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With all this Inauguration banter and excitement I almost forgot to blog about the most important holiday or event ever;  no not the Inauguration, Christmas pales in comparison, Easter doesn’t even register on the scale compared to this holiday/event………GROUNDHOG’S DAY!  Yes, Punxsutawney Pennsylvania is home to the most revered of events in PA (beside’s Harrisburg’s claim to the Farm Show which is glorious as well).   Our time honored tradition of yanking a perfectly content, hibernating, semi-wild animal from his home holding it up (much like Simba in the “Lion King”) and declaring our next six weeks of weather patterns based on whether or not he sees his shadow takes place for the 122nd time on it’s usual cold, blustery 2nd day of February.   And yes your blogger here has made the pilgrimage to the most holy of holy places on Groundhog’s Day….Gobblers Knob….the living quarters of Punxsutawney Phil (of course we named him). 


The day was February 1st 2002 at about 9:30 p.m.  Picture a 19 year old Sammy still fresh and vibrant during his 1st year of college out at a party with all his close, drunk Anthropology buddies.  The booze are flowing freely, James Bond is being played loudly, and it’s the scene of pure merriment.  It would around this time that a fellow Anthropologist approached my drunken roommate and declared that we were going to Groundhogs day and that we would be leaving at midnight so everyone had to stop drinking (Sammy was a Sober Sally and didn’t drink until his 21st).  Everyone needed to sober up.  Midnight rolled around and to my growing excitement 5 of us left on our adventure.  At the precious hour of 3 a.m. did we arrive at a church that would shuttle us into town, mind you into town not to Gobbler’s Know…a fact we over looked. 

Once in town we were greeted with a 3 mile hike to the Knob.  It is bitterly cold and about a mile into the walk I begin to resent the decision my drunken friends had talked me into so many warm hours ago.  In my mind I had pictured the road leading us to a clearing in the woods.  The event would be a tree covered bonanza…wrong we walked three miles in a barren field, and Gobbler’s Knob was a small dense patch of woods 3 miles in. Did I mention the buses passing us by filled with revelers (drunk as well).  We finally get there and we wait, wait, and wait some more…it would be something like 2 and a half, 3 hours we waited.  My patience was beginning to wear thin and the cold was beginning to seep in….I feared for my toes and the potential of a frostbitten plight. 



Then around 6ish the inner circle came and applauded us for coming.  Declaring us the largest crowd every seen at the Knob!  Moments later, with rays of the sun just beginning to peak over the landscape, the stumps doors were opened and in a flash our Marmot messiah was out (looking just as stunned cold as I was) and the inner circle was speaking to him then he was hoisted above and the declaration was given…6 more dreadful weeks of hellacious winter would be upon us. 




Then in a brown, Marmot, blur our winter predicting god was back in his hole reacquainting himself with the warmth I wouldn’t see for another hour and half.   Thus began the exodus back over a barren field of snow to the bus that was suppose to take us back to the church where our car was….no such luck by the time we got into town the bus was gone and we were stuck.  I hate to admit it but for the first time in my life I hitchhiked.  Not the safest of past times but times were desperate, plus I had 4 other people with me and a mini van picked us up….I don’t know many killers that shuttle their children back and forth in a minivan.  By the time we got back to the car our toes were finally beginning to thaw and we were semi-prepared for the drive to a friend’s house to crash.  Needless to say it was of the craziest, most fun, coldest, adventures I had in college…..until I crashed a Bosnian New Years Eve Party on campus with my roommates but that’s an entirely different story.







P.S. If you are the owner of these pics and want me to take them down send me a kind email and will be more than happy to oblige….just don’t sue me.  I got no monies! 😉

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I hope this finds you well and enjoying your Friday.  Things are good with me, busy, but good.  There are a couple things I’d like to cover.


First a questions:  Since I can see Canada from Erie does that mean I have foreign policy experience?  I’m just wondering.


Secondly, perhaps if Bush wasn’t to busy trying to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, or trying to define marriage as being between a man and a woman we wouldn’t be in our current financial mess.  ASSHOLE.  For the record, Bush and his buddies were given a surplus of $128 billion.  Check out the article. 





