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Hello all after some light posting for the past two weeks I thought I would do a longer post…one with some meat to it 😉


Frank and I are doing well.  We are still going on out dates together and having our naked parties.  It is nice change compared to being single.  I went out with him last weekend and met several of his friends…it was nice and his friends were really kind.  I think they knew we were seeing each other.  It makes things a little awkward because his friends are his peers and he is a respectable person and I don’t want our age difference to deter from that and him being a professional.  But overall the dinner with his friends was good…then came the big night.  He had a big solo this past Friday and I went to the concert….Here I was under the impression I would meet a ton of his peers…well I met a few but it wasn’t as big of a deal as I had once made it out to be (go figure).  It was a good concert and I appreciated being there and that Frank wanted me to come.  Things have been good with Frank and we, I feel are just enjoying, each other’s company.  I plan on seeing him tonight and I hope on Wednesday after that I will be out of town for Easter L 


This weekend I attempted my first try at spaghetti sauce.  Not just any sauce but my Mother’s pasta sauce.  After a visit to the grocery story to get all the accoutrements I dutifully diced, pressed, and chopped all the ingredients for the sauce.  There I was in my tiny kitchen dumping cans of tomatoes, diced onions, a variety of broths etc into a big pot…I looked like an Italian Grandma…the pot simmering and boiling and I’m just standing there stirring.  I did badger my mother out of her mind.  She’s done the sauce for so long she knows it by hear a la no exact recipe for Sammy to follow.   Our poor phone bill!  Then there was this moment where I was standing in front of a warming pot with a concoction of lord knows what and all I could think is, “Please god let this pot of stuff magically become my Mother’s sauce.”  Well in the end I managed to put together my Mother’s sauce!!!  I was pleased with the results.  The one other thing that my Mother failed to mention and I forgot to ask about is the recipe that she gave me makes enough sauce to feed a family of four and then some.  Needless to say my freezer is full of pasta sauce.  I also made a roast this weekend and did a ton of laundry…what I was a domesticated god this weekend 😉



So let’s talk politics!  I last posted on Iowa which is AWESOME!  But the gays have been making waves elsewhere too.  Let’s start with the mess of a state known as North Dakota.  A few months ago I did a little post regarding North Dakota passing an abortion ban protecting the rights of unborn children.  It makes it illegal for women to get an abortion…crazy right?  If that wasn’t crazy enough North Dakota decided to notch it up just a little more in the “making unsound and unjustified decisions” department.  A bill meant to protect gay men and women died in the North Dakota House.  It’s funny because the Reps for North Dakota will protect unborn children but heaven forbid they protect the rights of people who live and pay taxes in North Dakota who just happen to be gay.  Rep. Robin Weisz said the reason he didn’t support the bill was because being homosexual isn’t something you are born with it a lifestyle or a behavior. 

 What an IDIOT!  I mean really, you will protect something that isn’t viable outside of a woman’s womb but you won’t protect an adult.  It is absurd and backwards reasoning.  I guess North Dakota Reps. answered the question about protecting the rights of a child if he or she grew up to be gay….they wouldn’t.

Also, any person in the North Dakota House (in fact make that any person that uses this argument) that argued the usage of transgendered or transsexual language in the bill would allow sexual predators access to children deserves to be sterilized to save the rest of humanity from their stupidity.  I hardly think the hundreds of thousands of educated people who argue for transgendered/transsexual language are arguing for laws that would allow for sexual predators to go after children.

I just can’t wrap my mind around the break in reasoning these people have.  They argue that a child in the womb is just as much as a person who pays taxes so they create laws to protect this child in the womb yet when men and women argue to be protected from hate crimes do not get the protection they need….they don’t get the protection they need because people believe that being gay is a behavior or a lifestyle.  While it isn’t a behavior or a lifestyle (we are born this way), don’t people deserve to be protected even if there was a semblance of a chance that it is a “lifestyle” (which, like I’ve said, it isn’t).  I suspect they nuts that are Reps. in the House have some religious tendencies that misconstrue the facts about gay people.


