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Be Back After the Weekend!

DC or bust!  Be back after the weekend and let you know all about the interview.  Have yourselves a hot weekend my little monsters! 😉

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DC Bound

Guess who just booked his flight to DC!!!!! A week from today I will be rushing around to get to my flight out of the face paced airport of Erie Penna LOL

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So I mentioned like a week and a half ago about the email regarding a job interview in DC…well I’ve spent the last week and a half trying to get in touch with the person that set up the interview.  Up until today I’ve made three phone calls and left three messages.  I tried to play it conservatily by not outwardly harassing them on the phone to get them to call me….but to no avail…same machine recording same message from Sammy.  I was beginning to think I had a hoax played on me and had decided today would be the day I would email the gentlemen about the job and state that I would wait for him to contact me again (whether or not this was a good idea I can’t just keep calling and leaving messaged, right?!)

But, as I log onto my email I decide to try one more phone call…no message this time…I’m completely unprepared when a human picked up the phone.  We chatted for a few minutes and and now I HAVE A JOB INTERVIEW IN DC NEXT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m super pumped and nervous all at the same time!  He wanted me to come in earlier but my boss is out of work for the next two weeks leaving me in charge and this weekend is booked up all ready leaving the 30th.

So wish me luck, I’m making a rather unexpected trip to DC…lets hope this pans out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Open Letter 2

Dear Gym Patron (you know who you are)

                Last evening was the second time I’ve seen you use the treadmills at the gym.  While I clomp away mile after mile on mine sweaty and ugly in my gym gear I see you swagger in wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans(which are too long and cuffed at the bottom).  Let me state for the record blue jeans are not proper gym wear.  Let me also state for the record that if you trip and fall on a treadmill near me and are not wearing proper gym attire (which considering this is the second time I’ve seen you in jeans I suspect  you will not ever wear proper gym attire) I’m not going to stop my run to help you.  More than likely, I will be three miles into a long 5 mile run and I will have left work and came straight to the gym…I don’t have the time or the patience to play these games with you considering you won’t follow simple gym procedure.  Don’t get me wrong if you were running and obeying the rules of the gym I would be the first to help you in case of an emergency or accidental fall but since you blatantly disregard and choose not to obey the rules about proper gym attire I will also choose to keep running.

                While I was running and ruefully composing this letter about you in my head I noticed a few things (luckily for you….).  One, you may have been in jeans but at least you weren’t running full speed or doing anything crazy.  I thought perhaps you may be in the gym for some physical therapy of sorts working on an old injury.  You were walking and not running. Two, you were only on the treadmill for 4 minutes.  Maybe you were just warming up for something but I don’t know and at least you weren’t on the treadmill for a long time.  Three, I was in a bad mood earlier that day and I thought that perhaps I was mentally taking out my aggression on you and your overly long blue jeans.  It seemed that a combination of these items were garnering you a little sympathy from me and from this note that I was going to post.  Then you didn’t wipe down the machine.

                Yep just when you were going to be granted a reprieve from this open letter you got off that treadmill and blatantly disregarded the sign just to your right that that specifically stated to “Wipe Down Machines After Use.”  I don’t care if you were on that machine for 4 minutes or 40 you should clean it because my hard earned money is going to the up keep of these treadmills (AND HEAVEN HELP YOU IF YOU ARE A GYM EMPLOYEE).  And please don’t think I hold you to a higher standard because you don’t wear proper gym attire, I hold all those sweaty  jocks (who are in gym attire) that run full speed for 8 minutes and sweat everywhere and not wipe down the machines either to the same standard.  

                With that I realized that you just don’t follow rules and deserve to have this letter wrote about you.

I’m not going to help you if you fall,


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Open Letter

Dear Co-workers (you know who you are),

I enjoy spending quality time with you…I do, I really do….but I have one thing to get off my chest…our day to day conversations are becoming debilitating and unhealthy for my mental stability.  Never in my life have I ever “zoned out, day dreamed, glazed over” as much as I do listening to you tell me the banalities of your daily life.  When you stand at the opening of my cubicle (blocking my only escape route) and talk AT me (instead of including me in the conversation/ or at least giving me the chance to say something other than “That’s nice,””uh huh,””crazy,””right,” or a myriad of other one word answers) I am going to sit there and become unresponsive.  I realize we live in an environment (read: small office space) where we see each other practically on a day to day basis and because of the close quarters we will talk about not only important things but also trivial things…there will also come a time where you will want to just vent and not hear anything I have to say.  This is fine, I understand, and I too want the same thing sometimes when having a conversation.  But heed this warning, the less time you take to engage me the conversation the more unresponsive and less caring I will become and eventually there will come a time when you will want to talk about something important and you will want someone to just listen and care….at this point in time I will not be able to provide the care and concern you would like (or that I would like to give) because you have destroyed my abilities to actively participate in a conversation.  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE DON’T HOOVER AROUND MY CUBICLE OPENING AND TELL ME ABOUT YOUR CATS AND/OR YOUR MOM WHO SOUNDS LIKE A MEAN OLD LADY…..I DON’T LIKE CATS OR MEAN OLD LADIES.  In summary, engage me in conversation more and it is more than likely I will start to care more about what you are saying.  I’m sorry this may seem mean but it needed to be said.

I feel somewhat better,


P.S. Are you that blind that when I turn around in my desk chair and look at you with my hands folded and placed on top of my stomach and get that glazed look in my eyes that you are boring me to tears….or am I just that good of an actor.

P.P.S.  I could turn around in my desk chair and started typing something on my computer to send you a signal that you are boring me with your conversation; but that would be extremely disrespectful (at least in my opinion) and my parents brought me up better than that (even though I zone out when you talk and that’s bad form as well).  I’ve weighed the options and have decided that while zoning out may be just as disrespectful as turning my back on you during a boring conversation, it is at least more respectful to have someone turned around and blank faced/glazed eyed than someone who completely cuts the lines of communication.  I’m trying, throw me a bone, don’t make me start turning around at my desk and attempting to ignore you…it’s unkind and I don’t like it but my options are running out and I value my sanity.

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