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Alright folks I’m stopping in for a quick post.  I hope you are doing well.  Things are moving pretty quickly recently.  Work is pick up in pace and the summer is slowly waning away.  It has been one heck of a summer filled with tons of rain and peppered with hot humid days.  Not the summer day’s I’m particularly use to in Erie but I guess it could be a ton worse…it could already be snowing (gulp).

I had been tossing around several ideas on a fun way to update you with the things that have happened over the past couple of weeks and felt that a top 10 list, a la David Letterman.  So here we go


10)  Spent a glorious week at Lauren’s family’s cottage.  It was filled with several days of nice weather (punctuated with rain of course), fun, family, and one of the hottest neighbor Dads ever.  There was a large family staying in the cottage next to us and boy oh boy the Dad was some greatl eye candy.

9)  Recently ran a 10K with my Sister while my parents were in town.  It was a really nice visit and nice to have my parents as spectators…even though it was hotter than Hades during the run.

8)  Frank and I parted ways after 6 months of dating.  It was more so on my part then his.  I just didn’t feel like it was working anymore.  The initial attraction had fizzled and it was time to move on.  So I’m back on the market.

7)  Since being back on the market I’ve been hitting the gay bars in Erie more frequently.  It is nice to get out and have some fun…What wasn’t fun was the older gentlemen who (intentionally) grazed my naughty bits while I was trying to exit the bar last night.  We bumped into one another and apparently, unbeknownst to me, that was an invite for him to peruse the goods briefly.  Before I could say anything, the drive by grazing was over and the man slipped away into the crowd.  Gentlemen seek permission before grazing the bits it is only proper gay bar etiquette…or at least buy me a drink or two first (j/k).

6)  Being out at the bars recently led to a fun/private swim party.  That is all you will be privy to ;).

5)  I’ve purchased another Bruce Springsteen ticket.  The concert is on Nov. 10th in Cleveland.  I thought it was the only proper way to celebrate my birthday.  I am considering buying one for the Buffalo show (coincidentally his last show of his tour).

4)  Next weekend is my last wedding of the summer.  I’m a groomsman in my cousins wedding.  I’m super excited because it is a family wedding so I get to see all of my Dad’s brothers and sisters and a ton of my extended family.

3)  I’m finishing up a four month reading contest this week with Lauren.  We decided at the beginning of May to read until the 31st of August and see who can win bragging rights for the most amount of pages read.  I think that my next reading challenge is reading a bunch of books that are subsequently turned into movies.  Ex.  “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,”  “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” “A Streetcar Named Desire,” “The Secret Life of Bees,” “The Hours,” “Lovely Bones,” “The Time Travelers Wife,” “Peter Pan,” “Alice in Wonderland, “ etc.  I’m looking for other suggestions from you!

2)  I was summoned for jury duty.  Which secretly I’m super excited about!

1)  I’ve missed blogging with all of you!

Well that is it for the time being!  Wish me luck for the weekend and have a lovely rest of the day.


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I have returned after attending my best friend from high schools wedding.  It was a busy busy weekend with tons of fun, dancing, and visiting.  The wedding itself was perfect.  From the dress, to the food, to the band etc. I don’t know any bride that could have asked for anything more!  The groomsmen were only semi cute so that was a bust.  But I did run into several people from high school that were a year or two older than me.  One guy came over and was asked if I went to high school with him and I said yes (realizing I knew who he who he was).  He didn’t recognize me with my beard which was funny.  He was tanked and we chatted for a while it was good catching up with him.  He’s still as cute as he was in high school and imagine my surprise when he invited me up to his hunting camp.  Granted he was drunk and doesn’t know that I’m gay and that I would probably make out with him but I will still take it as a nice stroke to my ego LOL.

                All in all I had a blast and I was quite happy/sad seeing my best friend getting married.  The weekend was good.  The only downside was the fact that my Sister lost her phone while making out with her first Asian guy.  I KNOW I KNOW.  Looking back no wonder she never answered my frantic phone calls while I was looking for her.  There were six of us total looking for her phone in a field in almost complete darkness.  A mess yes but definitely something I can blog about. 

I can’t put my suit away quite yet.  I have another wedding at the end of this week in New Jersery.   I fly out Friday night for the Sunday wedding and I fly back on Monday.  I have to do a reading for this weekend so I can’t skip the wedding but I am still uber excited for it!

