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Sci-Fi  channel just changed it’s logo to Syfy.  This was the commercial that just came out last night to promote the change.



I totally loved the commercial.  It is like all sorts of dreams coming true.  I want to purchase this house when it goes up for sale.  The music was great too (Goldfrapp’s Happiness).  It is perfection and I want to  live there!!!!!!

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Hello all I’m back from my vacation and ready to do some quality blogging!  I’m a little battered and bruised (I’ll be explaining this later) but rested and happy after the past week.  Below is a recap of my week; I hope you enjoy it!


Wednesday:  I had a half day of work so I got home finished packing and picked Lauren up at work to  head up to her parent’s cottage.  While visiting her place of work she, a coworker, and myself were unwittingly attacked (or scared senselessly by a bat that we thought was dead) As a side note, Erie just recently had a rabies case involving a bat.  It was lying on the floor with its wings spread and it looked dead.  So, from a few feet distance, I blew on it…I’m not sure why, but I did, I think it was to see if it was in fact dead…well as it turned out it wasn’t dead.  I learned a few things at that moment 1. Bats do not like to be blown on. 2. Bats take flight very quickly when blown on 3.  Lauren and her guy co-worker scream like little girls and left me 4.  I scream like a little girl and run wildly about when an unhappy bat takes flight.  The bat eventually resumed its laying position, but it watched me as I ran past it to rejoin my group….he was probably planning his next attack I’m sure of it.  Soon we were on the road and at the cabin.  I met practically all of Lauren’s extended family on her mother’s side of the family.  I’m sure they all assumed I was gay, which is weird for me because being gay has always been such a fiercely personal subject for me.  Especially since my immediate family barely talks about it.  One of Lauren’s Aunts, who was drunk on a bottle of wine, asked her if I was gay, and a drunk Lauren in response said as him yourself…and all I could muster was BINGO.  Yes that was my response…BINGO!  I know I know I’m a mess.  So the day ended with ample food and fun and me passing out on a very comfortable couch.


Thursday:  I woke up late and was Lauren’s moms bitch for the day.  No I am not insulting her Mom she declared me her bitch because I was trying hard to help her with whatever I could.  I mean they did let me stay for almost a week with them so I did what was asked of me.  This included shucking corn, raking part of the beach, putting out beach chairs.  Her Mom helped to so it was the least I could do to thank then for letting me stay plus it was funny.  That day one of Lauren’s sisters had a bunch of her young high school friends stay at the cottage.  We are looking at about dozen 15-16 year olds.  So that was a mess.  I laid out on the beach, looked for beach glass etc.  But, one of the best things I got to do was go tubing.  I had never gone before and it was a blast.  For those of you who don’t know what tubing is, it’s when a speedboat of sorts has an inner tube attached to the back of it and goes at high speeds slinging the tube about as you hang on for dear life.  It was awesome!  I think there is a pic or two out there perhaps when I find them I’ll put them up for you to see.  We eventually had dinner and Lucy came to stay at the cottage too!  A huge storm rolled in from Lake Erie and we watched lightning flash over the lake which was pretty cool too…then the storm came towards us.  We all ended up staying inside the cottage that night.  There were like 20 people sleeping in the cottage.  I snagged an air mattress and stayed with Lauren, Lauren’s middle sister, their cousin, and Lucy in their room.  One of the perks of being a gay roommate is staying in the girl’s room hahahahahahahaha


Friday:  I got up late did some work and laid out on the beach for most of the day.  I met the rest of Lauren’s extended family from her Father’s side that day too! We went tubing again this time the driver of the boat had passive aggressive tendencies with the throttle of the boat resulting in me, Lauren, and Lucy being pretty banged up.  I have two nice dark purple bruises working their way to the surface of my right leg.  Lucy had it worse though.  We had dinner and drank…eventually passing out on the couch that I had slept in a couple nights prior.


Saturday:  This was the last day at the cottage so I helped move stuff to Lauren’s parent’s cars and helped pack the cottage up.  I headed home early because my parents were coming for the weekend, I also helped move a friend into her apartment.  My best friend and her fiancé also came up on Saturday as well.  Her fiancé, my sister, and one of her friends were running a race in Erie.  So that night my parents had a big pasta party.  It was hella busy that day.


