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I just had my second job interview with the non-profit I interviewed at at the end of last month.  It was an hour long phone interview and it seemed to go pretty well.  The interviewer and I graduated with the same degree from college so that was nice (score 1 Sammy) to talk with her about.  The interview itself went decently.  I felt I gave the best I could with the inteview.  As for figuring out whether or not I got the job I couldn’t quite tell.  She remained pretty transparent about which way the interview was going but we did talk about benefits included with the job and a potential move from Erie for the job with seemed to suggest the possibility of an offer, but then we also talked about what would make me want to take the job and what would keep me from taking the job.  I was honest in my answers and I couldn’t tell what she was thinking.  I suspect I’ll hear something early next week….so time will tell and I will keep you posted!

As for Friday night fun…it has been snowing here pretty decently but is that anything new and exciting for Erie…no….a friend and I are planning on going to an art opening at the Erie Art Museum tonight…yes Erie has an art musuem…then maybe out for a drink.  But not out to late we both have busy days tomorrow….lots of cleaning, shopping, and cooking….plus two friends will be in town this weekend and I am dying to see them.  It seems like it’s the same old same old.  Tell me what are your plans for this weekend.  I hope they are wild and fun….do tell 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend my little monsters!!!!!

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To: Lauren

“I just want you to know that I think I got a super juiced coffee and they are playing the best 80’s mix on classy today my heart could explode and cover the office in flower petals.”

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“I have a question about ethnic skull formations” ~C

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Dear Mr. Salmoni,

I saw you on the Chelsea Lately show last night and have fallen in love with you.  Marry me please and thank you.  I’m an awesome cook and love doing laundry.  Just please don’t be eaten by any large animal/predator!



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Well I am beside myself with good news that I’ve just learned.  My fav Soul/R&B sing Sharon Jones and her band The Dap Kings not only will be releasing a new cd in the next month/month and a half but they will also be doing some extensive touring in the upcoming months.  I am super SUPER excited about this.  The only problem is she will not be playing in Pittsburgh or Erie for the concert.  It looks like I’ll either be heading to Chicago or Toronto to see her…yes I will go the distance because she and her band are that good.  This is there myspace link check it out and if you get the chance check her out especially if you love Soul/R&B.  Also, their new album is titled “I Learned the Hard Way.”  Below is the first single off the album…it’s delicious 🙂

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*WARNING:  Below is my review on a  movie that I just recently watched; while I try very hard not to give anything away some of you may not want to read below for fear of having certain parts spoiled….consider yourself warned.*


I just watched the movie The House of the Devil and I have to admit I was super excited to see it.  The preview (below) was amazing and it made the movie look great.

After watching the movie I decided that I really liked it but all the pieces seemed to not match up.  I loved the 80’s feel to the movie, the score was perfect, and the pared down scary parts was a great homage to its early scary movie predecessors.  I found the ending to be a little hokey.  Not the very ending (read: just before the credits rolled; which I found as a brilliant ending) but the events that led to scenes just prior to the end credits seemed a bit weird….specifically the basement scene.  That is the most I can give without ruining the movie for you…..a la my last open letter 😉 

Also, I realize the movie was supposed to build in suspense and not be as focused on just the violent and often time’s sex fueled mass killings of today’s horror film genre but please I needed a little more action though it.  I hate to admit to it but after a while I got bored :/  A few more scares punctuating the film would have added just a little bit more spice.

Overall I liked the movie and I had high hopes because of the trailer (it had me all sorts of excited) but it fell just a little short….will I purchase the movie more than likely. Rent it and let me know what you think!

(pictures in this post are not mine and should link up to the sites that I used them from….don’t sue me just ask and I’ll remove kthxsbye)

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This is why I love Sandra Bullock!

“I don’t care what color you are, what sexual orientation, what nationality you are, what religion you are, if you operate out of a place of love that’s a family.”

I just heard her say this in an interview at the Oscar nom. luncheon.  She’s right 100%.

I rooting for her to get the Oscar!!!!!!

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