As far as I’m concerned it’s we middle class folk that will be the ones carrying the burden.  Can anyone else see the disconnect that the republicans have with the working class?  What concerns me the most about it is that I’m starting to get use to it.  Isn’t that awful?  Gas prices soar, I have to get use to it.  Food prices skyrocket, I have to get use to it.  The American financial system is a mess; I’ll get use to it.  It’s like I wake up everyday and see some new and senseless problem our government has gotten us into and I’m not surprised any more.


One more thing on my political rantyness (I know it’s not a real word).  I love how Palin met with 9 foreign leaders in 30 hours this week.  There’s nothing like a cram session before the debates.  HHHEEEELLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOO I don’t know about anyone else but when I would cram for a test the end result was never in my favor. 


As for the upcoming debates I would just like to say I hope Palin is ready one, because of the lack of foreign policy experience, and two because she is a woman.  For those of you who will cry that sexism will run rampant and that Biden should go easy on her, you can all go to hell.  We are in a fast paced political arena and Palin had better be ready to carry her own.  This self proclaimed barracuda will have to do battle in the media spotlight and frankly it isn’t going to be pretty.  The other thing is would the world have been willing to give Hillary Clinton an easy run at the debates.  Hell no, they would have tried to tear her apart. 


Okay I know I could go on and on about this forever (except its making me sick) but we have more important things to cover…like my love life…or lack there of.



So currently I’m torn.  I have Steve on one hand.  He’s cute and totally out but he has a certain roughness about him.  Some of the things he has said has been harsh or a little mean.  I’ve had several friends tell me that I could do better which is new dynamic in flirting with him.  Also, I came out to him “officially” a couple nights ago and I think it changed the flirting that was occurring between us.  I don’t want to flirt with him but I just can’t help myself.   Have you ever noticed that when people say they can’t help themselves it usually ends badly with said person having to admit that they made a huge error or lapse in their judgment…I don’t like that.  But when I’m around him I just can’t stop.  I get all school girlish and I’m not normally like that. 


Then I have Dave the older guy that sexually harassed me this week (jesus that sounds like a messed up line…Dear Diary, I’m crushin’ on the man that sexually harassed me (said in a school girl voice)).  We exchanged several emails and I find that I’m aroused at the fact that he is older and hitting on me.  But he doesn’t strike me as my type.  If we were ever to get together to do man “activities” I really think it would just be for the gratification of it.  I try not to do fall into that stereotype of instant self gratification that we gays sometime find ourselves stamped with, but my hormones sometimes over power my ability to make sound decisions.


I’m very torn…and horny…a dangerous combination…ugh.


On a brighter note, it is my almater’s homecoming and Lauren and I have a ton of friends that are in town and staying with us.  I’m uber excited about it.  One because I love my college, two I love my friends, but three, I hope it will take my mind off my current crush crisis.  There will be ample booze to sample and food to eat.  We have our football game etc and its always such a great time!


I’ll let you know how the weekend goes in my next post.  Wish me luck with the boys and have a fun filled weekend! Don’t stay indoors blogging to much the days are getting colder, enjoy the weather!




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Hello everyone I hope this finds you well and ready for FRIDAY.  I know I am ready.  I am going over to OH for a friend’s birthday extravaganza.  I expect it to be very messy.  Also, the patchouli guy that I have had a crush on since college will be there too.  I  hope some fun sexy times will occur but I suspect not, but I’m sure it will be a good time.


Now for a more serious discussion… I was at Coldstone (the ice cream store) treating my sister for her birthday when the guy taking our order catches my eye.  He is very cute J tan, a nice cockeyed smile.  In fact he has some vague Chris O’Donnell features….I think it’s his eyebrows eyes and lips….off track sorry…So I go into flirt mode…it just happens sometimes, I don’t know if he’s gay or not but there is a slight ping on my radar.  I then do what all self respecting gay men do when flirting at an ice cream shop…I play dumb. The conversation was as follows:



Hot Ice-cream Guy (HICG):  Do you know what you want?


Sammy: uuummm no…I uuhhh…..


HICG:  Do you know how Coldstone works?


Sammy:  No not really, why don’t you explain it to me. (Of course I know how Coldstone works, but I’m going to play dumb to keep you talking ;))


(my sister, now completely out of the picture, is just staring blankly at all the flavors that are offered)


HICG: Well, these are the different flavors….blah blah blah…mix…touch my body (oops no I did wish he had said it)


Sammy:  Well, that makes sense.  (this is where I always engage the boy)  What flavors do you suggest (keep him in the conversation, get their thoughts on anything…LOL)


HICG goes on about his favorite flavors; I think to myself that I would like to sample his flavor…..off track…..


