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It has been on of those days.  I’m sleep deprived, it is awfully cold and rainy in Erie, I need to shave, and I managed to dribble oil from my salad dressing down the front of my khakis……..le sigh


I feel like I’m fashion roadkill at the moment


Thanks wordpress for letting me complain

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It’s Monday and I heard this song in the office…


Divinyls “Touch Myself”

“I want you…I dont’ want anybody else…and when I think about you…I touch myself…ooohhhh…ooooohhhh oohhoohh…aaahahahahaha”

It made me giggle…you’re welcome!

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Alright bitches!  I’m out for the weekend…I have a family reunion to attend.  A ton of Italians doing what they do best, visiting, eating, and enjoying the large extend family that they are!  I hope you guys are well.  Go out have a good time this weekend.  I’ve added a few new links to  my blogroll check out they are pretty out of this world!

Talk to you later lovers!

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A Side Note

That picture from the movie exorcist that was used as the blind dating motivational poster “Blind Dates…Don’t Trust Them” keeps freaking me out when I scroll down my page…..eeeewwww.

And it was Bruce Springsteens birthday yesterday!!!! Hip Hip Horray! I listened to all my fav Bruce songs all the way home last night from work 🙂 Aaaahhh the simple things in life 🙂

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So I was dashing about my apartment today attempting to get ready for work, and failing miserably, when I noticed some movement out of my third story bedroom window.  My bedroom window has an expansive view of my apartment’s parking lot; including other buildings in our complex, some local businesses, and unfortunately today, our garbage bins (mind you I love my bedroom windows and where they open to.  I get a nice breeze in the summer, I like being able to see who is outside our building, and on clear nights I can see the moon from my bed across the room).  Now today as I was running around trying to collect myself I noticed movement by our four large trash bins.  It was a man in a white shirt walking by the bins.  No biggie, I figure he is dropping off his garbage.  I was wrong.  He does not discard any garbage but instead gets on his tiptoes and peers into the bin.  It was one of those tiptoes that doesn’t suggest a quick glance but more of a “I think I am going to go spelunking and see what I find in here tip toe.”  At this point in time I find myself drawn to the window to watch what was unfolding.  He glanced around to be sure no one was watching (and there probably wasn’t anyone considering it was 7:30 in the morning and no one should be up except those of us who have an early work time… yours truly).  Next thing I know he reaches in and starts going through the garbage………

I know I know people go though the garbage all the time and I am not above admitting there is some good shit people throw away (reduce, reuse, recycle) but this is just crazy.  This isn’t the first time I’ve seen someone in our trash bins rooting about.  Frankly, it kinda freaks me out.  I mean really…just the other morning I threw out my garbage and let me give you a rundown of its contents.    Uncooked chicken skins, check, old fruit cores and peels, check, a variety of boxes, beer bottles, bathroom garbage, check, check, check.  Grossville!  It reminds me of the moment in the movie “Kiss the Girls” with Ashley Judd and Morgan Freedman (if I can find the clip I’ll post it).  But as I was watching this man sort through our garbage I realized and can’t place any kind of judgment on him….considering…I was the man clad in only his boxers leering out of his window at a garbage diver….people in glasshouse Sammy…people in glass houses.


Thanks ehow for teaching me the finer  points to dumpster diving! 


So I attempted to find the Ashley Judd clip but I can’t seem to locate it but, for those of you who’ve seen the movie, it’s the part where the killer is talking about going through her trash and finding out about all sorts of crazy stuff because he dumpster dives…….I’m freaking out.

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It’s that time of year again….no not Christmas but Homecoming!  It is one of my fav events of the year.  Lauren and I usually end up with a ton of people at our apt, there’s a lot of laughing….and boozing….our college football team usually does terribly (but the real reason we go to the game is to visit with old friends)! 

