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So this morning I found myself taking my camera to work to download some pictures and thought this would a splendid time to invite my blogging buddies on my morning commute to work.  Enjoy this is my five day a week commute!


Goodmorning world…its early and there is dew on my windsheild


That’s right people I am in my car at 7:50 a.m. (which I tend to think is a crime)


This is me on my way out of Erie.  Note the traffic coming in and the Pittsburgh exit I pass everyday.


Hell on Earth aka Construction aka Bane of my existance


The only good thing about construction is hot construction workers…there was another super cute one in boots playing with cement but I could get his pic.  I was at an odd angle and I was worried they might seem me taking pictures of their manliness *swoon*


Erie International Airport…and by International they mean Canadia


Cool pic I managed to snag with a muffler in the middle of the road.


Brushing off the vestiges of city life off and heading in the the great unknown.


Lydia (my car) and I’s biggest obstacle in the winter time.  The roads get awfully slick and this hill scares the shit out of me.  Plus there is a pond on the left and a shooting range on the right.  I jump everytime I drive by and hear someone shooting off their gun.


A section of trees that has been rumored to have been torn out by a massive tornado that came through a few years ago…I can neither confirm or deny this statement.


Why yes I do pass cornfields on my way to work.


Outskirts of the country town in which I work.


My saving grace…….


“Welcome to McDonalds how can I help you?”  Can  you guess what I get every day???


Your guess is as good as mine.


26 minutes later I have offically arrived to my destination.


I always get a large coffee with three cream and three splenda….don’t hate on the coffee!

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Well the weekend is over and I am back indulging in my blogging.  I have a variety of things to cover in this posting.


As I had mentioned I went to a friends place for a birthday extravaganza, and as I hypothesized it was messy, and to answer your question I didn’t get to make out with patchouli and coffee guy (unfortunately).


It was your normal two days of partying…the booze was flowing, ample food, and good company, hours of corn-hole and over all a great time.  I did however get to share a room with patchouli guy.  I was pretty pleased with this serendipitous event.  I’ll tell you what he looks better and better every time I see him.  All I can think is that the women are really missing out on a GREAT guy, and here is this gay guy pining away for him.  But, I’ll tell you what I am glad I didn’t get drunk and try to have a heart to hear with him and convince him to…uumm how do you say…fool around with me, because that would have probably ended badly. 


He doesn’t even realize that he has a free pass with me.  I mean he could probably ask me to do whatever (within reason…I’m not that big of whore) and I’d do it, but oh well.  He’s missing out on me!


Here is a picture of me doing a keg stand…please enjoy…also I think my butt looks pretty good in this picture.  I don’t normally see that side of me…LOL.  Also, I’ve included a song for some fun, all I have to say is JESUS DOESN’T LOVE ME ANY MORE!





I’m excited about the next few weekends that will be coming up.  I think I might head home to visit the rentals next weekend, the weekend after that is Kathy Griffin, after that I will be spending 4 days with Lauren and her family at their cabin in NY, then I have a bachelor party to attend for a wedding I’m in, in October.  Needless to say I’m going to be a pretty busy boy for the month of August.


Next, yesterday I stopped in for a healthy dose of Coldstone ice-cream flirting.  I lucked out the ice-cream guy was there.  TIP TIP HORRAY!  So I order and make small talk with him then I fall into my old routine; I scribble my number down on the back of my receipt and hand it to him.  I did tell him he was a cute guy and that if he ever wanted to go out to “shoot me a text” or call.  I did break my routine because we were talking while I did it (which I ordinarily never do when leaving my number) and I’m pretty sure he knew what was happening…I didn’t do my usually scribble and run routine.  Nope I scribbled…delayed…then high tailed it out of Coldstone.  I end up getting a text from him later that night that read:


“Hey im really flattered but I just got out of a long relationship recently and im not even thinking of starting dating again”


Needless to say I’m a bit deflated.  He was really cute.  So I send him a quick text back:


“Thanks for the text I appreciate it.  My offer still stands if you decide otherwise later.  Good luck with being single.”