                Frank is doing well we are approaching 4 months.  The dating has been good thus far.  We are holding off on the term boyfriend for the time being.  One of the reasons is because I am so busy this summer and I don’t want him to feel like he is attached to someone who is to busy for quality time.  But we are dating each other in a more exclusive sense.  Two, the term boyfriend freaks me out a bit because he would be my first boyfriend.

                So that is it for the moment.  I am working on several posts I hope to get up this week!  I might get another one up today if I can stop being so sloth like 😉  Have a great day everyone!!!!!

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Alright bitches I am back and I am alive after my wedding adventure.  So let me give you the lowdown on the event.  Traveling was fine, I had a half day of work then Lauren and I drove to Pittsburgh flew from there to Hotlanta then from Hotlanta to Oklahoma City.  The Bride and Groom to be were waiting at the gates for us and it was a wonderful reunion.  That was Tuesday evening.  Wednesday and Thursday were spent visiting and doing minor wedding chores…and mellowing out the grooms Mother who was on high wedding alert.  We bottled barbeque sauce (which was the favor at the reception as well as a donation to a local charity for each person that attended), we also picked up Oklahoma paraphernalia for the out of town guests (they had boxes waiting for them when they checked into their hotel rooms…the boxes had all sorts of Oklahoma goodies). 


Let me tell you Oklahoma is flat, I was informed by the native Okies that there were in fact mountains, but I am having a hard time believing it.  Also, apparently Oklahoma is the home of the largest hill in the world…LOL.  P.S. I was waiting to see my first tornado, I know it wasn’t tornado season but a boy can hope can’t he?!


It was nice being there a few days early to just catch up with the bride and groom.  I haven’t seen the bride since she graduated college and the groom I saw last month at Homecoming.  We played cards and just hung out, it was nice considering Thursday started the wedding madness. 


Thursday we ran some errands and groomsmen, bridesmaids, family and friends started arriving.  That night we had a progressive dinner with several of the bride’s family friends.  Some of the friends had some old oil money and were a little on the high falutten side.  We ended up at this trashy 80’s bar where Lauren and I (drunk) brought the funk and fun.  We lit the place up if I do say so myself.  We showed Oklahoma what Erie socialites can do.  Afterwards we ended the night at another really down home backwater bar doing Irish Car Bombs and these delicious ice cold drinks called Lunch Boxes…they were WONDERFUL!!!!! They tasted like orange tic-tacs and were very refreshing.  After that we retired because Friday would be the rehearsal dinner and Saturday was the wedding.


Saturday was a mess between tux fittings, laser tag with the groom his family and all the groomsmen, showers, and getting to the church on time it was just a packed day.  The rehearsal dinner was wonderful the food good and the booze flowed.  Afterwards we were went back to the brides home and had a nice get together.  The women stayed inside and the men went outside to smoke stogies and drink rusty nails (Lauren hung out with the guys LOL).  Then it was time to head to the hotel with the other groomsmen.  Uuuumm the hotel rocked.  It was built in 1911 and it was just cool.  Check out some of the pics below.





This would be the piano bar we sat in!




Saturday the groomsmen had it pretty easy.  We just had to get to the church early.  The tuxes were still problematic but we made do.  The wedding was beautiful.  The bride was in this lovely lacy gown that complimented her beautifully…it had a certain Spanish feel to it. 


The bride’s father, who is training to be a deacon, gave a reflection that was beautiful.  The only problem with the whole ceremony was that the priest kept referring to the bride and groom finding each other due to their love of god.  I could help but feel a little put off by that assumption.  I mean, for myself, organized religion is not my cup of tea.  But I think it takes a little romance out of finding true love by believing it was because you believed in god.  I don’t know I just felt it makes finding love less of an adventure and more a chance based on your devotion to a higher being.  Of course, considering my currently lack of romance and love life (yes I will talk some about Craig) perhaps I am wrong and I should start praying now before I age and become the proverbial cat lady/man.


After the ceremony came pictures all over Oklahoma City….it was a ton of fun but by the time we showed up at the reception I was exhausted and hungry.  For the reception we were atop the tallest building in Oklahoma City, the Chase Building in the Devon Room of the Petroleum Club…needless to say it was breath taking.  Let me paint a picture for you there was a live band which played all the old jazz standards.  The bride and groom are dancing their first dance together to “Fly Me to the Moon” and as they are dancing the shades to the 15 foot windows go up to reveal a magnificent sunset over the city….I was stunned.  It was just amazing; it felt like an old movie with a ton of glitz and glamour!  (Check out some of the pics below)  We ate and danced the night away and once the reception ended I found myself with a bunch of friends in our hotels piano bar.  There we sat listening to great piano music, swilling our drinks and just having a great time.



