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Happy Friday bloggers!!!! I am just putting up a quick blog to talk about the exciting news in NY.  The Governor of NY has told agencies to honor gay marriages performed outside of the state of New York.  If you haven’t heard yet check out the link below!!!




While still working on getting complete marriage rights for us gays, Governor David Paterson is helping us more and more in our quest of equal treatment!  Every little bit helps us.


The importance of the memo Paterson sent to NY state agencies is that couples who are legally married in states that promote gay marriage, civil unions etc. (like CA for example) are considered still a married couple if they move to NY.  There are several significant factors with this.


First: States that have allowed for the union of same-sex couples have several avenues to revamp to include same-sex partners.  For example work place benefits may have to include a same-sex partner compared to the traditional inclusion of a married man and woman.


Secondly: While a state may honor a civil union or marriage other States may not recognize said union or marriage by law.  So benefits that come with a legally contracted gay marriage in one State may not be honored in other States.  Meaning benefits afforded to a married gay couple in one state may not be transferable to another state if said couple moves.  This isn’t good at all.  This is what makes NY such an important step.  NY is basically saying we honor and respect a same-sex union or marriage in another state while at the moment we do not have same-sex unions or marriages yet.  This in turn provides that all benefits that come with marriage are honored in NY too!


Third:  The fact that NY is accepting gay marriage from out of state before having its own gay marriage laws is crazy.  It’s like they are saying we don’t need gay marriage in our own state first to validate a gay marriage from another state.  It is a very different approach to the legal wrangling of gay marriage.  Traditionally, to me, it seems that first the State okays marriage then accepts same-sex marriages from out of State.  I suspect that NY will have gay marriages very very soon!!!!!


Finally:  This just gives gay marriage more exposure.  It shows that traditional views of marriage are neither the only type nor the only right view of marriage.  The more we fight and be a visible part of society the more people become use to gay marriage.


Whoo hoo for NY!!!!!!!


On a few final notes if you are interested in the gay marriage debate I would suggest reading Civil Wars by David Moats.  It is a wonderful book and it provides a variety of views leading up to Vermont’s same-sex marriage decision.


Also, I just wanted to say I love the fact that Mitt Romney brought back a law from 1913 to ban non-residents of Massachusetts from getting married…this was an obvious ploy to stop out of state gay couples from getting married in the State.  I find it funny that Romney had to use a law from 91 years ago to stop gay marriage.  I suspect it’s because if he would have tried to create a law like this today it would have never passed because people are becoming accustomed to gay marriage.  I bet it was also presented in a neat little package saying that it wasn’t because gays are getting married in Massachusetts, but it was to stop the influx of out of state couples marrying in the State regardless of them being same-sex or a hetero-couple.  But, that’s just my thoughts I’m only theorizing.


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