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Well if you’re gay and not having the Merriest Christmas of all let Pope Benedict XVI rain on your parade a little more today.  The exulted leader of the Catholic church today declared that the “blurring” of gender roles will lead to the destruction of humanity.  Leave it to the Pope to provide a very Merry Christmas…pope benedict, more or less, attacked gender theory saying that man must “protect man from his own destruction.”    Here are two links for you to enjoy or vomit from.







What I also love is that every news article refers to the Catholic church saying that it homosexuality isn’t a sin but homosexual acts are sins.  I don’t know about anyone else but hearing the pope say things like this makes me want to do gay things with guys. 


It’s sad but I becoming use to this type of talk from people.  But there are several things that really burn me about this.  One, the pope would pick this time to come out against gender theory.  By this time I mean Christmas.  Isn’t Christmas supposed to be a time of love and peace…or am I just being a holly jolly soul.  Two, I love how the pope tries to use science to prop up his debate.  He says, “the church demands that the order of creation be respected.”  What he means by this is that man and women are here to procreate and be heterosexual.   If that’s true then why is it there are a ton of animals that perform homosexual acts?  (See the link below)




I just find it so odd that these animals perform homosexual acts and they are still here.   But I guess this is what you get when a man talks science but doesn’t really know anything about it.


Finally, it infuriates me to think that people flock to this man for advice.  This man whose minds so narrowed by religion that he can’t even offer a decent end of a year address without some how reinforcing a hateful message, a hateful message that people cling to as part of their moral compass and fiber.  People look to this man to be a leader, but what good is a leader if he blind to the real world around him who instead clings to a static religion.  He has the power to do so much good and yet he decides to perpetuate a message of second class citizenry.  Simply stated the pope inspires nothing in me at all.




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