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Yes Please!

This made me giggle!

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It has been like two weeks since I last posted so I thought I’d take a moment and update you all on the weeks past events.

Sunday May 2nd– I traveled to Pittsburgh to cheer on friends running the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.  I was then evacuated due to a bomb threat.  It is the closest I’ll ever want to be to a potential bomb.  Read about it here…thank god it turned out not to be an explosive

Monday May 3rd– I receive a phone call from a client telling me he was in tachycardia…..consequently telling me he could die at any moment and wouldn’t be able to come in for our meeting.  I tell him to get off the phone and go to the hospital.

Tuesday and Wednesday of said week included two trivia nights…one being a gay trivia team.  It turns out one of the team members that night is a cute, bald guy about my age that I have seen out before and have lusted after for months.  While we were not introduced to each other I now have a perfect platform to introduce myself to him on and talk…I also met a cute guy named Dallas…I kept my Texas jokes to bare minimum.  Also, I found out a gay friend is marrying a girl for the heck of it.  Life is weird I decide.

Friday may 7th– A friend comes to Erie and stays with my ex-roommate.  I go out to visit her and end up also having a four course meal with her, my ex-roomie, and my ex-roomies boyfriend (who had prepared the meal).  There are tornado warnings in the counties around us.

Saturday May 8th– I head home for the third weekend in a row.  I spend all day with my parents.

Sunday May 9th-I head back into Pittsburgh to watch my Mother and my Sister walk the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  We have a great day and enjoy brunch and celebrate Mother’s Day…because my Mom is the bomb.com!

Monday May 10th– Lena Horne dies (who just so happens to be a fav singer of mine) in a fitting tribute my car dies on I-79N…51 miles from Erie…..It’s a long tow back to Erie Penna.  I spend the next 3 days bumming rides off people to get to and from work.

Wednesday May 12th– My record player comes in and I spend the rest of the evening in my apartment running around like a school girl from the 50’s listening to “Bobby’s Girl,” The Supremes, Dark Side of the Moon, and Bruce Springsteen.

Thursday May 13th-My car is given a clean bill of health and I pick her up…my bank account reflects many charges L

Friday May 14th– I am going to go to happy hour, go home, put up pictures in my apt., clean up my apt. a bit, and listen to records.

Tell me what you’ve been up to!?!?! Inquiring minds want to know!

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I know it’s for Prada but I love the commercial, the song, and poem being read!

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