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Have you ever had something happen to you when at the end of the journey you stand mystified as to how you managed to get yourself snared into the situation?  I recently found myself embroiled in a similar situation several weekends ago….

The story starts at the beginning of October.  I was doing some gay lobbying making sure our local congress people sign off on a bill that will protect we gays from being fired for being…well gay…when I had a brilliant idea.  I was going to bring doughnuts to the congresspersons office.  It is always better to lobby on a full stomach…plus they would remember us gays as being great visitors and not want to fire us for being gay.  I digress…I end up visiting our local grocers and head to get doughnuts when low and behold I stumble onto a super cute guy!  Not just regular cute but puppy dog cute!  It registers that he may be gay (yeah I’m still fine tuning the gaydar) and I end up striking up a conversation…or as I like to say “get my flirt on.”  We end up parting ways and I’m thinking I’ll  never see him again, but I had more important things to worry about…they were/are called gay rights and I pushed any notion of the guy out of my head.

Two weeks later I was a patron at a local gay bar…I was inebriated and dancing wildly about making a spectacle of myself (per usual) when my shoulder is grabbed by someone behind me.  They spin me around and low and behold it is cute doughnut guy…he immediately shouted “you’re that doughnut guy” and I was in love (j/k, but it was nice to be recognized).  We immediately exchange numbers.  I’m pleased; as I had mentioned it isn’t every day you get noticed and the guy was super cute.  The next morning I text him letting him know it was good seeing him and that I was glad we exchanged numbers.  He responds back in the positive and we text back and forth a couple moments.  It is going pretty good!  He suggests that I stop up and visit him at work (he worked at a bar/restaurant so I was thinking it was legit to stop plus he suggested it).  I don’t tell him what time I’m stopping due to other events but I would be there.

Eventually, I end up at his place of employment.  I am with a friend and we are just relaxing.  I notice another guy that I know is gay but he is only a mere acquaintance.  I keep my eyes peeled for doughnut guy (Mike) but I can’t seem to find him, the restaurant is getting busy and so I call over the bartender and ask her to deliver a message for me.  I tell her to let Mike know that I had stopped and I had to leave and we could catch up later…the bartender looks at me and says “No Mikes work here…”uh oh….now things are starting to get weird.  Well, we bid our ado’s and all I can think is perhaps I mis-programmed his number.   I text him one more time from work the next day seeing if he would want to catch a movie (don’t you just love how texting takes the awkwardness out of calling someone for a date *Sammy shakes his head*) Well, I hear nothing back so I do what any every day, normal, arguably sane person would do….I begin looking for him on facebook.  As I look for him I stumble onto the gay guy from the restaurant I click on his facebook thinking he may be friends with Mike when I realize he happens to be in a relationship with a guy that has a very similar name to the Mike in my cell phone directory (yeah I kinda programmed Mike’s name in wrong while I was drunk but the last names were VERY close in spelling…..don’t judge) so I click on his Mike and low and behold it is doughnut guy…First, I’m sad that Mike is in a relationship, then I realize something else is going on…..something really fishy and weird.  Suddenly all the pieces to the puzzle seem to fit.  It seems (what I hypothesize and belive) that Mike’s boyfriend potentially found my text messages to Mike then pretended to be him and was texting him to get me to come to his restaurant to see who was texting his boyfriend!!!!!!!!   This would explain why the bartender knew of no Mike that worked at the restaurant. 

In the end I had a guy hit on me who had a boyfriend (which I didn’t know about…no I’m not a home wrecker) whose boyfriend was reading personal text messages AND pretending to be his boyfriend to dupe poor, devastatingly handsome, unsuspecting Sammy into going to his place of work to figure out who was flirting with his boyfriend.

Needless to say we did not go out on a date and I ended up pondering how I got myself into this mess!


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I don’t know what I have done to deserve it but my dating life has suddenly taken a turn upwards.  It must have been all the praying to the gay gods last week (Bette Midler, Celine Dion, Cher etc.) 


