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An open letter:

Dear Lithuania:

I just read this article regarding your vote that “prohibits the discussion of homosexuality in schools and bans any reference to it in public information that can be viewed by children.”  I find it very interesting that you’ve recently outlawed the public’s ability to speak about homosexuality under the guise of “protecting” children.  I especially love the comparison between the discussion of homosexuality and that of images of mutilated corpses.  Thanks for grouping us all together; I never realized discussing homosexuality was that brutal. 

But you know it’s for the sake of the children, right?  You wouldn’t want a teacher in a school to say something to wild like, “children you should accept homosexuals for who they are.  They are people just like anyone else and they deserve rights too.”  Heaven forbid that type of talk be expressed in a place of education and tolerance.  That type of talk is crazy and detrimental.  Just as detrimental as “information that arouses fear or horror, or encourages self-mutilation or suicide.”  Even though the terms fear and horror can be misconstrued anyway depending on the individual you ask.

I applaud your abilities to pass a law like this.  Really I do.  I mean why discuss something that is a hot bed topic with children such as accepting people who they are.    I mean really why discuss anything that is scary or maybe different or unpopular.  What the heck if people can’t talk about it and you’ve already started banning public literature, regarding homosexuality, that children may read lets burn all the books that say things that you find to be a little scary or might “arouse fear” too.  It seems like only a natural progression in your thinking.  I mean we all know someone who once burned books because they portrayed unpopular ideas that scared him….oh what’s his name…its slip my mind…mmmmm oh yeah Hitler. 

You know I love the law that you just passed that I think I would like to put it to good use.  Let me think of something that arouses fear….you do.  Your country is ass-backwards and it arouses a lot of fear in me.  I fear that you’ve started yourself onto a slippery slope of declaring things that scares children.  Soon it will be anything that scares you and frankly you are only minor steps away from banning all sorts of things that you don’t like.  Get over yourself.  By stopping the discussion of homosexuality in your country you’ve all but muzzled any ability for gay men and women to have rights in your country and that’s scary.  You have discriminated, intimidated, and marginalized people because of your fear.

Maybe we should let Russia take you back.  Perhaps you can then remember what it’s like to be marginalized and have your voice taken away. 




P.S. Your country is messed up and I will never ever visit it.

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So I just wanted to do a real quick update.  My training for the half marathon has been going well.  My longs over the past two weeks have become longer and longer culminating in a 10 mile run last Sunday.  This Sunday is the big event.  My legs have been a little sore recently and, while I’ve never had them before, shin splints have become more apparent recently.  My goals are to run the entire 13.1 miles and keep my time below 3 hours.  I have been running a 12/12:30 minute mile and if I can keep the pace my time should be about 2 hours and 45 minutes barring any falls or intense pains that my slow my pace.

I’m nervous about the whole run.  I think I’ve just reached a point where I’m ready to just do it.  A couple things I’m nervous about is having really bad shin splint pains, running those last 3 miles.  I know I can run ten miles but when I run on Sunday I will not know if I can run 13 miles.  While the training schedule I have elicited this idea of not running the full 13 miles before race day it still leaves those last three miles as not only a physical challenge but also a mental challenge.  I’m also nervous about the run being in the morning.  The race starts at 7:30 a.m.  Now the worry about this is that I’m usually a 6 p.m. type runner.  I’ve found that when I run in the morning it takes me longer to set my pace and I’m usually achier compared to my evening run. 

Well, I guess I won’t know until Sunday how everything goes! 

The one good thing about Sunday is that Frank won’t be there.  It is one less thing for me to worry about.  It’s a weird statement yes but I think it’s because  my parents and a variety of mixed company will be there to see me, and my Sister, run and some people know I’m gay, some  don’t, and while I’ve told my parents years ago that I’m of the gay persuasion we’ve never really talked about it since then.  How awkward would it be if the older gentleman I’m dating would end up running into my parents? GULP.  It is one thing I don’t have to worry about because Frank is in Vermont at a conference which is one less thing I have fret about on top of running 13.1 miles. 

My 4th of July was lovely.  I had a wedding to attend with a ton of college alumni and it was just a wonderful weekend in general.  We had a bunch of out of town friends staying with us over the weekend and it was great seeing them all and catching up with them. 

Things since then have slowed down nicely which I’m appreciative of!  June was awfully hectic and it is hard to see your summer fly by.  Granted I had a ton of fun these past weeks, it is hard on the schedule and the pocketbook.  But can you really put a price on memories!?

One of the nice things now is that after the busy summer I’ve already had and the upcoming half marathon is that next week I’m on vacation all week.  Lauren’s parents rented their cottage again and asked me to stay with them for the week!  Sweet, sweet vacation I’m totally excited for it.  It is a nice midsummer reward.  Now if I can just make it through Sunday without dying I’ll be gold. 


