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Guess who is playing hookey from work tomorrow (along with his best friend) and they are going to spend the day in Pittsburgh! 😉

“Said you’re leaving on that 7:30 train and that your headin’ out to Hollywood Pittsburgh!”

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Alright kids I thought I would fill you in on my Columbus Day adventure known as jury duty.  Now I know some of you may quickly lump me into the ever growing group who despise jury duty.  I get it I understand, herded about like cattle, forms and papers to fill out, not so nice secretaries ( I called the courthouse just to double check that I truly had jury duty on a FEDERAL holiday and the secretary curtly replied “we wouldn’t send out notices if we didn’t want you to be here” I realized pretty quickly she hated her job….anyhoo) no I instead reveled in the idea of jury duty…I got out of work for the day, spend my lunch with a friend who I knew worked close by, and earn a whopping 9 dollars…what’s not to love.

So my day in court arrived and I headed up the steps of the courthouse with bells on my toes.  I managed to get through the doors and metal detector before being verbally berated by a security guard because I forgot to put my cell phone through the x-ray machine…I think he hated his job as well…but my excitement would not be diminished.  I arrive at my destination with what seemed like about half of Erie PA and scrabbled for a seat and began filling out paper work.  Images of “Runaway Jury” and sequestering danced in my head.  The first group was called then the second group, and then a man stormed in and demanded the 4th group to go…apparently they had a criminal case that needed to get underway…no I wasn’t in that group, unfortunately, instead my group was called and I found out we would be potentially listening in on a civil case.  I was the 11th person in line and even got to sit in the jury box….I was in heaven.  Then the questions began.  In the end 9 out of the 12 of us in the jury box were picked for the jury….we were walking targets…I like to think they enjoyed seeing us sit in the seats.

We started about an hour before lunch and heard opening arguments.  It was me three other gentlemen and like a gazillion women.  The plaintiff was a woman and I believe they stacked the jury for that reason.  We were informed that we would see, not one but TWO, VIDEO TAPED depositions….in heaven…and we even had an interpreter for a Spanish speaking witness.  It was all that I could hope for in terms of my first court case. 

The day was uneventful until they called the first witness whom I found out later shared a weird connection with me…so weird I ended up informing the tip staff who promptly told me if it had mattered they would have asked the question during jury selection.  The day ended and it turned out I would have to attend a second day of jury duty….it was just getting better and better.

I learned very quickly that my fellow jury members did not share the enthusiasm I did.  This was exemplified when an old man stopped talking to me when he asked me if he was the only one that didn’t want to be on jury duty to which I replied “I Love Jury Duty.”  We ended up not being BFF’s L

So the second day started and I kept making eyes at the stenographer.  I know I should have been listening but I really wanted to check out the cool type writer she was using.  So closing arguments finish up and now I’m super excited…jury deliberations would commence.  I had wanted to be jury foreman so badly that I completely considered making cupcakes with decorations that said “Sammy 4 4man” clever no?  I was the Tracy Flick of the courthouse!   Needless to say another young woman started writing and basically got the position…I guess there is always next time. 

We argued and I gave my opinion which some of the ladies did not like but we had to consider all aspects right?!  Note:  I am intentionally leaving out details about the case because I am not sure the legality of exposing case information and I don’t want to be sued).  In terms of deliberations only 10 out of the 12 of us had to agree on the settlement that needed to be given.  Let me just tell you I was not one of the 10.  Thus brought to an end my two days of jury duty.  I loved every moment of doing my civil duty and I totally want to be called again!

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-No. No, it’s just what’s the point?  There all the same; some stupid killer stalking some big breasted girl, who can’t act, who’s always running up the stairs when she should be going  out the front door…it’s insulting.-

I friggin love this movie

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These past two weeks between work AND jury duty…yes I had jury duty on Columbus Day….all I’ve been doing is spinning my wheels to get all things necessary to live done!  I promise I haven’t forgot about you….soonly I will have a post up!  Until then enjoy this super awesome song I stumbled onto! LOVE IT!


It is Hellogoodbye’s “When We First Met”

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