Sunday:  I was up early to make breakfast and get ready for the race.  My sister works at an Inn and they owners said we could hang out on the porch and watch the runners go by because the course was on the street where the inn was located.  This was great because we got to see all the runners go by.  Now let’s take a moment and discuss this awkward situation.  I was going to get coffee with my best friend and my sister’s best friend (who also came up to Erie) when I run into an old college hook up at like 7:30 in the morning.  We had a rough falling out so I always try to avoid him at all costs when I see him out… that’s the nice way of saying we were both assholes to one another….at least what I can remember…I was drunk…but I digress.  So I make quick eye contact and murmur a hello and try and figure out how to morph into a parking bench, aaahh always awkward.  Eventually, we have lunch get ice cream and I see everyone off.  This would be when I have to go meet Lauren’s parents out.  They came to Erie that day too.  So we visit and go out for dinner.  By this time I am so sick of food it isn’t even funny.  It was like I was training for an extreme food eating contest…..ugh.  After dinner they part ways.  Lauren goes off to meet a guy that she mauled kissed a few drunken nights from before.  I end up heading over to Presque Isle to watch fireworks with my sister and a few friends.  It was great way to end the week.  That night I am pretty sure part of me died from exhaustion in my bed.  But overall it was a great week.


As it turns out this week is going to be just as busy and I’ve decided that I am staying in on Saturday night.  Lauren is going to a wedding so I am buying a six pack of beer and cleaning my room, or watching tv and passing out.  I haven’t quite decided yet.   Any thoughts?  How was your weekend?

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Well the weekend is over and I am back indulging in my blogging.  I have a variety of things to cover in this posting.


As I had mentioned I went to a friends place for a birthday extravaganza, and as I hypothesized it was messy, and to answer your question I didn’t get to make out with patchouli and coffee guy (unfortunately).


It was your normal two days of partying…the booze was flowing, ample food, and good company, hours of corn-hole and over all a great time.  I did however get to share a room with patchouli guy.  I was pretty pleased with this serendipitous event.  I’ll tell you what he looks better and better every time I see him.  All I can think is that the women are really missing out on a GREAT guy, and here is this gay guy pining away for him.  But, I’ll tell you what I am glad I didn’t get drunk and try to have a heart to hear with him and convince him to…uumm how do you say…fool around with me, because that would have probably ended badly. 


He doesn’t even realize that he has a free pass with me.  I mean he could probably ask me to do whatever (within reason…I’m not that big of whore) and I’d do it, but oh well.  He’s missing out on me!


Here is a picture of me doing a keg stand…please enjoy…also I think my butt looks pretty good in this picture.  I don’t normally see that side of me…LOL.  Also, I’ve included a song for some fun, all I have to say is JESUS DOESN’T LOVE ME ANY MORE!





I’m excited about the next few weekends that will be coming up.  I think I might head home to visit the rentals next weekend, the weekend after that is Kathy Griffin, after that I will be spending 4 days with Lauren and her family at their cabin in NY, then I have a bachelor party to attend for a wedding I’m in, in October.  Needless to say I’m going to be a pretty busy boy for the month of August.


Next, yesterday I stopped in for a healthy dose of Coldstone ice-cream flirting.  I lucked out the ice-cream guy was there.  TIP TIP HORRAY!  So I order and make small talk with him then I fall into my old routine; I scribble my number down on the back of my receipt and hand it to him.  I did tell him he was a cute guy and that if he ever wanted to go out to “shoot me a text” or call.  I did break my routine because we were talking while I did it (which I ordinarily never do when leaving my number) and I’m pretty sure he knew what was happening…I didn’t do my usually scribble and run routine.  Nope I scribbled…delayed…then high tailed it out of Coldstone.  I end up getting a text from him later that night that read:


“Hey im really flattered but I just got out of a long relationship recently and im not even thinking of starting dating again”


Needless to say I’m a bit deflated.  He was really cute.  So I send him a quick text back:


“Thanks for the text I appreciate it.  My offer still stands if you decide otherwise later.  Good luck with being single.”


Sappy yes, but always polite….I do have to say he was much more polite and adult like compared to oh say coffee guy, so I can’t really complain.  The downside, I’ve put myself out there again and it kinda blew up again…the upside, no regrets (I at least tried), and no more Coldstone ice-cream…it was the 4th day eating it……blah.


Finally, on a great note, Massachusetts House voted to repeal the 1913 law that Mitt Romney resurrected to stop gays from coming to Massachusetts to marry.  There is one more “procedural vote in each chamber before being forwarded to the governor.”  Best of all, “Gov. Deval Patrick has said he will sign the bill.”  YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (link below)





What I especially like is the statements from Mitt Romney and the Massachusetts Family Institute. 