Sappy yes, but always polite….I do have to say he was much more polite and adult like compared to oh say coffee guy, so I can’t really complain.  The downside, I’ve put myself out there again and it kinda blew up again…the upside, no regrets (I at least tried), and no more Coldstone ice-cream…it was the 4th day eating it……blah.


Finally, on a great note, Massachusetts House voted to repeal the 1913 law that Mitt Romney resurrected to stop gays from coming to Massachusetts to marry.  There is one more “procedural vote in each chamber before being forwarded to the governor.”  Best of all, “Gov. Deval Patrick has said he will sign the bill.”  YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (link below)





What I especially like is the statements from Mitt Romney and the Massachusetts Family Institute. 


Mitty (that’s my new nick name for him) said if the repeal occurs Massachusetts will turn into the “Las Vegas of Gay Marriage.”  I want to be really upset about this statement but I can’t help but laugh at it.  I love a good slot machine…hahahahahaha.  Well Mitty, if everyone allowed for gay marriage perhaps you wouldn’t have to worry about the Las Vegas of Gay Marriage.  Talk about blowing it out of proportion…he’s really good at connecting gay marriage with “Sin City.”  Is it me or am I sensing undertones by connecting Sin City with gay marriage….I believe Mitty is saying gay marriage is sinful.  I don’t know I’m just reading between the lines.  As for Massachusetts Family Institute they are going for a more democratic statement.


“With that protective barrier removed, out-of-state same-sex couples who marry here will sue to seek recognition in their home states, creating a flood of costly lawsuits and further eroding the people’s right to define marriage democratically,” the Massachusetts Family Institute said in a statement.” 


Let me interpret what MFI is getting at…ahem…We hear at MFI believe that gay marriage is a sin.  Men should not sleep with men and the same goes for women.  We are going to try our hardest to stop out of state gays from marrying even though we were unable to stop gays from inside Massachusetts from marrying.  We will guise this fear by saying it will cause financial turmoil and many lawsuits in an attempt to make it sound like it would be the end of the world if gays were married.  We are also scared that because we are unable to stop gay marriage in Massachusetts other states will see that gay marriage isn’t really the abomination that we claim it is paving the way for equality for gays in the United States.  We are going to state that it “erod[es] the people’s right to define marriage democratically” because by democratically defining marriage we mean the church decides what is considered acceptable or unacceptable in terms of marriage.


PROPS TO MASSACHUSETTS PEOPLE AND THEIR LEGISLATION YOU ROCK MY WORLD.  Also, don’t forget all the gays can go to New York because you have rights there too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What is it about a good crush that does us in?  The something that inevitable attracts us to someone that we are not sure will return the same feelings we have for them.  You watch them from a far and become an observer of there life and who they are, all the while wishing you were with them or included in their life.  When you see them coming time slows down a bit, your heart beats a little quicker, you feel yourself flush a little and hope that they make eye contact with you or better yet say hello.  Crushes are wonderful but can be devastating nonetheless.  On top of that is the numerous types of crushes, platonic crushes (if there so exists such a thing), intellectual crushes on professors, homosexual crushes, I even find myself having mini crushes over the occasional girl (I think they are usually an emotional crush that I develop with them…LOL).  Just the other day I was attending my Alma Mater’s graduation ceremony to see a bunch of good friends graduate.  After the ceremony my roommate and I were outside looking for said friends when it happened.  It was like the proverbial parting of the seas, and by seas I mean people, I saw an old crush.  I’m not talking about any old crush; I’m talking about my ultimate college crush! (sssiiiggghhhh)