Festivities start tonight and last until Sunday morning.  I am super excited and ready for work to be done done done so that I can play play play all weekend long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Alright you guys I promised a “blind date update” and I shall deliver.  As I had mentioned before blind dating, at least for me, has always been filled with a certain amount of anxiety induced dry heaves…Wednesday wasn’t anything different.  I bolted from work and got home with just enough time to change, brush my teeth, and deodorize then it was out the door to a little restaurant for dinner.  I grab a table and wait and it isn’t long before I am greeted by Mike.  He is a little taller than me, cute, short cropped hair; he has a nice smile and a little sole patch on his lower lip, so far so good.  Sans the fact I could smell cigarette smoke on him…ew.

We had talked briefly on the phone before hand and had some idea of where to steer the conversation.  I had spent most of Wednesday trying to finalize a list of topics to chat with him about.  We order appetizers and the evening wears on.  It is about halfway through the evening that I realize that my list of topics to discuss has dwindled and the awkward silences were on their way.  As it turned out guess who didn’t prepare himself for conversation…Mike.   So over all it was almost like a one sided conversation.  I would ask a question, Mike would answer, then queue awkward silence, then I would answer the same question….boring and awkward.  It wasn’t looking good and I was thinking this was only going to be a onetime date.  But I stopped myself.

You see I’ve been told repeatedly that I set my standards way to high when it comes to dating and that I should be will to give people “the benefit of the doubt,” benefit of the doubt being the key phrase; so instead of making some lame excuse to leave I decided to try and salvage a bit of the evening.  We eventually end up near the bay in Erie and the chatting has slowed to some extent and it is nice just walking and enjoying the evening.  We eventually end up back in his car seats tilted back star gazing.  I can appreciate a date with some twists to it and this was turning out better than I had expected. 

The evening wears down and Mike has to leave so I have him stop at an ATM.  I wanted to pay for my half of dinner.  It was a little on the pricey side and I think it is always good to double dutch on a first date.  I give him my half and he promptly asks me, “Does this mean I’m not going to see you again?”  I laugh off the question and tell him no and my theory about double dutching.  He stops a few spaces from my car and leans over to give me a hug and I’m thinking it was going to be one of the consolation hugs.  Nothing big but he ends up just putting his arms around me and giving me a big strong hug…a hug from a guy that hasn’t hugged someone in a while.  So I enjoy it and I hear him whisper something about thinking I would be fun to cuddle with.  Now I’m not a cuddler but with the way he hugged made me want to cuddle with him.  So one thing leads to the next and we are kissing.  It is nice and I am enjoying and for all intensive purposes it seems like he is enjoying it too.  I tell him if he wants to come over and cuddle for a bit that would be fine.  I realized he had a 30 minute drive ahead of him and he had to be at work by8 the next morning but I thought it wouldn’t a late cuddle.  (and for all of you thinking cuddling means more you are mistaken…I only do that type of “cuddling” after the second date…I kid! But really I was just looking for a cuddle).  His body seemed to say yes but his mind was saying “I have to work” his mind ended up winning.  So we part ways and I’m pretty pleased other than the awful conversation and the smoking he seemed like a nice guy that I would mind going out with again.  I text him a bit later letting him know the good time I had and suggested we maybe meet on Monday.  I get nothing back.  No problem…It’s late.

Well, night turns to day and I still haven’t heard anything.  So I end up emailing him (he knew I was going to email him to because I said I would with the title of a book he might like).  The day progresses on and I am becoming more anxious.  Finally, I text him one more time and I still get no response.  It is now 5 days since the date and I have heard nothing from Mike.  That son of a bitch duped me into wanting to cuddle with him and then ditched me.

Now you know why I hate blind dates…and cuddling.  I think the worse part of all is the fact that I was willing to over look the fact that he was conversationally challenged and killing himself on cig at a time but apparently he wasn’t willing to over look my less than appealing traits (of which I have none, that’s a joke).    Also, now I’m left dissecting the evening trying to figure out what I had done or maybe said that made him not want to communicate at all with me at all after the date.  You know a text or email saying I had a good time but I’m not interested in you would have been thoughtful…right?  So much for benefit of a doubt that really screwed me!  But I guess all you can do is keep on trying…but I vow to you I will NEVER be duped into wanting to cuddle again!


(pic from http://www.motivatedphotos.com/?id=12770)


(pic from http://graphjam.com/2008/03/31/funny-graphs-why-blind-dates-so-often-fail/)

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