 This is just to give you an idea of the view from the Chase Building!




That would be our hotel!


I can’t seem to find anymore pics of the view…once I load my pics I took I’ll put a few more up. 



Now I know what you’re asking, “did Sammy get an action,” the answer is no but there were some very cute groomsmen.  But I have to say the highlight, in terms of hotness, was one of the friends of the family of the groom that came to Oklahoma.  I met him when we went to play laser tag.  It was really funny because I’m came ready to play all grunged up with ratty jeans and tennis shoes while some of the guys wore loafers etc.  This guy, his name is Matt, was wearing loafers of some sort and skinny black jeans and didn’t look like the kind of guy who played laser tag.  We exchanged pleasantries and conversation and after laser tag I didn’t see him until I was in an elevator going up to my room from brunch the next day.  Again we chatted and I didn’t think anything of it…it wasn’t until we were sitting in the piano bar that I noticed how cute he was.  It was an unconventional cute.  He was built or had huge muscles…in fact he was tall and skinny, he had shortish brown hair, hazel eyes, a real nice smile, some stubble, and a kinda square chin…and he was wearing a bowtie.  Not usually what I look for in a guy but I have to admit I was smitten.  So we are sitting in the piano bar and I am there with a bunch of people I know who are friends of the bride and groom from college and Matt is just sitting there not talking to anyone.  So I motion for him to come over and chat.  There no actual chairs to sit in but more like over sized ottomans that we lounged on.  So he comes over and I was standing up to move when he did something that was peculiar.  My back was kinda turned to him and he takes his fingers and kinda presses them into my sides.  It was, I don’t want to say weird, but not something I expected from him since we had met only a few days before.  It was a personal kind of touch, at least for me.  It wasn’t one of those fingers pressed into your sides to illicit a laughing fit or pain, it was just a quick squeeze with his first two fingers…maybe he was way of saying get the hell out of my way but wouldn’t that be a weird way to say it…anyway…it’s not a place many people just touch me there unless I know them.  It’s kind of like the small of woman’s back.  It made my head spin a little, and I ended up a little light headed, that a guy would get that close and personal with me especially considering we were just acquaintances.  I have to admit it I liked it.  So we sit and end up having a spectacular conversation.  We talked about college, and writing, typewriters, period movies etc.  It was everything I wanted in a conversation with a man that I could see myself dating.  The conversation flowed easily, he was charming and I was swooning.  I really think that if he had asked me to go back to his room I would have readily left the party.  He is a Senior in college studying 19th century (or 18th century) French Lit and something else…he wants to be a college professor…I was on an intellectual high when he mentioned the kicker…he had girlfriend….son of a bitch.  Just my luck…*Sammy shakes his head*  So in my unrelenting politeness we chat about her…she is currently out of the country, I think in Russia or Germany…I can’t quite remember…or is it I didn’t care…oh well.  She’s been gone for 6 months and all I could think was 6 months and in a different country…it would be okay for him to let off a little bit of steam, with me.  No, no, no, I couldn’t be a home wrecker…but that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to be.  As the night progressed we ended but being shuffled away from one another do to the flow of people.  As the night closed I did manage to slip him my email address.  What I’m allowed to have email correspondences with cute guys.  One of the nice things though is that in November we have another reception for the bride and groom in the grooms home town that we are all invited too; I’ve got my fingers crossed that he will be there….please please please.


Okay so this is staring to become an increasingly longer post than I had intended.  I know it can be a pain reading long posts…The trip back to Erie was wonderful and here I am today.  I don’t want to over burden you guys with longs post….oh shoot I forgot about the other hot groomsman that I have a slight man crush on…okay I am going to post about that later this week.  Now thinking about it I have a ton of things to post about….Joe this other groomsman, Craig, and I think I might even put up a flavors of the week post.  Well I’m signing off for now but don’t fret I’ll be back.

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Okay so it has been a week since my last two blogs.  I just wanted to do a quick update as of my adventures lately. 


It has just been one of those weeks with back to back work events every night, work itself, and getting ready for this wedding in Oklahoma.  I am running around like a theoretical chicken with his theoretical head cut off.