I ended up texting Frank last night and we decided to catch a movie together this evening.  We are going to go see “Fired Up” because what else would a gay man want to see on his first date *Sammy shakes his head*.  I’m pretty pumped and eager to see what Frank has to talk about.  It will nice to be out with him other than being in a gay bar or doing community activism.  Then also on Monday, as I had mentioned, I was receiving text messages from a young man I couldn’t place.  I text him to see who he is and it turns out I mis-programmed his name into my phone and then figured out who he is.  I was out with Steve one night and he was asked to meet the boy he has taken a liking to out at a straight bar…so we go we meet his friend and a bunch of their friends.  One of the guy’s name is Cody.  Cody is gay and we chat some he seems nice.   He’s really tall, black hair etc. eventually the whole group ends up going to eat out later that night and chat.  I end up sitting by Cody and we talk for a bit.  We exchange numbers and I’m thinking he might be nice to go out with a couple of times.  Over the next day I text him but his text messages don’t give off the “I’m interested” feel so I let it go.  It was Cody who was texting me only I had listed his name as Matt in my phone.  Yesterday I texted him to figure out who he was…the explanation came out and it ended with me and him getting drinks on Friday.  At first I didn’t necessarily consider this a date but as soon as we set the time and place I get a call minutes later from Steve asking me if I had a date.  Here it turns out (this is going to be fun when you hear this…I feel like I’m in high school waiting for my next class) Cody told his best friend who coincidentally is Steve’s crushes bother’s fiancé about a date Friday night a la me.  Other than the high school nature of the news movement, the news spread rather quickly and I guess what we are doing Friday night is considered a date.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t pleased. 


This is what I was hoping for when I came out of the closet.  Obviously, there would be drunk nights at the bars but I want something a little more traditional.  I don’t think going on dates and talking with people is an unrealistic standard to have in the gay dating community.  But there was a while where I was thinking two men going out on dates was to much of a standard then BAM three dates in one week.  Let’s hope this luck holds out for a while longer…apparently I must have done something real good because my Karma levels are particularly high this week.  And of course I will keep you all up today on any fun that might happen while out on my date…you know me I like to keep my readers abreast in my fun 😉


So I know what you are wondering right now…What happened with Danny?  Well, I ended up texting him yesterday after his boyfriend/fiancé left.  I asked him why he wanted me to texted him after his significant other left and he replied, “to have more time to talk to you.”  So we chatted and I texted him about lunch, he texted that he “wanted me for lunch.”  Brash and then I was intrigued.  I asked him what he was doing he casually mentioned that he was “naked and getting into the shower.”  Well, you can guess how the text messages started going after that…I give you some words that happened to show up in the following texts between Danny and I….hot, wet, soapy, hard, you, things…I think you get my drift.  As our conversation continues on he asks when I get off work he wants to me.  He wants to meet to fool around but he doesn’t say in the text message.  It’s at that point I text back telling him that it wouldn’t be a good idea for us to meet.  He’s engaged and I have far too much respect for him and his boyfriend to do anything.  He concurs, saying that I am right.  So we text a little more cooling down the steamy texts between us and that ends it.  I hope I smothered any improprieties that could have happened between us when I texted Danny back about his fiancé and him and I not meeting.  It isn’t fair to his fiancé.  It’s unfortunate though he was good looking…it’s always the good looking ones that are taken. 


So that is about it for now folks.  I’m pretty excited to see what tonight is going to be like.  I will let you know all the juicy details.  I am going predict that I will get at least a kiss tonight…but I’m hoping for a little make out session with Frank…just a little one.

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Last night was like something out of a movie. That is the only thing I can liken last night to. 