Mitty (that’s my new nick name for him) said if the repeal occurs Massachusetts will turn into the “Las Vegas of Gay Marriage.”  I want to be really upset about this statement but I can’t help but laugh at it.  I love a good slot machine…hahahahahaha.  Well Mitty, if everyone allowed for gay marriage perhaps you wouldn’t have to worry about the Las Vegas of Gay Marriage.  Talk about blowing it out of proportion…he’s really good at connecting gay marriage with “Sin City.”  Is it me or am I sensing undertones by connecting Sin City with gay marriage….I believe Mitty is saying gay marriage is sinful.  I don’t know I’m just reading between the lines.  As for Massachusetts Family Institute they are going for a more democratic statement.


“With that protective barrier removed, out-of-state same-sex couples who marry here will sue to seek recognition in their home states, creating a flood of costly lawsuits and further eroding the people’s right to define marriage democratically,” the Massachusetts Family Institute said in a statement.” 


Let me interpret what MFI is getting at…ahem…We hear at MFI believe that gay marriage is a sin.  Men should not sleep with men and the same goes for women.  We are going to try our hardest to stop out of state gays from marrying even though we were unable to stop gays from inside Massachusetts from marrying.  We will guise this fear by saying it will cause financial turmoil and many lawsuits in an attempt to make it sound like it would be the end of the world if gays were married.  We are also scared that because we are unable to stop gay marriage in Massachusetts other states will see that gay marriage isn’t really the abomination that we claim it is paving the way for equality for gays in the United States.  We are going to state that it “erod[es] the people’s right to define marriage democratically” because by democratically defining marriage we mean the church decides what is considered acceptable or unacceptable in terms of marriage.


PROPS TO MASSACHUSETTS PEOPLE AND THEIR LEGISLATION YOU ROCK MY WORLD.  Also, don’t forget all the gays can go to New York because you have rights there too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello everyone, I hope the weekend was relaxing and warm.  I have just a few things to discuss today.  First, I texted Evan last Thursday to meet me out for drinks with a friend of mine, and he never showed….so I was stood up.  But, really that’s okay. I was with Lucy so I just enjoyed ample adult beverages and peanuts with her.  It turned out to be a great evening.


I suspect my Saturday night breakfast with him a couple of weekends ago was supposed to be a hook up in his mind.  Either I didn’t read the signals right or I don’t know what so the guy search is still on!


On other way more important news John McCain has decided to give his opinion about gay adoption in the New York Times


 “I think that we’ve proven that both parents are important in the success of a family so, no, I don’t believe in gay adoption,”


There it is folks one of our presidential candidates dictating to us what kind of family structure is the most successful. 


Here’s what I really think he is saying,


 “Hi, my name is John McCain and I want to be president.  So what I’m going to do is insult a portion of the voting public, the homosexuals, by telling them that I believe in the old Victorian ideal that a successful family is comprised of a man and a woman who can procreate.  I am going to get this printed on a big newsworthy newspaper to prove that I am truly a conservative to try and unite my political party. I believe this despite the fact that I have been divorced and my current wife Cindy is 18 years younger than me.  Because, even though I am divorced and my wife is young my family fits the stereotypical idea of and “acceptable” norm in today’s society.  Also, I’m not going to really think about the good that could come from gay adoptions.  This being gay parents giving a good, decent, and secure household to a child who is languishing in the states foster system.  I say this because I go to church, and I believe what is fed to me about gays, and I refuse to think outside of my narrow viewpoint on life.  Also, with this idea of not believing in gay adoption I have managed to thinly veil my comment with the undertone that gays are just not good enough, or smart enough, or adult enough, or equal enough to raise a child quite the same way straight people can.  So with that stunning verbal assault on the abilities of gay partners to raise a child I’m still going to seek your vote in the November election.”


Ladies and gentlemen this is a man who is not going to make achieving gay rights any easier.  He has made that clear with his interview with the New York Times.  Let’s not vote for a person who is going to be in one of the most respected positions in America tell us we are not good enough to raise and care for an adopted child.  Personally, I think I know we are just as capable to raising children as anyone else.



On one last note I loathe the fact that I put a picture up of McCain….


P.S. Here is the New York Times article   http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/13/us/politics/13mccain.html?hp#

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This new post from bloggster Gooster http://goostersd.blogspot.com/2008/07/where-is-yellow-brick-road.html has got me thinking.  His post is much like the inner dialogue that I’ve had for the past year in my head.  With being out of college and not much a dater, my life doesn’t exactly follow the requisite, acceptable “path” that many of us are indoctrinated with; that path being birth, growing up a la high school, college, job, house/wife, kids, death.