I leave for Oklahoma on Tuesday and that means I will not be able to post for over a week.  I might die.  Both Lauren and I are in the wedding so I’m not going to have much time to sit down and write about my experiences until I get back.  But that is okay you will definitely get all the good details.  Word on the street is that the bride to be has a gay cousin…what I’m just saying….like you’ve never thought about it. LOL


Also in terms of gay dating and relations Craig and I have been seeing each other pretty regularly this past week.  We have made it clear to each other that we are not looking for a relationship (which is very good).  I know I’ve bemoaned in my blog about not being in a relationship and all the good that comes with it and being lonely….well I have man needs that I need to attend to.  You know that song, “Lets get physical, physical…I wanna get physical”…well I’m getting physical then I’ll attend to long term relationships.  I am hoping for a booty call later this evening from Craig.  I deserve it I’m almost completely packed the apartment is clean and I’m basically ready for Oklahoma.  Some man on man gay stuff would be a nice reward for being so prepared.  But we can’t do any gay wrestling on my bed I just cleaned my sheets and frankly I don’t want man stained sheets to come home to and Lauren will be home and I kinda like to be loud (don’t ask).  I know that you have all thought about this so whatevs!


This past weekend was spent doing routine stuff to get ready for this trip.  Hair trim up, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, sweeping the floors, laundry, packing etc.  I’m just ready to get over to Oklahoma and have me a good time.  Well that’s about it for now.  I’ll try and do a special fun post tomorrow before I leave.  If I don’t here is something for you to enjoy…..I need me some skrimps!!!!



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Hello all! I am back from my extended 4 day weekend and ready to blog.  So from my previous post I let you guys know that I went to a friends wedding.  I took an extra two days off from work to see some relatives and take my time traveling to York.  Who likes a 7 hour car ride…especially if you’re the driver…and you’re all alone. 


So the first leg of my trip was a stop in Somerset to stay with my Aunt for two nights.  It was a great decision.  I got there late Thursday evening and my Aunt and I talked for hours over lasagna.  Let me paint a picture of my Aunt…she is my Father’s sister and very much in touch with her Italian side.  She cooks and is happy (typical Italian mantra).  To give you a better idea of what she’s like, she’s like Doris Robert’s character in the movie Grandma’s Boy…if you haven’t seen it and you like comedies I highly recommend it.  In the style of Robert’s Character, Grandma Lilly, I was fed like a king, did some housework for her, she has cats (albeit live cats), and we even discussed the Antique Road Show.  That Friday my Father came up to my surprise, he occasionally spends weekends with his sister and I got to give him his Father’s Day gift and then on Saturday, my Uncle (my Father’s brother) also came up.  So it was nice to see a portion of my family.  I headed out early on Saturday to get to the wedding fully intending on a night of fun, drinking, good food, good friends, and perhaps some man on man action.  I get to the hotel in York with no problems and find my Urban Family.  We all stayed in the same suite together (all seven of us).  The wedding was beautiful, but, unbeknownst to me, it was outside and hot.  The reception was loads of fun and I managed to work up a great buzz.  I was just drunk enough to get on the dance floor and not make a fool of myself.  Mean while, in the man on man action area, the bride’s older brother was a sight for soar eyes.  Tall, lean, broad shouldered, with a brown beard and big hands……deliciousness all around…but I wasn’t sure if he was married or not, and I am pretty sure I am not a home wrecker, and considering it was the brides brother….I chose not to pursue him….He did actually give me a slap on the ass on the dance floor though, all I could think was, “if you ask nicely, I would definitely let you do more than just slap my ass.”  But, I digress…the wedding ended and sleep was had by all.  The next day the Urban Family and I had a big brunch and we set off to our particular places of residency around the country.  I began my journey back for another night at my Aunts.  I get to my Aunts and we had a blast we just hung out and watched a couple of movies together….it was heaven.  Then on Monday morning I began my journey back to my homoterritory of Erie PA.   I did manage to flambé my arm on the way home…now my left arm and leg are a full shade of tan darker than on my right side….it hurt.


So that was a run down of the past four days of my life.  I am currently getting ready for another wedding this Saturday which I am also excited for.  I am a date for one of my Urban Family members.  It will be a fast weekend but fun none the less.