Now we move to Vermont.  Vermont was giving me a lot of hope when I read this article a few weeks ago.  I’m pleased to see Vermont, without the courts forcing them to do it, looks to pass same-sex marriage in the State.  AWESOME…then Vermont Gov. James Douglas (yes I’ll post a picture)sends us back to the stone age saying he’d veto the bill because he thinks the civil union bill is good enough.  Listen James one, that is the most absurd thing you could have ever said, secondly, America tried something like this a while back…it was called…hhhmmm let me think….Separate but Equal and guess what it didn’t work then and it sure as hell isn’t going to work now.  So after hearing this news I was glum.  The New England states have been so good about leading the fight in gay rights that I never thought we would have such a problem.  Unfortunately, there are not enough votes to override the governor’s veto….even though both the Vermont House and Senate both passed the same-sex marriage measure.  You know what it is Douglas is a pussy (excuse the language) that doesn’t have the balls to stand up for what is right.  One person, one man, is stopping a right for thousands of people because he feels that the civil-union system is good enough.  Just because something is good enough doesn’t mean it is right, or done, or fully equal.  Then one of the worst parts was the fact that he quoted Obama’s stance as a reason for not allowing same sex message. 

“”But, like President Obama and other leaders on both sides of the aisle, I believe that marriage should remain between a man and woman.”” (I got this quote from the CNN article linked above)

This is exactly what I feared and blogged about during the Presidential elections.  What our leaders say and there stances on things, like gay marriage, matter because other elected officials and citizens look to them for guidance in these types of issues.  Go figure Obama would stand there and say he feels marriage is between a man and a woman and the Gov. of Vermont is taking the same stance and quoting Obama and others as evidence in his flimsy argument.  It’s disheartening and upsetting.    


Well that’s about it for now…I’ve rambled on and I’m sure have had enough of your gay news for the day.  I hope to get another post up before I leave town this weekend.  Have a lovely day bitches!


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Heeellloooo Lovers I hope this finds you well and enjoying the post inaugural bliss.  I wanted to touch base with you lovely people and see how you are doing.  Things are well in Erie except for the snow.  Yesterday we were getting two inches of snow every hour…in the end it was announced on the new that this winter will be the 10th heaviest snowfall in Erie history….I can attest to this since I spent 20 some good minutes pushing fellow apartment residents out of our snow congested parking lot (I reek of car exhaust at the moment)….update I just heard we are at the 7th place spot for most snow during a winter season in Erie…perfect.


Updates, updates, updates…first, my meeting with one of our State Reps. went very well.  We all presented out respective pieces on DOMA, DADT, ENDA, and anti-hate laws.  I ended up sitting between our congress woman and one of her staff members….it made me nervous.  It was such a great meeting and great day because I ended up going out to lunch with a couple older gay men (and Steve) who gave us a nice history regarding gay right in Erie and PA.   Then we ended up going back to the office of the Congress woman to see the opening of her office (I’m not sure this sentence makes sense).  I ended up running into a friend (who is a political activist) and eventually had to tell her I was gay and that’s why I was at the office opening and had the meeting earlier that day.  Then she introduced me to one of her friends.  I’m not sure if he’s gay or not but he was uber cute.  Black hair, dark eyes…he had a very Italian complexion, little bit of facial hair skinny….needless to say I was smitten.  I hope I run into him again.  Then the week got better from there.


I went out and visited some bars and just got to hang around Erie, it has been so hectic that it was nice to just cool my jets for the weekend.  We had game night; I managed to see some people that were visiting from out of town all in all just a lovely weekend.  But I think the best part was Monday night.