Well, yesterday I didn’t think Brad would call so I made other plans…far be it from me to wait around for a boy to call…and then it bit me in the ass.  Brad ended up calling.  Which is good to some extent…after some reshuffling of my schedule we decided to meet for drinks at Ruby Tuesday’s, which moved to drinks at another smaller bar, which eventually led to seeing a drag show and dancing at a local gay bar.  (There is more stuff that happened at the gay bar but I’ll revisit that saga when I finish with Brad).  At this point conversation has been flowing very nicely between me and Brad but I get the distinct feeling we are not meant to be more than just friends.  There is something about Brad that I like…he just struck me as being very human…I could tell that he wore his feelings on his sleeve (which it has it’s pros and cons), he always said what was on his mind (again that can be good and or bad), and I kinda liked that about him.  But he was so anxious too.  That was a hard thing to wrap my mind around.  He constantly seemed worried about something, he was always moving around, he joked that he has ADD….I think he does.  But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t nice…it just exhausted me watching him.  The other thing that worried me about Brad is his drinking.  I don’t normally worry or comment on the way people drink but I’ll tell you what watching Brad kind of blew my mind.  Mind you Brad is a big guy he is 6’7” just to give you and idea of his height…he easily dwarfs me and I suspect it takes a few to get him drunk.  But Brad had quite a few, a few to many to drive home on which is why I didn’t get to bed until 4 am today.  It was while I was driving Brad to his car that he told me he wasn’t interested in me in a romantic sense…trust me I wasn’t heartbroken…but he did say he wanted to be friends, that I can deal with.  I will also give him props considering he was man enough to tell me that he wasn’t interested in me.  Much better than being led on which has happened in the past.  From there things began to spiral out of my control.  There was a stop at McDonalds and an hour and a half chat with Brad in my car…more so Brad talking and me sitting there….is this what dating is suppose to be like.  A 6’7” man, drunk, eating McDonalds in my car, talking about his life with no possibility of heavy petting, who said he wasn’t interested in me.  At the moment if dating is like this I am going to need something to numb the whole ordeal of it LOL.   I offer him my couch but he declines and decided to drive home.  I probably shouldn’t have let him go but frankly, there was no possibility of getting his keys off of him and I had to be up at 7 am.  (On a side note he made it home okay he texted once home safe and sound.)  I think it is safe to say that I can count Brad out of the possible pool of husbands, but I will add him to my friend list.  I do appreciate him not trying to make a move on me it was very respectful of him…and all I can think is thank heavens we went on a “date,” if you could call it that, because trust me when you go on dates you learn A LOT about someone.  Okay so now we have the Brad situation in the bag lets revisit some other things that happened last night.


First, when I like someone I usually will give them my phone number… per usual but I’ve found that a lot of the time I never get responses back which is fine.  But occasionally there will be a young man that gives me his phone number and that is a nice change of pace.  Well last night I had some guy, I’m pretty sure I  met at a gay bar, text me while out with Brad. (Remember I said when it rains it pours regarding my dating…it only gets better.)  I can’t seem to place the guy at all!!!! I don’t know what to do, I think I’m going to lie and tell him my phone died and that’s why I texted him today instead of last night and then ask how we know each other…it’s all just to weird.  Then I started receiving texts from Frank.  I called him last night regarding a date on Wednesday and his phone was off…he had a concert to attend, so I knew it would be off.  We exchanged texts and he kept calling me stud which is pleasing.  So we are going to see what happens with that.  Then finally I ran into a real nice guy I had given my phone number to some weeks ago.  He never called me back but I’ve seen him out a few times.  Well it turns out Brad knows him so he comes over and we start chatting, (his name is Danny), Danny leans over and apologizes for never calling me…he tells me that he has a boyfriend and that he felt weird calling me and telling me over the phone.  It was a nice gesture of him to do…then he tells me he and his boyfriend had just got engaged.  So basically I hit on a fiancé.  Okay so he’s off the market no biggie, he’s still really nice and I enjoy talking to him.  As the night progresses Brad, Danny, and myself bum around the bar a bit enjoying each others company.  Well at one point a good song comes on.  I liked it, Danny obviously likes it the way he is shaking his hips (his dancing was what initially led to me giving Danny my number) so we end up on the dance floor.  We are dancing having a good time, I keep reminding myself that he has a fiancé, but we are just innocently dancing.  At one point he leans over and whispers in my ear that the night he danced with me (when I gave him my number) he was attracted to me but he had a boyfriend, which pleases me that he was attracted to me…the next thing I know his hands are on my ass.  Do I pull away, no, because that would be the right thing to do and I want figure  out how fast it would take for a rumor of me sleeping with an engaged guy to circulate in the gay community and eventually get back to his bf/fiancé.  He pulls me close and presses my hips against his.  He keeps grabbing my ass and eventually I pitch a tent promptly jabbing him in his thigh.  He keeps making faces of contentment.  Eventually, the ass groping tent pitching fest ends and I get ready to leave…and by leave I mean drive Brad back to his car.  We exchange goodbyes and Danny plants a big kiss on my lips…a lingering one that hints at something more.  A few minutes later, against my better judgment I text him thank you for the dances, he says he’s welcome and that he will text me tomorrow (which is now today) once his bf is gone.  This is nothing, NOTHING but trouble.  All I know is that while I am wildly attracted to Danny, I could never do anything with him and when we text today I plan on making that adequately clear….I’m a lot of things but a home wrecker is not one of them.


