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Leave it to Hollywood to use Presque Isle as part of the apocolyptic world for the movie “The Road” based on the Cormac McCarthy novel by the same name.  Erie just can’t get a break.  I’ve read the book (its sad) and I think I’m ready to see the movie…I really just want to see if they filmed on the beach where I like to catch rays 🙂

P.S. The link has more pics and a cool  little write up about it!


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So after my Cleveland Bruce show I didn’t think things could get any better! The show was stunning and I have general admission tickets for the closing concert of the “Working on a Dream Tour” in Buffalo.  Then two things happened…

Last night i recieved a phone call from a fellow Bruce lover and she offered me a free general admission ticket to the Baltimore show this Friday…I was dumbstruck.  It would be 3 Bruce concerts in 2 weeks.  Unfortunatly, I had to turn  her down.  As it turned out the logistics and finances were not in my favor…plus it was a long haul to get to Baltimore for the show after work 😦 Needless to say I was disappointed…I was also disappointed that I wouldnt’ get the chance to hang out with this girl and two of our friends (who it coincidentally turns out will be attending their first Bruce concert).  Again I was sad.

We were texting back and forth about it and she then texted me something that nearly made me hypervenilate at work.  She told me that Bruce had announced he would be playing “Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ” at the Buffalo concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I nearly died.  This is the first album Bruce and the E-Street Band put out.  Also, this is the FIRST (I’ll repeat FIRST) TIME the album will be played in its entirety.  I was stunned, flabergasted, unfuctional about this.  I can’t wait because I’m going to get to hear several songs that I’ve been wanting to hear in concert…especially “For You.”  At the moment it stands that the following 9 songs will be played in Buffalo

Blinded by the Ligh

Growin’ Up

Mary Queen of Arkansas

Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?

Lost in the Flood

The Angel

For You

Spirit in the Night

It’s Hard to Be a Saint in the City

I’m so utterly excited and quickly put the cd on at work…much to the dismay of my boss LOL.

So the following are the songs that I would like to also hear at the show

Songs that I want to hear at the concert (That I’ve not heard yet)
Santa Clause is Coming to Town
4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)
None but the Brave
New York City Serenade
For You (but that will definately be played)

Songs that I’ve heard in concert but want to hear again
Born to Run
Hungry Heart
Dancing in the Dark
10th Avenue Freeze Out

Keep your fingers crossed….I CAN’T WAIT TILL SUNDAY!

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Something New!

So I have been blogging for about a year and a half and just realized how to change my font colors…AWESOME!

Now does anybody know how to stop the line breaks between each of my lines…it’s driving me crazy!

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I’m gonna keep on loving you

Cause it’s the only thing I wanna do

I don’t want to sleep

 I just wanna keep on lovin you

~REO Speedwagon

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So I spent Tuesday night at the latest Bruce Springsteen Concert in Cleveland at the Q Arena.  This concert was a late birthday gift I bought myself….I bought last July;)…..so I’ve been waiting for this concert for some time.  I get to Cleveland the morning of the concert and get my wrist band for the chance to get into the pit.  I had general admission tickets but venues provide an opportunity to get into the pit/closest to the stage without having to camp out…which I would have totally done.  How it works is at a preset time anybody with general admission tickets show up and get an orange band with a number on it.  They give these bands out for several hours…then 2 hours before the show they line everyone up numerically and a number is called.  This number is the beginning of the pit tickets.  These people get to go to the front of the stage (there is a certain amount of pit individuals) and the rest of the general admission ticket individuals enter behind these people and are cut off by a barricade.  When they pick the number the way it works is the predetermined amount of pit people will follow numerically behind the number called.  For example if there are 800 people with bands and they are letting 400 into the pit and the pull the number 500 the people who are in the pit are bands number 500 to 800 then the first 100 at the beginning of the line.  Well, I get my band I’m number 101….this means I either want one of three things to happen….either a super low number be called…or a super high number to be called…or my number to be called (I hate to say it but I’m not that lucky) BUT……..I was lucky enough for a super high number to be called…mean I ENDED UP IN THE PIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes they pulled a number and it cut off at band 175…I had done it I was going to be close enough to Bruce and the E-Street Band that I could spit on them!!!!!!!! I was floored!  Both my Sister and I have tried on several occasions to get into the pit to no avail (but don’t get me wrong general admission tickets are great!)