I’ve come to realize that as a gay man life is presented in a much different fashion.  High school can be a battle field for some of us, charging us with growing up much faster than should be expected for a young man and women coming to terms with his or her sexuality.  College well college it seems like anything is acceptable there.  Those of us looking for jobs in some cases have to fight for special clauses to be in place to make sure we aren’t discriminated against (it seems so odd to type that). As for a husband or wife well we don’t even have that right to marry except for in a few states, and even then our rights aren’t always accepted by other states.  Children are a whole new frontier for gay men and women. 


Looking at this I can understand why Gooster and many other gays, including myself, have a very blurry idea of what our purpose and our path may hold.  But, that’s the nature of everyday life, I think for a gay person.  As much as we want to be part of the traditional ideals (and by traditional I mean we can walk down the street with our significant other and not be gawked at or have to live in a gayborhood to feel accepted etc.)we can’t because we aren’t…well…traditional in terms of acceptance.  Traditional implies that we are part of the norm part of the accepted.  And, I think it safe to say that we aren’t part of the norm when we have a president (along with congressmen and women) that wanted (and probably still wish to) pass an amendment banning gay marriage. 


Because we are not part of the norm we are not always given the luxury of a life that has a semi-defined, acceptable path.  Thus we are left with a life that isn’t always easy to define or navigate at times.  For example, I’m a 25 year old gay man.  I know that in an acceptable role, if I were straight, I should be in some form of relationship, perhaps looking at an engagement.  A certain level of settling down should be occurring.  I see this with every wedding I have been attending.  I see it with each couple I know that I’ve graduated with that is becoming engaged.  I’m living in a world that is sharply defined by a straight traditional path.


It’s funny, but I think a lot of women suffered from this type of cultural identity crisis that we gay suffer from.  I mean, during the Second World War women became the backbone of American…then the men came home.  What was a woman to do?  Rosie the Riveter had driven the mantra saying together we can….and they did, and now they were expected to reprise their traditional roles in the home.  I think right there is an identity crisis.  Women were good enough to go to work while a war was going on.  Why can’t they work after the war?  Even today women’s roles in today’s society are always under scrutiny.  Should she be a stay at home Mom, or should she go to work?  How does a working woman split her time between her job and her family?  Frankly, it sounds like a non-tradition path if I had ever heard one.


To some extent we gays suffer in the same fashion.


Do you know that if I wanted to get married I would have to book a flight to California or plan a road trip to New England?  I can’t go to the courthouse in Erie and apply for a marriage license.  I suspect a lot of straight couples don’t have to worry about this (barring any destination weddings).  That blows my mind. 


That’s just the marriage issue!  It’s like all the hang ups straight couples have with their lives are compounded for us because we are gay.  No longer do we gays have a single step or single decision to make to get on our “path” it is a multiple steps or multiple decisions that we must take and make to help define our “path.”  But that can be a good thing too.


Because we don’t have a clear “path” to take we have the chance to blaze our own trail.  It’s like a new frontier that we can define for ourselves.  And new frontiers do not have paths.  The future for those who settled the west was not neatly laid out for them nor was the future for the explorers who found new lands.  (cheesy I know but it gets my point across)


I guess what I’m trying to say is that we can’t just look at our lives as a trend that should be followed.  Look at life with the realization that we have a whole world of possibilities that we can pick and choose from and not have to worry about social norms already in place or expected of us.  I really feel bad for straight people because they do have the burden of having a path, and in my opinion, I’d rather have a less defined path that I get to make for myself then follow the stereotypes of a tradition life or path that everyone already has laid out for them.  That sounds boring…and traditional.


“Do not follow where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


For Gooster ( http://goostersd.blogspot.com/ )!


P.S. Gooster, as for the questions at the bottom of your post:  I think the purposes we have or have chosen definitely add to our paths.  For example, your impressive amount of volunteer hours speaks very highly of you and I think serves as a great example of a gay role model in our community.  Whether or not that purpose becomes our path I think lies up to the individual.  As for whether or not we have enough experience as a community to forge our own path, I think it’s safe to say we are well on our way.  We are light years away from the oppression of the 40’s and 50’s (not to say there isn’t oppression to day), we are working hard as a community to rectify the images that we’ve been given from the 80’s etc.  It’s getting better but we aren’t there yet.  And finally, I definitely think we should invite the next generation of gays to join our path and to blaze their own paths as well.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem like we are leaving stepping stone but in fact we are.







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