Ever since I’ve stopped seeing my older gentlemen friend John (I had to stop myself) I’ve been feeling a little off my game recently….in a bit of a funk if you will.  So a couple of us went to the gay bar on Monday and it was fun.  There was your typical drag show going on but what was untypical was the fact the bar was packed with a ton of people…some of them very good looking.  So me and a friend go back to a bar (Monday’s are coincidentally college ID…what like you’ve never been to one) and we were getting drinks.  Just down the bar from me is this cute tall dark haired boy.  He looked to be about 22-23 (he had to be over 21 because he was buying booze) and I don’t know what came over me…I ended up telling the bar tender to put his drink on my tab.  As I signed off on my tab I heard the guy say something about paying and being surprised….he walks over and goes to thank my friend Missy…who then says don’t thank me thank him in fact give him your phone number and name.  That’s when I got bashful, he shakes my hand and we exchange quick pleasantries and it was over.  He was gone and I was on my way to the dance floor.  So we dance and there it’s about 2 am and as I am turning around on the dance floor low and behold they guy is standing right behind me…he leans forward and whispers in my ear that his name is Henry and that no one has ever bought him a drink before.   He then gives me a peck on cheek and tells me he is leaving with his friends and that he would be there next weekend.  I stammer out something and the next thing I know he is moving towards the exit.  I was pretty pleased with the whole thing and now I know what I am doing Monday night.  I will defiantly let you guys know how things pan out.  Also, when he was whispering into my ear I detected a hint of a British accent….sexy.  But it didn’t stop there.


On Tuesday night, after trivia I ended up making friends from an opposing team who has the cutest curly haired guy on the team.  At the end of trivia they have a free round where you can answer individually and win prizes.  The first question I manage to get right and win a hat…as it turns out curly haired guy had his hand up to and I stole the question from him…I ended up giving him the hat instead (one because I look awful in hats and two so I could talk to him)….his name is Paul and he looked good in the hat.


Now the far part of the past week!  I took a page out of my friend Romi’s play book and her site Year of the Chick and signed up for a dating service.  Like I’ve said I want to keep putting myself out there well I really did it this time.  So I open my account (it was free) and I come up with a witty and honest profile of myself.  Well I had a few surprises in my account all ready…I usually set my profile to a 50 mile radius…I don’t want to date some one way far away…I get a message one day later from a man from Virginia stating he was in Erie for a few day and he thought we should meet…the subject line of said email….hey sexy.  Now don’t get me wrong I don’t mind having my ego stroked a little (or other things) but this was ridiculously forward and frankly I’m not looking for one night stands.  To top it off not only was his profile a mess (and a grammatical nightmare) and didn’t say anything about him other than his graduate study work (which I don’t believe he’s doing)he listed himself as being straight.  Ugh…please I don’t care if you are in the closet but if you think you are going to open a dating account, list  yourself as being straight, go to another town for gay sex, and then expect me to drop to my knees when you have that gay inclination you’ve got the wrong idea.  My friend Lucy, who is also on the dating site, was telling me how she judges people’s profiles and won’t message them based on their grammar abilities she will be pleased to hear I now know what she is talking about after this Virginia Casanova’s profile.  I did message someone but they didn’t message me back, which makes me sad but it is understandable.  I did have one more fun experience.  I had a young man going to college in Ohio message me.  We were using the systems IM system and it was a decent chat.  He lived  over a hundred miles away which was the first problem and the second after checking out his profile I could tell I wasn’t interested in him.  But, that wouldn’t stop me from making a new friend; I’m all about new friends.  So he compliments me and tells me I’m cute (ego boost) and I tell him he’s cute.  At this point in time I try to disarm the situation because I can see that he is going to want to meet and I tell him he will make someone at his college really happy….I was trying to throw him off…then he messages me “u know u want me”  proceeded quickly by, “lol,”  “j/k.”  Way to forward….also along the IMing (I was doing this during my lunch hour) he messages me that he wants meat.  He was also willing to give me his cell phone number so we could text each other.  Needless to say this is going to be a big problem…a small price to pay to have my ego stroked.