So as a warning I will be gone all next week and unable to update or even check my blog L  But have no fears I’ll be back on Monday to give you all the gory details of the half marathon and vacation.  I’m going to miss you all!!!!!!!!!  Make sure you have some naughty fun on my behalf 😉


As a little extra here is a song by the Noisettes called “Never Forget You.”  A friend sent me the song and I’ve fallen in love with it and the band!

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Sci-Fi  channel just changed it’s logo to Syfy.  This was the commercial that just came out last night to promote the change.



I totally loved the commercial.  It is like all sorts of dreams coming true.  I want to purchase this house when it goes up for sale.  The music was great too (Goldfrapp’s Happiness).  It is perfection and I want to  live there!!!!!!

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So I have a small confession to make.  I’ve been keeping a bit of a secrete from blog friends, as well a bunch of my friends in Erie.  Along with the weddings the busy weekends and such I have also been training for a half marathon.

Yes, I’ve been training for the past month and a half and the race is on July 19th.  I just registered today for it (I had to make sure I was going to get my “free” t-shirt).  It has been eating up a decent amount of time.  I run 4 days a week and cross train on two giving me one free day on Mondays (the only day I get to do my laundry).  Frankly, I’m exhausted.  I think that is one of the reasons I’ve been less then attentive to my blog recently.  It is also the reason I’ve been less then attentive to my friends as well.  It has taken up a bit of time and it is causing some degree of problems between Frank and me.  We’ve been dating just shy of 5 months and I haven’t been giving him as much attention as I guess I should be.  Granted I told him that I wasn’t ready for anything other than dating one another and that the status of boyfriends should be left alone because of my hectic summer.  Needless to say I only get to see him only once a week.  It seems as though my weeks have become much more regimented lately.

My junior year in college was much like it is this summer in terms of schedules.  During that junior year I took one of the heaviest course loads of my college career.  It also included over 300 hours of lab work in a 10 week period. It was intense and because of the added lab work I found myself never being able to have down time.  Every spare moment in the day I had I was either doing something in terms of apartment up keep or working on homework for other classes to make sure I didn’t fall behind.  It worked out well, but I remember by the time Thanksgiving rolled around I was ready for a long break and it became much harder to maintain such a strict schedule until now.  It’s like the moment after work I am jammed with things to finish.  It’s nice to be busy but I can’t believe it’s JULY already.  In the past, almost 2 months, I’ve had one weekend off, and I had to lie to a ton of people making them think I was out of town so I could just crash.  I’m not big on lying but it was totally needed this time.  Okay, maybe not lying but an act of omission. LOL

I’m just being whiney.  Sorry; it’s just been on my mind for a while and it’s nice to just type it down.  The Frank thing is freaking me out to.  He is a little, I don’t know how to say it, not intense; but encompassing!  He is very nice but he is always saying things like, “I like you.”  Which is great, all people dating should want this right…of course….but he says it all the time!  Constantly, and he is constantly touching me!  It sounds awful but it’s like I’m eating pizza he’s rubbing my back.  We are sitting on the couch and he’s laying on me, and so on.  It is totally out of the realm of cuddling.  It’s almost as if it’s an over stimulation of the senses.  The “I like you” thing also scares me a touch because I feel like it’s his euphemism for love.  I don’t know but the way he says it makes me feel that instead of saying love he says like because it placates me because I am totally not into the boyfriend thing and especially love thing.  I know I don’t love him and that isn’t a bad thing we’ve only known each other for 5 months….I would think it is far too early for L word.  I mean come on 5 months!?!!?

That’s one good thing about my hectic schedule is that I can only see Frank once a week.  That is all the time I have for him and it isn’t like I’m restricted in terms of seeing other friends.  But it has cooled things off a bit for us.  Which is good…I think?!  The other thing that I find a little worrisome is that, as I mentioned above, I am holding the whole boyfriend title at bay.  It is quite the commitment that I’m not totally ready for.  Well, I just recently found out that Frank has been telling people we are boyfriends!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!?!?!!? (note the abundant use of punctuation)  I mean can you have a boyfriend without knowing?  Apparently yes, yes you can, I don’t think he knows I know and I haven’t brought it up to him yet.  I don’t know how to as of yet.  But I don’t like it.  I think that is clear indication that I have to set some intense boundaries or end things with Frank.

You’ll have to excuse my little venting bit!  In better news I got back from Boston last weekend after visiting my Urban Family.  It was lovely to catch up with them and it makes me wish we lived closer together.  This weekend we have a ton of people staying with Lauren and I.  We have a wedding on the 4th and a ton of people we know will be here.  I’m looking forward to catching up with them.  Now I just have to keep my drinking to a bare minimum considering all the running I’ve been doing!  But it is another fun, hectic, busy weekend. 

I hope you all are doing well!  Happy 4th of July!!!!!!  I hope your weekend is filled  with fun and exciting picnics and making out!   Here is a little video for you to enjoy!


Murder on the Dance Floor- Sophie Ellis Bextor

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