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Well hello everyone.  I know I’ve spend some time way from my blog these past few weeks but I am back now.  It turns out my job was cut quicker than I had expected.  So I’m a month into my new job and to say it’s busy is an understatement.  As you can tell I’m up at 7 a.m. typing up a little post before going to work.  But it is good, right, I have a job, yes, it’s meager but it will do for the time being.  The people that I work with are super nice and I am enjoying what I am doing at the m0ment, so far so good.

In terms of things that have been going on in life. I went on a bad date two weeks ago.  It was a bisexual whom I had met off of a dating website.  We decided to keep it chill, perhaps to chill, and instead of a “date” we wen’t record hunting.  Cool right?!  I showered and dressed down, jeans and a t-shirt, we were going to be in a second hand shop getting dirty, he rolls in looking like he just woke up in his hobo chic gear.   He looked like he was smelly.  And that is how my low key date started and ended.  I know we were going record hunting but he could have at least cleaned up a little…..blerg.

The inevitable march towards winter has begun in Erie.  We’ve had a cold rain for the past four days and I get the sinking feeling it is going to be this way for the rest of the week 😦 and soon that rain will be snow…epic fail.

I managed to score a ticket to go see Lady Gaga and the Scissor Sisters in March…I’m super excited I think the show is going to be outta this world.  The seats are in the nose-bleed section but hey I just want to see the show so I’m down with the cheap seats!

Is there anything new with you lovely readers?  Tell me everything; I’ve missed you all so very much!!!!!!!!

Until next time (which will be soon, I promise),


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No Decaf Please

One of the part time associates that I work with just cornered me by the coffee machine and began extolling the virtues of decaffeinated coffee.  I felt like a caged animal.  You know the kind that put their head down and avoid eye contact and back up into the corner of the cage until you try to pet them then they go ballistic.  I was ready to claw my way back to my cubicle.  I promptly told her I don’t drink decaf and she kept going on and on and I told her again that I don’t drink coffee for the taste (which is only partially a lie…I do like the taste but caffeine before taste I always say) as I dumped a healthy dose of sugar into my morning brew.  This isn’t the first time she has tried this decaffeinated spiel and I’ve heard through the office grapevine that she thinks I’m “tense” which would explain why she gave me decaf coffee and chamomile tea (which apparently is suppose to be soothing) as a Christmas gift this year (now do you see what I’m talking about).  Of course I’m tense around you lady, you’re always in my personal space telling me to drink decaf coffee. Can’t you please leave me alone?

 (the link to this pic is kinda cool too)

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I need coffees in me soonly!  I got me scrabble tonight and I need to be on my A+ game

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To Much Mail?

I’ve noticed that I go through at least a book of stamps a month.  Between bills being paid (I’m not a paperless payer) and letters and cards I send out it seems like stamps slip though my fingers like water.  I always end up wondering if I’m overly in love with mail.  Tell me do you go though a lot of stamps in a month?

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Oh hai there!

My best friend is reading my blog as we speak :):):)

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