them during one other song (I can’t remember which one) Bruce was sitting in a chair “resting”/singing and as he sang he stood up with his toes at the end of the stage looking out over the crowd. As he was singing a camera panned down and caught a young woman (projecting her onto the large video monitors in Mellon Arena) right at Bruce’s feet looking up at him longingly, enjoying the song that was being sang…she had her right arm draped over her, I guess, boyfriend’s shoulders who also was looking up at Bruce with a single tear running down his left cheek.

If I get the chance to see him again I hope to hear any or all the following songs Rosalita, Hungry Heart, Trapped, None but the Brave, Jugleland, Tenth Avenue Freeze Out, and Sandy.




P.P.S   Just one more item (I can’t seem to end this post) Bruce makes it a habit to recognize local charities to donate to, these donations were something that has been rumored to have started at a concert in Pittsburgh.  At our concert he highlighted 3 charities one I cannot remember but the other two are as follows.  He usually mentions the Rainbow Room (which he did at this concert) and this time he also mentioned donating to the Pittsburgh Fallen Heroes Fund (which is for three Pittsburgh Police Officers who died in the line of duty this past year).  It is great that he not only asks us to donate but donates himself!

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I have returned after attending my best friend from high schools wedding.  It was a busy busy weekend with tons of fun, dancing, and visiting.  The wedding itself was perfect.  From the dress, to the food, to the band etc. I don’t know any bride that could have asked for anything more!  The groomsmen were only semi cute so that was a bust.  But I did run into several people from high school that were a year or two older than me.  One guy came over and was asked if I went to high school with him and I said yes (realizing I knew who he who he was).  He didn’t recognize me with my beard which was funny.  He was tanked and we chatted for a while it was good catching up with him.  He’s still as cute as he was in high school and imagine my surprise when he invited me up to his hunting camp.  Granted he was drunk and doesn’t know that I’m gay and that I would probably make out with him but I will still take it as a nice stroke to my ego LOL.

                All in all I had a blast and I was quite happy/sad seeing my best friend getting married.  The weekend was good.  The only downside was the fact that my Sister lost her phone while making out with her first Asian guy.  I KNOW I KNOW.  Looking back no wonder she never answered my frantic phone calls while I was looking for her.  There were six of us total looking for her phone in a field in almost complete darkness.  A mess yes but definitely something I can blog about. 

I can’t put my suit away quite yet.  I have another wedding at the end of this week in New Jersery.   I fly out Friday night for the Sunday wedding and I fly back on Monday.  I have to do a reading for this weekend so I can’t skip the wedding but I am still uber excited for it!

                Frank is doing well we are approaching 4 months.  The dating has been good thus far.  We are holding off on the term boyfriend for the time being.  One of the reasons is because I am so busy this summer and I don’t want him to feel like he is attached to someone who is to busy for quality time.  But we are dating each other in a more exclusive sense.  Two, the term boyfriend freaks me out a bit because he would be my first boyfriend.

                So that is it for the moment.  I am working on several posts I hope to get up this week!  I might get another one up today if I can stop being so sloth like 😉  Have a great day everyone!!!!!

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I just wanted to wish everyone a great weekend. I am out of town this weekend attending my best friends wedding. Lets hope I don’t get to drunk and do something crazy like fall down some steps or act more gay than I already am in front of my family and my best friends family and friends at the wedding.

Have a great weekend…and I will definately give you a groomsmen report upon my return 😉

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