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So we’ve had gay marriage losses in both Maine and New York but that isn’t going to stop us from going for New Jersey.  Yes folks we gays are moving to New Jersey and bringing the battle for gay marriage with us

New Jersey is no stanger to gay controversy either.  Gov. Jim McGreevey came out while in office admitting to an extra marital affair with a man.  But…that’s water under the bridge….and I plan on reading his book 😉

Not only will we be storming the beaches of Cape May with the the battle for equal rights but we have a little star power backing us up!  Bruce, the end all of end alls, Springsteen has recently posted the following in support for our battle for Civil and Marriage Rights!

“Like many of you who live in New Jersey, I’ve been following the progress of the marriage-equality legislation currently being considered in Trenton. I’ve long believed in and have always spoken out for the rights of same sex couples and fully agree with Governor Corzine when he writes that, “The marriage-equality issue should be recognized for what it truly is — a civil rights issue that must be approved to assure that every citizen is treated equally under the law.” I couldn’t agree more with that statement and urge those who support equal treatment for our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters to let their voices be heard now.” ~ Bruce Springsteen

So we  have a month before the Gov. elect takes office in Jersey (Chris Christie) who has already said he would veto the bill.  So now is the time to start your writing and calling to New Jersey lawmakers and get this important legislation through.

Also, here is a little shout out to Natalie, my NJ homegirl/blogger who will have a front row seat in the battle for gay marriage!  Check her out she’s a great blogger: Book, Line, and Sinker

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Guess what hot little number from Erie PA just scored himself a pit ticket for Bruce Springsteen’s last tour show in Buffalo!  YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Up front and center for the last tour date…I can only surmise that it will be the best show of the tour…..I’ve got my fingers crossed for the following songs, Rosalita, Hungry Heart, Badlands, None but the Brave.  I can’t wait for November 22nd!  Myself, Lauren, and her parents will all be in attendance!  I also have a ticket for the the November 10th show too.  It is going to be one hell of a month





(picture from here http://webnerhouse.com/2009/06/07/american-artists-british-bands/)

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So a couple months ago I was invited to a friend’s place to hang out and when Lauren and I arrived I realized that my friend had purchased a record player.  We spent the rest of the night hanging out and enjoy a variety of libations and listening to old records.  It was really a great time.  That is when it struck me.  I flash backed to a very early portion of my childhood…it was my parents owning their own record player and listening to records while I was wee kid.  It brought back a ton of old memories and I knew instantly I had to find my parents records.

The next time I was home I inquired as to where they may have been located.  Hoping that they wouldn’t have been sold, I was planning on asking my parents for record custody.  My Father pleasantly informed me that they were indeed still in his possession and that I was granted sole custody on two conditions 1) Never lend them to anyone 2) Do not sell them.  Sign, sealed, and delivered I found myself in my parents old attic with my Father searching for the goods.  Eventually we found the stash and I was over joyed. 

I began flipping though the covers.  As I did I remembered looking at the covers as a child; specific ones jumping out at me and taking me back to some of the earliest memories of my childhood. 


I began seeing album covers to my Mother’s Bruce Springsteen collection…specifically the “Greetings from Asbury Park.”  One of my very first childhood memories was of my Mother and I in our living room.  I was sitting in a chair which at the time dwarfed me because I was so young.  My Mother was dusting the living room dancing and singing Springsteen…I vividly remember the smell of lemon pledge.


(pic link: http://bonussongs.tumblr.com/)

Electric Light Orchestra showed up to in the box of records.


(pic link: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_KVr6Zg3xLpQ/RruTI2H9-BI/AAAAAAAAARQ/qvjn8leZDPk/s200/elo.jpg)

My Father’s well loved and worn Pink Floyd album “Dark Side of the Moon” appeared.  I remember being very interested in the whole pyramid of light and the lights refracted rainbow. 


(pic link: http://www.cddesign.com/covertalk/images/dark-side-of-the-moon-cd-cover-design.jpg)

Then I reached the pinnacle of record memories!  I found Supertramp’s,  “Breakfast in America” album.  I was obsessed with this cover as a kid.  I loved the lady/waitress carrying the glass of juice, the kitchen utensils and kitchenware in the shape of the New York skyline.  It was an intense moment and I LOVED it!!!


(pic link: http://dontforgettodance.com/page/3)

Then I came upon something that tossed me for a wild ride.  I eventually found John Cougar Melloncamp’s “Uh-huh” album covered.  When I first laid my young eyes on this album cover I experienced something I couldn’t describe.  I was strangely attracted to the cover.  I was attracted the pink angels, and airbrushed affect of the cover, and I was strangely attracted to the beautiful man on the front.  It was intense and euphoric all at the same time.  I was drawn to it and yet I found myself scared to look at it.  It seemed to be very adult in nature and that I shouldn’t really be so drawn to it.  It was with this realization that I figured out that the John Melloncamp “Uh-Huh” album covered had turned me gay 😉 LOL.  HAHAHA I am including it in the post so you can experience it too!

