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Have you ever had something happen to you when at the end of the journey you stand mystified as to how you managed to get yourself snared into the situation?  I recently found myself embroiled in a similar situation several weekends ago….

The story starts at the beginning of October.  I was doing some gay lobbying making sure our local congress people sign off on a bill that will protect we gays from being fired for being…well gay…when I had a brilliant idea.  I was going to bring doughnuts to the congresspersons office.  It is always better to lobby on a full stomach…plus they would remember us gays as being great visitors and not want to fire us for being gay.  I digress…I end up visiting our local grocers and head to get doughnuts when low and behold I stumble onto a super cute guy!  Not just regular cute but puppy dog cute!  It registers that he may be gay (yeah I’m still fine tuning the gaydar) and I end up striking up a conversation…or as I like to say “get my flirt on.”  We end up parting ways and I’m thinking I’ll  never see him again, but I had more important things to worry about…they were/are called gay rights and I pushed any notion of the guy out of my head.

Two weeks later I was a patron at a local gay bar…I was inebriated and dancing wildly about making a spectacle of myself (per usual) when my shoulder is grabbed by someone behind me.  They spin me around and low and behold it is cute doughnut guy…he immediately shouted “you’re that doughnut guy” and I was in love (j/k, but it was nice to be recognized).  We immediately exchange numbers.  I’m pleased; as I had mentioned it isn’t every day you get noticed and the guy was super cute.  The next morning I text him letting him know it was good seeing him and that I was glad we exchanged numbers.  He responds back in the positive and we text back and forth a couple moments.  It is going pretty good!  He suggests that I stop up and visit him at work (he worked at a bar/restaurant so I was thinking it was legit to stop plus he suggested it).  I don’t tell him what time I’m stopping due to other events but I would be there.

Eventually, I end up at his place of employment.  I am with a friend and we are just relaxing.  I notice another guy that I know is gay but he is only a mere acquaintance.  I keep my eyes peeled for doughnut guy (Mike) but I can’t seem to find him, the restaurant is getting busy and so I call over the bartender and ask her to deliver a message for me.  I tell her to let Mike know that I had stopped and I had to leave and we could catch up later…the bartender looks at me and says “No Mikes work here…”uh oh….now things are starting to get weird.  Well, we bid our ado’s and all I can think is perhaps I mis-programmed his number.   I text him one more time from work the next day seeing if he would want to catch a movie (don’t you just love how texting takes the awkwardness out of calling someone for a date *Sammy shakes his head*) Well, I hear nothing back so I do what any every day, normal, arguably sane person would do….I begin looking for him on facebook.  As I look for him I stumble onto the gay guy from the restaurant I click on his facebook thinking he may be friends with Mike when I realize he happens to be in a relationship with a guy that has a very similar name to the Mike in my cell phone directory (yeah I kinda programmed Mike’s name in wrong while I was drunk but the last names were VERY close in spelling…..don’t judge) so I click on his Mike and low and behold it is doughnut guy…First, I’m sad that Mike is in a relationship, then I realize something else is going on…..something really fishy and weird.  Suddenly all the pieces to the puzzle seem to fit.  It seems (what I hypothesize and belive) that Mike’s boyfriend potentially found my text messages to Mike then pretended to be him and was texting him to get me to come to his restaurant to see who was texting his boyfriend!!!!!!!!   This would explain why the bartender knew of no Mike that worked at the restaurant. 

In the end I had a guy hit on me who had a boyfriend (which I didn’t know about…no I’m not a home wrecker) whose boyfriend was reading personal text messages AND pretending to be his boyfriend to dupe poor, devastatingly handsome, unsuspecting Sammy into going to his place of work to figure out who was flirting with his boyfriend.

Needless to say we did not go out on a date and I ended up pondering how I got myself into this mess!

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Alright you guys I promised a “blind date update” and I shall deliver.  As I had mentioned before blind dating, at least for me, has always been filled with a certain amount of anxiety induced dry heaves…Wednesday wasn’t anything different.  I bolted from work and got home with just enough time to change, brush my teeth, and deodorize then it was out the door to a little restaurant for dinner.  I grab a table and wait and it isn’t long before I am greeted by Mike.  He is a little taller than me, cute, short cropped hair; he has a nice smile and a little sole patch on his lower lip, so far so good.  Sans the fact I could smell cigarette smoke on him…ew.

We had talked briefly on the phone before hand and had some idea of where to steer the conversation.  I had spent most of Wednesday trying to finalize a list of topics to chat with him about.  We order appetizers and the evening wears on.  It is about halfway through the evening that I realize that my list of topics to discuss has dwindled and the awkward silences were on their way.  As it turned out guess who didn’t prepare himself for conversation…Mike.   So over all it was almost like a one sided conversation.  I would ask a question, Mike would answer, then queue awkward silence, then I would answer the same question….boring and awkward.  It wasn’t looking good and I was thinking this was only going to be a onetime date.  But I stopped myself.