I was in trouble the first time I met him.  He was the embodiment of all these great qualities that I look for in guys, intelligent, eloquent, kind; he had the nicest smile, and dark brown eyes.  He was socially awkward at times and had a mop of brown hair.  He was short and skinny and always smelled like coffee and patchouli.  He was one of those college intellects whose attractive nature came naturally and unknown to him.   I was lucky enough to meet him one boozy evening when friends of mine wanted him to take us to McDonald’s.  I was hooked after that.  I was lucky after that because it turned out we ran in the same circles in college and had many mutual friends.  I was even lucky enough to be in several classes with him my last year of college and we often found ourselves studying late at night in the library together.  Let’s just say I did very very well those terms in college because I spent an inordinate amount of time studying (and who says all crushes are bad J).  By the end of that school year I decided to send him a note letting him know how I felt, except I sent it anonymously.  I thought that by doing this perhaps the blow that I would feel when my crush moved away to graduate school would be lessened.  It did to some extent.  We still text each other occasionally.  I don’t think he knew that his anonymous letter was from me (the other thing about my crush is that he was always blissfully unaware of my feelings…at least that the way it seemed. 


So we parted ways and haven’t seen each other in oh about 7 or 8 months until I saw him yesterday.  I surprised myself when I looked to my right and saw him standing there in all his intellectual, coffee and patchouli glory.  I spotted him instantly (sick isn’t it, I blame all the studying we did together).  Without a second thought I dragged Lauren over and immediately greeted him.  I think I even gave him a hug (I was dazed I can’t quite remember) and we chatted for a bit then it was over.  We discovered our friends and had to leave. 


I still felt that pang of emotion that want to be with him.  I wanted him to look at me and know that I wrote him the letter he had received a little over a year ago and be moved by the frankness of my emotion that he would fall instantly for me as well.  But unfortunately that’s the nature of a crush.  They keep you at an arms length from those you desire the most. 

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Well hello again everyone…I hope this finds you well and enjoying your week.  I was wondering what I was going to blog about this week when a blog fell right into my lap.  It is a little gem of good old fashion gay fun!


So about a month/month and a half ago I was at one of my favorite little coffee joints in Erie when I noticed a very good looking guy working behind the counter.  I sense that he is gay so I flirt a little.  He’s cute, tall, with brown hair, blue eyes etc.  At this point I will call him Hot Coffee Guy or HCG as to protect his identity.  So (like I have previous mentioned about putting myself out there for dating) I decide to go back at some point and ask him out.  I spend the next month randomly stopping in the shop to run into him again.  This was a fruitless venture that really made me sick of chai tea.  So I give up.  A couple of weeks go buy and I attend a benefit at a bar and “accidentally” get drunk and proceed to pass said coffee shop.  Low and behold HCG is there, well in my infinite drunk wisdom I decide to investigate without my roommate, who coincidentally was with me.  Well my investigation pays off and it’s him….que another week of random coffee stops.  Eventually, my persistence pays off and I find myself face to face with him one evening.  So I order my coffee and slip him a note, with my cell number, stating my interest in taking him to a movie and dinner.  I know I know a note how 9th gradish…cut me some slack I’m not perfect and I was nervous.  After a few tense days I get a text from him declining dinner and a movie but inviting me for coffee at the coffee shop.  Well, I am pleased at the progress and I go down.  We end up spending the next two hours chatting.  At one point his roommate stops in and we have what seems like a good time.  As we part I express my interest in hoping that he will reconsider my offer. I email him a few days later letting him know I had a good time.


At this point in time I’m thinking that I put the ball in his court letting him decide if he would like to go out when all of a sudden I find out he’s in a relationship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Talk about left field.  Here I am expressing my interest in him and I meet him out for coffee then suddenly he is dating someone.  Not that this is a problem, but the point is is that I was kind excited about the prospects of a nice date with what appeared to be a nice guy.  Nice guy aside, I feel like I was led on a bit here.  One would think that during our two hour conversation over coffee he might mention the fact that he was interested in someone else, or dating someone at that point in time.  I mean I don’t suspect he was bashful considering he talked about his TESTICLES.  Yes he discussed his genitalia over coffee!!!!!


All I can think is what a waste of time that adventure was.  Also, I’m so over coffee at the moment it isn’t even funny.  Talk to me, did I miss any signs.  Does declining dinner and a movie but inviting me for coffee count as a way to tell me you’re not interested in going on a date?


You’re thoughts and feelings?


P.S. I paid for his coffee……….

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