(pic link: http://www.mellencamp.com/index.php?module=discography&discography_item_id=5&discography_tag=studio+albums)

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Hello bloggers!  I hope you are doing well and getting ready for a wonderful weekend.  Erie is starting to shed its winter and soggy spring and morphing into 70 degree with for the next four days.  It is about time considering were had a snow and rain mix (otherwise known as sleet).

I apologize for the late post.  The past week has been full tilt, balls to walls busy.  Between my regular daily routines (laundry, dinner, dishes etc…you know those fun adult things you have to do so you don’t live in squalor) work and more dating with Frank life has been quite busy actually.  You know the John Lennon quote, “Life happens when you are making up other plans” well that is what has been a happening recently.  It has been busy which isn’t necessarily bad. 

You heard right Frank and I are exclusively dating one another which is nice.  I am still trying to get my wits about dating.  Needless to say it has been quite some time since I’ve dated…let alone dated a man.  Yes in the past I have dated women but I never went beyond a nice make-out session.  Nope; no naked parties with the ladies!  We have been seeing each other for about two months and it has been really nice.  It is a whole different world when it comes to exclusively dating one person…after several years of playing the field without exclusivity being a top priority I find myself lost in the world of monogamy.  Not that I can’t be monogamous; that isn’t it at all (I sound like a cheater but I don’t cheat…eep!).  It’s that as you work your way through the dating world one become adept at one’s own independence.  It is a whole different perspective when you have to think about someone else, and let’s face it I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy my independence.  So I am slowly navigating the land of exclusive dating, proper dating etiquette (who is paying for the bill etc), trying not to see him too much during the week/making sure I see my friends too.  You know all the usual stuff.  So it’s been good and I will keep you abreast on the dating world!

I had one faithful reader ask me if I was going to do an editorial regarding the whole Miss California debacle.  I debated about it but I ultimately decided not to honor her with a full rant because she represents the ignorance of people…and because she said this on stage and has already been publically mock…which she should be.  There are a couple things to consider though regarding Miss California.  One, we will start with the Miss America contest itself.  **Sammy clears his throat and gets in touch with his feminist side** Of all the hackneyed places for a young woman to declare her feelings regarding the political hot bed of gay marriage, Miss California decides to do it on a stage where she is being judged on her outward appearance.  She does it on a stage where she and other young women parade around being judged for “scholarship” money.  I just think that it is ironic that this young woman decided to come out against gay marriage at an event that judges women in bathing suits.  I mean come on we are talking about a program that bases 20% of a contestants score on her evening wear compared to the 5% of her score being based on her on stage question.  Secondly, she’s correct when she says she didn’t win the crown because of the question.  If you really wanted that crown and you had any sense about you you would lie and say that you agreed with gay marriage or at least a civil union.  How could she not know the backlash of that question?  Apparently she didn’t want that crown bad enough.  But I will give her this at least she spoke up for what she believed in…I’m not sure if this was before or after the swimsuit section of the evening…but at least she was true to herself and  her character (**Sammy rolls his eyes and shakes his head).  We’ll see the tune she is whistling when the she has her first gay hair dresser yank out a fist full of hair because he can’t marry his partner because marriage is between a man and a woman.   Finally, I can’t take Miss California seriously because she paints herself up and squeezes herself into a dress to parade around in front of camera in a competition that considers your talent as 35% of your score and while judging your ability to look at the world and see an injustice and speak out against that injustice as 5%of their score…in my opinion Miss California score was very low in the onstage question portion of the evening and that speaks more about her than any bathing suit, talent, or evening gown could ever say about her.


Here is a little something for Miss California’s conservative sensibilities 😉  Have a great weekend everyone!  I’ve missed you and can’t wait to post with you next week.  And remember marriage can only be between a man and a woman 😉


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Hello all I am currently deep in my 2nd mug of coffee today and ready to blog a little.  So as I had discussed in my last post I was out Monday night in the hopes of meeting up with Prince Charming…but alas the universe dealt me another blow and he was not at the gay club he said he would be at (or he left before I got there)….what a bummer (yes I used the word bummer oh snap! I have to stop….)  What did I do instead ran back to the arms of my much older lover….I couldn’t help myself…he had seen me at the bars days earlier…the chance encounter eventually led to a phone call that night which led to phone sex which led to Sammy passing out with the phone plastered to his ear with his lover still on the line….I’m sorry I was drunk!  Since the fateful night, which I lovingly refer to as the tour de phone, I’ve wanted to see my lover (or lova as some of you Sex and the City fans may refer).  After three weeks of no contact with him (I was doing really good) my efforts crumbled Tuesday night :/  The chance encounter, the phone sex, and the absence of Prince Charming led to my ultimate demise…it was to much for me to handle! (**Sammy contemplates flinging his arm over his head like all the damsels in distress do, then passes out, but realizes the spectacle it would create and instead takes a swig of his coffee**)  So I have to being the no talking with lover vow from scratch again.  I made it three weeks last time…I am going for four weeks this time!