So at this point I’ve been in  line for two hours they let us in and I am left of center stage positioned not against the stage  barriers but just a bit back in front of where Clarence “Big Man” will be.  Needless to say I’ve got a GREAT place.  So then I wait standing for another two hours.  By the end of the concert I will have stood for seven and a half hours (but it was totally worth every moment of it).

At this point all I’m not sure if this could get any better!  I’m at a Bruce concert; I’ve finally made it into the pit.  The only thing that would have made it really great is if my Mother and/or Sister could have been there.  I was a lone concert goer this time.  The concert begins…It is everything I could want.  Bruce and the Band are great (considering they did a huge…huge…show at Madison Square Garden’s a couple nights before) then third song it happens…..Hungry Heart begins (one of my favorite songs)….the crowd sings the first verse of the song (this traditionally happens anytime the song is sang at a Bruce concert) and I’m in heaven.  Bruce is crowd surfed from one end of the pit to the next and flipped backwards on stage (I tried to touch him but I was ill positioned).  Then begins the “Born to Run” album (as I have mentioned he played the entire 1975 album Thunder Road begins I hear the similar electricity from the crowd that I heard at the Pittsburgh concert in May.  The songs are amazing…then Jungleland starts….the lights dim and a disco ball cast orbs of light that slowly drift around the arena…it…is…epic!  I never in a million years would have guessed I would hear Jungleland in concert….it just keeps getting better.  Over the next hour I hear Pink Cadillac, Waitin On a Sunny Day, Red Headed Woman, and then Back in Your Arms.  It is amazing and slow!  From what I’ve read it was a concert highlight!  Then to end the set…I hear it Badlands (another one of my favorite songs).  This concert was practically a home run on songs I wanted to hear…there was one left….I coveted it I wanted to hear the ever elusive Rosalita!  The band takes a bow but doesn’t leave the stage….they start right into their encore!  He dedicated the first song to The Cleveland Food Bank then the next to “Cleveland Boys.”  Then Dancing in the Dark comes on…..it spectacular and I pray that he will drag me on stage to be the next Courtney Cox lol, but still no Rosalita.  Then he played Elvis’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” which I conclude will be a good trade of for Rosalita…then Higher and Higher is played it was an awesome song to end on! Then just when I think the concert is over…I hear it….the opening cords of ROSALITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!  I have died and gone to heave…the song is wild, and loud, and fast.  I’m singing at the top of my lungs…oh how I want to go to “that little place in southern California….down San Diego way!” 

The concert was epic and perfection reigned.  Not only was I at a Bruce concert, I managed to get into the pit and hear three songs that I have coveted to hear in a concert together (not to mention the rest of the spectacular set list)!

Now I can only imagine what the Buffalo show will be like.  Yes you heard it here first I have a ticket for the Buffalo show and not only is it Steven Van Zandt’s birthday but it is also the last date of the tour.  I believe the show will be spectacular and larger than life!!!!!!!!!  But my Cleveland show has been by far one of the best concerts I’ve ever…EVER…attended 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

November 10th 2009, Cleveland OH, Quicken Loans Arena Set List:

Wrecking Ball (with Curt Ramm)

Prove It All Night

Hungry Heart

Working on a Dream

(Beginning of “Born to Run”)

Thunder Road

Tenth Avenue Freeze Out (with Curt Ramm)



Born to Run

She’s the One

Meeting Across the River (with Curt Ramm)


(End of “Born to Run”)

Waitin’ on a Sunny Day

Raise Your Hand

Red Headed Woman

Pink Cadillac

Back in Your Arms

Radio Nowhere

Lonesome Day

The Rising



No Surrender

Bobby Jean

American Land (with Curt Ramm)

Dancing in the Dark

Can’t Help Falling in Love

Higher and Higher (with Curt Ramm)

Rosalita (with Curt Ramm)

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This hot bitch is off to Cleveland for the Bruce Springsteen and E-Street Band Concert!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this and can’t wait for tomorrow!  Plus he will be playing his “Born to Run” album in it’s entireity and I am dying to hear it!!!!! Jungleland here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Be back soon and I will let you know all the delish details 🙂

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I can’t tell you how nervous I was!  Palms sweaty, I clutched my laundry basket and myriad of other items as I approached my Target checkout lane.  This…….was…….it!  I was about to introduce myself to my first blogging friend!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over the past year and a half I’ve had a wonderful time blogging and commenting on people’s blogs and then hearing back from them.  It is great feeling when you post and someone comments on it.  There is a subtle connection you feel with someone when you read and comment.  I realize that has a certain sentiment attached to it considering we never really get to meet these wonderful people who share a common creative outlet.  But when happens when you have the chance to meet a blogger fellow blogger?!