All in all it has been a pretty decent week. I have some more political activism meetings coming up so I’m pretty pumped and Monday night is going to be a blast I’m really excited to see if Price Charming (yes of course I’d give him that name because he is potentially British) shows up at the gay bar.  Well that’s about it.  I hope things are going well with all of you as well!

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So I just want to do a quick up date.  Last weekend I made out with a 19 year…3 times.  It might have been a mistake I don’t know if there were feelings involved which would make it worse.  But, it was fun at the time….which could be a good or bad thing.  We’ve texted a few times back and forth.  I think this is going to be a problem down the line:/  During out texts he has asked me to come over to his parent’s house to watch a movie.  It is a lovely offer but in my mind I see something like this happening.  Sammy heads over to Dan’s house to watch a movie.  One thing leads to the next and his Hispanic father walks in on his son making out with a boy (Dan is in college but commutes)…..ends with Sammy trying to out run Dan’s Father!!!! :/  We’ll see what happens.


I have recently been working on some lobbying efforts regarding Pennsylvania politics.  I am really excited about lobbying and being part of the political process (especially in terms of gay rights) but I have to admit I’m a little scared to.  Our group of 6 people is meeting with a politician to do our lobbying and we are going to have a specific item to speak on.  I am worried that I will flub the whole thing so I have been doing a ton of research lately.  The areas we are working on include DOMA, ENDA, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and Anti-Hate Laws.  I’m torn I want to work on the DOMA aspect of the lobbying but I find myself very versed in ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act).  This Act is a lot like the 1964 Civil Rights Act specifically article 7 that wouldn’t allow employers discriminate against black employees.  We want something very similar and it was looking good but then our politicians freak out over the transgendered/transsexual language being included in the Act when then derailed the whole thing.  Now there are two acts out there one with and one with out language on transgendered/transsexuals.  It’s all very interesting.  So wish me luck I have a planning meeting on Tuesday and then my big meeting is on Friday!  I am pretty pumped.


Today I leave for Harrisburg with a couple friends to meet up with a married couple we know.  We are going to visit and then go to the Farm Show.  I don’t know what the farm show is but I suspect it is a glorified county fair (for those of you in the city a county fair is a giant fair in the summer that we rural folks live and die for J)  We are talking children raising pigs to win money and prizes, 4-H stands abound with goodies, and obviously there’s going to be tractor equipment, and a school bus demolition derby!  I know you are all salivating at the splendidness known as the county fair.  Did I mention all the local high school marching bands decorate the buses prior to their destruction?  Did I also mention I was in 4-H and the marching band….I don’t know why I just admitted that to you all.


Here are a couple 4-H links for your viewing pleasures:





Yes, my days in 4-H were spent growing plants (agricultural sciences), wood working (thanks Dad for all your help and by help I mean doing all the hard stuff), and baking (gay).  I did really like 4-H though it was a ton of fun as a kid and I can only hope the Farm Show is the same way!!!!  The only difference is that I think (HOPE) it’s indoors!  If you haven’t heard Erie is currently at -9 degrees today.  I bit chilly for me and any Farm Show.  The other thing that I’ve been told is that there is a 900 pound (yes! 900 Pound) butter sculpture.  Nothing gets me going than a giant block of butter that has been molded into something fabulous.  I am guessing the butter will be sculpted into the likeness of a farm staple the rooster!!!! I’M IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ll be sure to take tons of pictures (especially of the butter) and post to let you see them.  I will let you bloggers banter about what the butter sculpture may be.  But for now here is a picture of last years butter sculpture and the link to the Harrisburg Farm Show!






(and despite the picture, being from a rural town myself I’ve never had a cow by my school bus or even taken a cow to my bus….I have almost hit a cow driving to  my Grandparents once….I don ‘t think that counts as being hickish?!?!?)



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