On a final note, I just found out that I didn’t get a job I had applied for down in DC.  This was before I decided to start blogging.  I was very excited for it.  All dreams, of moving to the big city, working in what could be considered partly my field, while keep hot gay DCians at bay, that were dancing in my head were conveniently shattered today when I found out I didn’t get the job.  What irked me the most was the fact that I had to effing call the office and ask if I had got the job.  Talk about adding insult to injury.  I was informed that I would be contacted to let me know if I got the job after I completed the interview.  I suspect that if they can contact all the people who got the job or even a second interview they could contact those of us who didn’t get the job…right.  Am I being neurotic or does it seem like to much to ask for a letter saying I didn’t get the job?  You know, college students are always told they don’t know how to interview, they don’t dress correctly for interviews, or there is something that they don’t do right when it comes to job searches, and all I can think is perhaps the jobs and business we apply to need some etiquette lessons as well.  When I was informed I had the interview I had exactly five days to prepare myself, get to DC (which easily cost me like $250 buck) then wait for almost 2 and a half months to hear whether or not I got the job.  I busted my ass to oblige them for this opportunity and you would think that a simple letter or even an email (which is pushing it in my book) would suffice as to let me know where I stood in regards to the job instead of letting me languish in job purgatory.


Uuuuggghhh now I am irritated and still horny, not a good combo I might add.  I guess it could be worse….meh

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Good afternoon everyone; I hope this finds you well and recovering from a good weekend.  Erie was hot hot hot in more than one way this past weekend.  For starters the temperatures soared to the 90’s, which in my experiences is not usual for Erie this early in the summer season.  So while the heat was up and the sun was out, I managed to do some biking and hit the beach for some quality suntan time.  I was out Friday with my roommate for a bit then on Sunday by myself.  But the fun news was as I was laying out those two days I saw some delicious fathers out there.  You know the kind I’m talking about somewhat built, a nice hairy chest, tanned…and married.  Oh well their marriage doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the scenery. 


After Friday’s tanfest Lauren and I decided to get two of our friends and head out to the bars for a few adult beverages.  It was a fun night with us walking to the bars, which I would have to estimate as being three miles away (Lauren paid the ultimate price when she opted for high heels for our walk instead of a comfy pair of flipflops).  We ended up knowing a bartender at the particular bar we went to which worked to our advantage.  Not only does this bar tender know us and manages to get us very drunk, very quickly, with only one drink, he is a sight for sore eyes.  We are talking high status man candy behind the bar.  I just think of him and I get flushed and my man bits start to tingle.  I am envisioning him right now……so hot!  As mentioned, we walked home which was a new experience for me being drunk and all, and then Saturday morning I called on my friend Lucy to be my personal assistant.   I have a wedding next weekend and I had tons of stuff to do to prepare for my drive across the great state of PA.  I discuss that some more later in the post.  So anyways, we finish and I end up going out to the movies to see “Strangers” with my sis, Lauren, and Lucy.  Note to self never take three girls to see a scary movie like that…none of them could sleep.  HAHAHAHAHA.  Then on Sunday I headed to the beach again on my bike and laid out some more.  Again, there was a plethora of daddies that made me feel randy.  I was in heaven listening to ipod, reading, trying my hardest to burn my body when 4 teenage girls come along and begin to do that whiney oh my god stuff.  Blah, no wonder I’m gay.  Eventually, my body has had enough sun and I’ve had enough of the girls and I hope on my bike and head home.


Blah blah blah I am just rambling here…so this is what it feels like to write with no clear focus….anyways, this up coming weekend I will be leaving the comfort of my Homoterritory of Erie PA to travel across the state to York for a friends wedding.  Yes ladies and gentlmen it is WEDDING SEASON!!!!  You know what that means all sort of fun and most importantly well dressed hotties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not only is it a wedding, but a significant portion of my Urban Family will be there.  My Urban Family, for those of you who don’t know what one is, is a grouping of people, typically college or high school friends, that you have adopted to be your family, but in most cases share not family blood….Needless to say I am VERY excited to see all of them.  It has been almost a year since I’ve seen some of my Urban Family, after college we all ended moving to different states.  Also, the bride happens to be an Urban Family member.  If you are wondering what I got the groom and bride, I purchased and engraved a bronze knocker for their new home.  (You may now compliment me on my stunning gift giving abilities).  Anyhoo       


 There will be booze, dancing, and wedding cake yyyiiipppeeee.  Of course I’m hoping there will be a hot groomsman or gay family member that I could sneak away with and have a gay old time…pun completely intended.  What I’m allowed to make some bad decisions right….It’s been 8 months since my last, I guess you could call it “relationship” or “food and man on man action” and I’m feeling a little (okay a lot) randy….I’ll update you on and wildly inappropriate behavior that might occur next week when I get back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Keep your fingers crossed.


P.S. Sorry for the recent amount of random blogs….if you’re lucky perhaps sometime next week or even this week prior to my homoexodus I’ll post a random article about how the homeless hate me!!!! Fun I know!!!!!….Don’t give me that sass they do hate me…I’m not being mean

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