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Okay so let’s discuss friends for a moment. A teacher once said to me in class that if we left high school and remained friends with one person then we were exceptionally lucky and that we would probably have that friend for the remainder of our lives. I am lucky to count myself one of those few who have one of those friends. I’ve been out of high school for just shy of a decade and I have the very best friend a boy could want. A right hand woman if you will. You heard me mention her in my last post regarding her hot sausage recipe. I’m lucky to count MJ as one of my very best friends.

Considering the town I grew up in was entirely too small for my well being it was inevitable that kids end up in the same preschools and daycares and eventually go to high school together. I met MJ in preschool and it has been friendship ever since. I think our defining moment in our friendship, or at least she would reference, would be when I grabbed her hand during song time in preschool and we were subsequently forced to sit down and put our heads down. Apparently, holding your BFF’s hand during a song was a huge no no and I inadvertently got an innocent MJ in trouble. From that point on she’s been stuck with me  (please let’s not even bring up the cream cheese and trampoline story…that post is for another time!)

 We managed to be together in private school until second grade when my Mother destroyed my world and sent me to public school (which I ended up loving). And through the ebb and flow of life we ended up in high school together, and in all our awkward high school glory ended up playing in marching band together…only further cementing our friendship. If you didn’t do high school marching band you may never know how friendships develop in such I crazy/weird environment.

We spent many a high school events together; we grew up together, and eventually went to college (not together:(). I contribute my less than stellar ability to keep my lustful throes at a minimum for when we left for college she gave a piece of painted ceramic that told me to “roll in the sand.” I have subsequently done so and I still have the ceramic piece displayed on one of my bookshelves. Over the years we grew as adults. Her freshman year of college she found the boy she wanted to spend the rest of her life with and last summer was married to him. She was the first person I came out to. We became each other’s confidants. When we get to see each other we drink hard Shirley Temples, smoke cigars, and watch “You Drive Me Crazy.” She listens to me, lets me know when I am going crazy, and is a wonderful person. She just gets me! I’m a lucky boy to have her! So this post is for her; MJ, I’ll see you the first week of September!

This isn’t my picture and it’s linked to where I borrowed it from (don’t sue me please! kthxsbye)

Also the reason I called this post MJ Sauce is because there is a  restaurantI frequent that has MJ sauce and it reminds me of MJ.  It seemed appropriate!

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OMG gurl; I’m part of a new book club with several friends in PA.  We read only the classics and I’m hosting the first meeting of the group at my apt.  I have gone Martha Stewart crazy cleaning the hell out of my apt.  Unpacking those last few boxes left over from my move, cooking, and baking.  On top of that I’m cooking up three meals that I will freeze for dinner at a later time.  I’m making my Mother’s pasta sauce, one of my friend’s chili, and my best friend MJ’s hot sausage recipe.  I’m freaking out because I could use just one more day to finish everything…did I mention I’ll be baking….and I’ve not finished the book yet.  I’m about halfway through “A Farewell to Arms.”  Cooking, cleaning, baking…..I’m a domestic god!

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