I have always indulged in the grandeur of the possibility of being recognized for my blog.  Granted nobody would really know me considering I don’t post pictures of myself on it, but I still fantasize about it.  “What you read my blog, and you want my autograph…of course!” or “You want to produce a book and movie and the basis is from my blog…..why yes you can!” again delusions of grandeur LOL.  But I have a practical side as well….I live in Erie PA….beyond visiting Presque Isle it isn’t the tourist attraction compared to California, New  York, DC etc…so I came to terms with the notion that I wouldn’t be recognized and I more than likely would recognize other bloggers.  Plus I didn’t actually start my blog for these reasons….I really just needed a place to talk about the things I like!

So when I began receiving comments from a young lady who was a blogger and was moving to Erie I began to revisit the idea of meeting a fellow blogger!  I began to entertain all sorts of questions.  Should I do this (I believe many of you will agree with me we enjoy a certain amount of anonymity when blogging)?  Will she be as cool as her blog?  Will she be nice or take one look at me and go “oohhh so you’re Sammy” and seem disappointed.  I was starting to freak myself out to some extent.  So we continued to comment and as she posted I learned she had started working at Target!  Well I continued to dabble with the idea that I would stop in and see her but I was still hesitant.  Then it happened…I destroyed…utterly destroyed my laundry basket.  No it wasn’t a stunning feat of manliness….it was an overfilled laundry basket that I accidently dropped :/….now I had a reason to go to Target….it was time to act.

So I meander into Target trying my best to look cool and sophisticated (may I remind you I was buying a laundry basket LOL) and I gaze over the cashiers….you see I hadn’t informed her that I would be stopping it! Gulp!  I look down the line and realize she was there!!!!!!  I am excited and overwhelmed all at the same time!  Now I had to plan how to do this meet and greet….I couldn’t just walk up to her and be like  “hey we don’t know each other but we read each other’s blogs…when do you get your break?”  to creepy it seemed.  I continued to meander about Target filling my laundry basket with a few other items.  I had decided I would go to her line, make sure it was pretty empty so I wouldn’t embarrass her or myself and just do a pleasant introduction and go from there……and then I got nervous.

Sweaty palms, mind swirling, heart beating I approached the line…it was pretty empty, score, and the manager guy kept telling me different lanes were open etc. and I kept declining…I couldn’t leave the line I had come so far.   There she was a fellow blogger!  Someone whom I had never met before but communicated with over our electronic media!  She was cute as a button and was polite to her customers as she checked them out.  She began to check out my items, I stood in front of her, suddenly the lane seemed to fill up….my nervous got the best of me and instead of politely saying, “hello  my name is Sammy it’s a pleasure to meet you, “ I blurt out, “How’s Edinboro,” (I won the award for creepy hello’s on that one!).  She looked at me for a moment and smiled and said it’s good…..um how do you know I go there….and I then let her know I wrote for Presque Isle Files.  I think the whole thing took several seconds for it to register…I think we were both shocked and stunned!  She looked at me and she said it was great to meet you; she then rounded her register and gave me a great big hug (way better than any autographJ)!!!!!  I was relieved…then she asked me how I was going to pay for my items HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  We exchanged words briefly because now the people in line were gawking a bit and in the excitement of the moment….I left without actually paying.  I didn’t type in my code….so in actuality I almost stole my laundry basket LOL.  She called to me and I came back paid we said good bye and parted ways.

I am lucky to say I have met such a petite, super cute, awesome blogger from Pushed To Earth.  She’s one hell of a cashier too! I urge you all to check out her out via my blogroll!  I wish we had time to talk more at that moment but unfortunately the wheels of capitalism were working against us….she had to get back to work 😉

*Personal note to Shweta it was lovely to have met you, you are adorable, and I believe we will have to meet for coffee in the near future!!!!! I hope I didn’t scare you to badly just showing up at your place of employment….and sorry for almost not paying LOL*

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