What else is new…last night at work I had to contend with a verbal WWF smack down between some females that were in the office.  All I know is that I heard ladies yelling in the hallway and then there were tears and all I could think was, “what did I do to deserve this?”  The thing is I’m not a counselor and these were adult women.  Well one woman was an adult the other was a 18 year old in an adult woman’s body…she kept walking around tell a bunch of us that she was going to punch us and or knock us out….she also said she was going take it to the parking lot.  Needless to say I was less than amused.



The only thing that topped the verbal smack down was the fact that there was a mouse in my desk drawer at work yesterday.  Let’s just say I might have had a packet of cookies in my drawer, in case of an emergency (like intense hunger or a verbal smack down) and imagine my surprise when I went to my drawer and found the cookies out of their packet…and the packet ripped to shreds by a small animal that had once carried the fleas who carried the bubonic plague in the dark ages.  Gross!

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I’m sure, since my return to blogging, you all are DYING to know what my New Years resolutions are….because you have nothing else pressing in your life other than this bloggers goals and aspirations for 2009.  I have chosen a couple usual one and unusual ones to keep myself occupied in the next 12 month revolution around the sun.  I’ll try and explain them below.


1.        Better Grammar and Spelling for my blog.  I have found myself recently publishing posts at great speeds.  While in this quick turn over to get my stories and views out to the blogosphere I have found that I’ve become…lax in my abilities to self edit and produce a decent document for you to enjoy.  Seriously, how annoying is it when read a post and it is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors.  I perpetuate said vicious cycle of bad grammar…in fact my self editing skills were sub par at best in college.  I would finish a paper and then, against my better judgment, turn it in.  After spending several days writing the blasted thing the last thing I wanted to do is edit.  Needless to say it is time to make some adjustments for my grammar and spelling.


2.       Read a Magazine Article Everyday.   I am a new junkie.   I mainly rely on cnn.com to get my fix of daily new input but my fixes do not stop there.  I have several magazine subscriptions that appear in my mailbox every so often to keep me occupied.  Unfortunately it is the same story every time I get a new magazine.  It comes in phases, let me explain:


a.       Phase 1 Excitement:  I come home find my newest magazine in my mailbox.  Someone from an unknown publishing company has sent me something that I look forward to.

b.      Phase 2 The Gloss:  I quickly scurry to my apartment; I am enthralled by the glossy pages and who the cover people are.  I toss my shoes off and begin to gloss though the pages.  I quickly get a feel for the over all message of that month’s magazine.

c.       Phase 3 Identify: I begin to identify the articles that I want to read.

d.      Phase 4 Busy Life Interruptions:  Soon life begins to derail me from my reading enjoyment and I find myself not reading any of the articles .

e.      Phase 5 Bathroom/Magazine Holdier:  I now only get the chance to read an article here or there while using the bathroom or else it is dropped into my magazine holders around my bedroom.

f.        Phase 6 Repeat:  Starting at the beginning of the month I start the cycle again.


What I have decided to do is prioritize my article reading by forcing myself to read and article a day for the next year.  I have subscriptions to Newsweek, The Advocate (thanks to a birthday gift from Lauren), and I hope to subscribe to Vanity Fair soon.  My goal is read any article regardless of magazine or content as long as it has a nice length to it.  So far it seems to be working!


3.       Do something fabulous that will make Annie Leibovitz want to take my picture.  My hope is that my blog will arrive in the lime light and come to critical acclaim and Annie will want to use me as one of her photography subjects.  Wishful thinking, yes, but I can still hope!  For those of you who don’t know who Annie Leibovitz is she takes a ton of photographs for Vanity Fair and has worked on the ads for Disney that feature the stars in the main roles.



4.       Continue my gay political activism.  That does not need any explanation.  If we are going to change the world we need to become activists!


5.       Get published…I don’t know how or where I just want to be printed in a magazine of some sort.


6.       The usual lose weight.  I want to be toned up for bathing suit season and being able to fit into a bathing suit that is being modeled by our news James Bond, Daniel Craig.  Of course I don’t think I will have his body in the below photo but I do want don a nice pair of semi tight swim trunks that show off a little of my assets.  This by far is my most self centered resolution…Look Hot!


(maybe not that tight but you get the idea)


7.       Continue reading books.


8.       And the Grand Finale, keep putting myself out their and meeting guys.  While I am out to a bunch of my friends I am still, in my opinion, dealing with being self conscious of being gay and out.  It takes some getting use to.  For example one of my resolutions last year was to come out to 10 people this year.  I achieved that resolution and come out to many more than 10 and in the end result it has made it easier for me to come out and share this personal side of myself to my friends.  What I hope to achieve with “putting myself out there and meeting guys” is to date more and be more comfortable with this part of my life.  So I’ve decided to join a free online dating service.  I’ve done match.com before and it didn’t work out as well as I had anticipated and I left the site.  I don’t particularly believe I will find the love of my life at a gay bar so I am going to give the dating site one more try.  Erie is slim pickings but I ultimately hope to achieve two things here.  Become more comfortable in my new gay dating role and two perhaps meet some nice people and have achieved a good or long term relationship.



So there they are my resolutions this year.  I think they are pretty good a nice array of goals and resolutions to achieve or for me to break.  What are you resolutions this year?

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