So that was my Monday night.  I apologize for the mess of a post but I am exhausted and frankly anxious about everything today.  Like I said when it rains it pours…I’m on boy overload…yet none of them seem to be boyfriend material. 

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Hello ladies and gentlemen; I hope you all have had a lovely weekend.  Mine was jammed packed and I am paying for it this exhausting Monday afternoon.


You know the saying “when it rains it pours” well that seems to apply adequately enough to my dating/love life.  We know about my search for Price Charming has led me currently to Brad…who doesn’t seem to working out as I thought it would (which I’ll explain in a bit)…well wouldn’t you know I go our Friday evening and I meet someone.  Let us not get to excited yet there are some terms and conditions that come with this one.  As I have mentioned I have been doing some LGBT activism work and though it I’ve met a ton of people (most of whom I can’t remember their names because it’s such a fast introduction and then work)…while I was out on Friday with Steve I end up running into one of the guys we had met.  His name is Frank.  He’s there with a couple of his friends and we all start chatting…I’m eyeing up one of his friends that I’m thinking I will end up on the dance floor with when Frank begins to pay some attention to me.  He comments on my glasses and calls them sexy….not a compliment I usually receive…and he strikes up a conversation with me.  I’m drinking not heavily but enough to enjoy the evening and I can’t help but flirt back…I can’t help myself when I get some booze in my system.  It’s really nice we chat with each other around the bar, the conversation is not forced, I’m enjoying his presence, in general he seems like a nice guy.  He buys me a drink, and I make an innocuous comment that he is trying to get me drunk to get in my pants…he laughs and says maybe…would I try to stop him if he tried to get in my pants….probably not.  Why not?  Because while even though I tell everyone that I want to some traditional dating I am still a man who likes attention and sex (perhaps shallow but true).   All of a sudden “Sexual Healing” (how ironic) (the Shaggy version which I coincidentally love) comes on…what do I do…slug back the rest of my beer, throw my arms around Frank and tell him to take me out on the dance floor to dance with me….wouldn’t you do that.  So there we are, I’m in a semi-boozy haze, with a man that seems to be attracted to me enjoying one of my favorite songs; Frank is doing all the right things putting his hands on my hips, sliding his fingertips just into the tops of my pockets, or giving a slight tug on my belt loops…just enough to be coy and sexual without being to overly aggressive or creepy…I am enjoying myself…we keep dancing for a bit.  Eventually, we move off the dance floor, he is getting ready to leave we exchange numbers….I have ulterior motives obviously at this point….who doesn’t want to make out with someone on a Friday night when it just so happens your roommate is out of town and you have your apartment to yourself.  We exchange goodbyes a quick peck on the lips and he is gone…I text him to come over…he tells me that he didn’t want to because I was to nice and special to do that (good answer) I tell him that the offer still stands, he says it might be moving to fast for him (another good answer even though I do want to make out with him), he texts me back telling me he is already regretting not coming over (the Russian judges give him a 10 out 10 for that all star text) and eventually we say good night to each other.  We spend the rest of the weekend texting each other.  Some of the texts are fun, some flirty, others just texts.  We’ve been hashing out a date possibly this week which is good.  All in all I’m pretty excited, but there is one problem……he is 20 years older than me!!!!!! Eep.