You see I’ve been told repeatedly that I set my standards way to high when it comes to dating and that I should be will to give people “the benefit of the doubt,” benefit of the doubt being the key phrase; so instead of making some lame excuse to leave I decided to try and salvage a bit of the evening.  We eventually end up near the bay in Erie and the chatting has slowed to some extent and it is nice just walking and enjoying the evening.  We eventually end up back in his car seats tilted back star gazing.  I can appreciate a date with some twists to it and this was turning out better than I had expected. 

The evening wears down and Mike has to leave so I have him stop at an ATM.  I wanted to pay for my half of dinner.  It was a little on the pricey side and I think it is always good to double dutch on a first date.  I give him my half and he promptly asks me, “Does this mean I’m not going to see you again?”  I laugh off the question and tell him no and my theory about double dutching.  He stops a few spaces from my car and leans over to give me a hug and I’m thinking it was going to be one of the consolation hugs.  Nothing big but he ends up just putting his arms around me and giving me a big strong hug…a hug from a guy that hasn’t hugged someone in a while.  So I enjoy it and I hear him whisper something about thinking I would be fun to cuddle with.  Now I’m not a cuddler but with the way he hugged made me want to cuddle with him.  So one thing leads to the next and we are kissing.  It is nice and I am enjoying and for all intensive purposes it seems like he is enjoying it too.  I tell him if he wants to come over and cuddle for a bit that would be fine.  I realized he had a 30 minute drive ahead of him and he had to be at work by8 the next morning but I thought it wouldn’t a late cuddle.  (and for all of you thinking cuddling means more you are mistaken…I only do that type of “cuddling” after the second date…I kid! But really I was just looking for a cuddle).  His body seemed to say yes but his mind was saying “I have to work” his mind ended up winning.  So we part ways and I’m pretty pleased other than the awful conversation and the smoking he seemed like a nice guy that I would mind going out with again.  I text him a bit later letting him know the good time I had and suggested we maybe meet on Monday.  I get nothing back.  No problem…It’s late.

Well, night turns to day and I still haven’t heard anything.  So I end up emailing him (he knew I was going to email him to because I said I would with the title of a book he might like).  The day progresses on and I am becoming more anxious.  Finally, I text him one more time and I still get no response.  It is now 5 days since the date and I have heard nothing from Mike.  That son of a bitch duped me into wanting to cuddle with him and then ditched me.

Now you know why I hate blind dates…and cuddling.  I think the worse part of all is the fact that I was willing to over look the fact that he was conversationally challenged and killing himself on cig at a time but apparently he wasn’t willing to over look my less than appealing traits (of which I have none, that’s a joke).    Also, now I’m left dissecting the evening trying to figure out what I had done or maybe said that made him not want to communicate at all with me at all after the date.  You know a text or email saying I had a good time but I’m not interested in you would have been thoughtful…right?  So much for benefit of a doubt that really screwed me!  But I guess all you can do is keep on trying…but I vow to you I will NEVER be duped into wanting to cuddle again!


(pic from http://www.motivatedphotos.com/?id=12770)


(pic from http://graphjam.com/2008/03/31/funny-graphs-why-blind-dates-so-often-fail/)

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It is in my professional opinion that there is nothing more terrify or deeply troubling than a blind date.   It is nerve wracking leading up to the event.  Always worrying about what the other person is going to think of you and what kind of conversation you will need to produce to keep the date afloat etc.  Frankly, it is a mess of an event…………can you guess what I am doing tonight?


Yep I am going on a blind date….a semi blind date would be a more appropriate title.  We have texted back and forth and there was an exchange of a single picture via cell phone from each of us.  Not those kinds of pictures (I know what you are thinking).  So  I do know what he looks like and vica versa.  We have talked on the phone too…so maybe this will be a little better than a blind date…I hope.


His name is Mike and he is a friend of a friend of a friend.  Convoluted I know but through several phone calls from a match maker friend of mine Mike ended up with my phone number and whabam….Thursday date night is on like Donkey Kong.  He seems nice, he is 34, and has a job.  All pluses in my book!  So we will see how it goes and I will be sure to let you know all about it!


Two weeks ago was my cousin’s wedding.  It was a ton of fun especially considering I saw a ton of my Family.  The girl my cousin married is super cool and makes a great addition to the family.  While the weekend was fun it was jam packed with activities and obligations to take care of.  It felt like I drove all weekend.  The I drove home Sunday morning to attend to a work function so needless to say I was busy busy busy.  Below are some fun photos of the wedding, the church etc.








This past weekend I was in Virginia for a big birthday extravaganza.  My friends who were married last October rented out a lake house on Lake Anna for the husbands birthday.  So Lauren and I took a half day on Friday and drove to VA.  The weekend was a blast.  It was such a wonderful time seeing all the people that were there and the weather was perfection.  It was a great way to end the summer.  We swam and hot tubbed and ate all weekend J  Pics are on their way.


That is about it for now; I hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well!

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