I put mine and my sister’s orders in and we continue our conversation.  I ask if he goes to school in Erie he says he goes to Penn State, we chat about that we talk about majors….


I note his name tag, pay, give a tip (not only because he is cute but because Coldstone workers have to sing after they get a tip…if I’m not flirting I like to be entertained…what I can’t help it)…and leave.


I now do what any self respecting person does, I do some facebook research….I know you’re thinking oohh Sammy is a stalker…but I would like to say that one, not only is facebook a public forum that can be perused by the public but two, I’m an Anthropologist, and if we Anthropologists know one thing its how to research. 


Well low and behold I find him.  I don’t make him a facebook friend.  I find out he seems to be available, my gay suspicions are confirmed, what also is confirmed is that he is 19.  YES 19. 


Here is where I’m on the fencepost.  Is it weird for a 25 year old to flirt with a 19 year old?  (I know what you are thinking, it’s weird you facebooked him) but really.


In today’s gay world are there definite ages that gay men should avoid when flirting and dating.  Obviously, we avoid jail bait, but in sometimes limited gay communities we are not always presented with a great age spectrum.  Also, I don’t want to go back to Coldstone and flirt with this guy if it seems inappropriate.  It would be a waste of his and my time.  Plus, I don’t want to be a creepy old man…lol.



So let me know what you think.  I am looking for some insights into age appropriate dating?

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What is it about a good crush that does us in?  The something that inevitable attracts us to someone that we are not sure will return the same feelings we have for them.  You watch them from a far and become an observer of there life and who they are, all the while wishing you were with them or included in their life.  When you see them coming time slows down a bit, your heart beats a little quicker, you feel yourself flush a little and hope that they make eye contact with you or better yet say hello.  Crushes are wonderful but can be devastating nonetheless.  On top of that is the numerous types of crushes, platonic crushes (if there so exists such a thing), intellectual crushes on professors, homosexual crushes, I even find myself having mini crushes over the occasional girl (I think they are usually an emotional crush that I develop with them…LOL).  Just the other day I was attending my Alma Mater’s graduation ceremony to see a bunch of good friends graduate.  After the ceremony my roommate and I were outside looking for said friends when it happened.  It was like the proverbial parting of the seas, and by seas I mean people, I saw an old crush.  I’m not talking about any old crush; I’m talking about my ultimate college crush! (sssiiiggghhhh)


I was in trouble the first time I met him.  He was the embodiment of all these great qualities that I look for in guys, intelligent, eloquent, kind; he had the nicest smile, and dark brown eyes.  He was socially awkward at times and had a mop of brown hair.  He was short and skinny and always smelled like coffee and patchouli.  He was one of those college intellects whose attractive nature came naturally and unknown to him.   I was lucky enough to meet him one boozy evening when friends of mine wanted him to take us to McDonald’s.  I was hooked after that.  I was lucky after that because it turned out we ran in the same circles in college and had many mutual friends.  I was even lucky enough to be in several classes with him my last year of college and we often found ourselves studying late at night in the library together.  Let’s just say I did very very well those terms in college because I spent an inordinate amount of time studying (and who says all crushes are bad J).  By the end of that school year I decided to send him a note letting him know how I felt, except I sent it anonymously.  I thought that by doing this perhaps the blow that I would feel when my crush moved away to graduate school would be lessened.  It did to some extent.  We still text each other occasionally.  I don’t think he knew that his anonymous letter was from me (the other thing about my crush is that he was always blissfully unaware of my feelings…at least that the way it seemed. 


So we parted ways and haven’t seen each other in oh about 7 or 8 months until I saw him yesterday.  I surprised myself when I looked to my right and saw him standing there in all his intellectual, coffee and patchouli glory.  I spotted him instantly (sick isn’t it, I blame all the studying we did together).  Without a second thought I dragged Lauren over and immediately greeted him.  I think I even gave him a hug (I was dazed I can’t quite remember) and we chatted for a bit then it was over.  We discovered our friends and had to leave. 


I still felt that pang of emotion that want to be with him.  I wanted him to look at me and know that I wrote him the letter he had received a little over a year ago and be moved by the frankness of my emotion that he would fall instantly for me as well.  But unfortunately that’s the nature of a crush.  They keep you at an arms length from those you desire the most. 

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