So I don’t know what to do.  He seems really nice, said all the right things, wants to take things slow and be more traditional in terms of going on dates (which for all intensive purposes doesn’t mean a commitment), but I don’t know what to think about the age thing.  I mean I don’t know if I want to date someone who is 20 years older than me…but on the other hand everyone who’s around my age (who’ve I’ve tried hitting on, asking out, etc.) has never really given me the time of day.  Take Brad for example, we talked on Thursday and had open ended plans to maybe go out on Monday (to get to know each other).  I don’t call until Sunday leave a message and he still has yet to call me back.  Of course I am over analyzing the whole thing with Frank.  But, he has shown me more interest than other guys and I don’t want to not take that with a grain of salt.  I’m going to call Frank tonight see if he does want to go out on Wednesday for dinner…and see where it goes from there.  Who ever said dating was fun must have been married…or on a lot of acid/cocaine.  Okay I’m freaked out a little and just ranting wildly on my blog.  I’m done…maybe…thanks for listening….you will hear more…perhaps even today :/  Okay moving on!


I watched the Oscars (Frank and I texted all night though them sorry I’m done now) and I enjoyed the format this year.  I loved the idea that they created a 1940’s bandstand etc.  Let’s take a moment and enjoy Hugh Jackman and how delicious he was…the dresses were flawless.  It was just a great Oscar’s night…especially when “Milk” took home two prizes.  Sean Penn deserved the Oscar and I loved his speech especially when he lampooned those who voted for Prop. 8.  But, I think the best was when Dustin Lance Black won Best Original Screen play!!!!!!!  His speech brought me to tears….I’ll admit it.  When he told all those young “boys and girls that they were beautiful creatures and that god loves them”…it was beautiful.  I don’t know if he will realize that telling these young gay men and women that they were full of worth and value was an important and validating thing for many of them(us).  In a world of hate and marginalization Black spoke beautifully and poignantly about the value of human life even if that life is gay…what he said had more of an impact on me than any religion or religious person has said to me in a long time. 



Of course I was rooting for “Milk” to win best picture but I knew deep down inside when “Slumdog Millionaire” won at the SAG awards Best Picture it would take home the Oscar’s Best Picture.  I was so excited that Kate Winslet finally won an Oscar…and I loved all the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress nominees.  I think they are great and that they will have long careers ahead of them.


On a final note I not only worked all weekend I also drove to Buffalo to go to a wedding with Lauren (she was in the bridal party and looked flawless).  Yes, Frank and I texted during the entire reception…now I’m done.  The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a blast.


Okay I’m done for now, I’m sorry for the long post and it’s randomness and obvious lack of form.  We will discuss my neurosis a little more once I find out if I am going out to dinner with Frank. 

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Alright let me pick up where I have left off.  As I mentioned I was torn between two guys Steve the meanie guy that flirts with me and the older sexual harassment guy…we’ll call him Craig.  I also left off with my Alma Mater’s Homecoming looming.  Homecoming was a spectacular blast.  We had tons of people stay with me and Lauren at our place lots of booze, lots of fun etc.  Friday night I had a slight development with Steve.  We were both drunk at my Alma Mater’s favorite bar hangout and having a broken conversation.  He did not go to my college but he came with several friends to hang out will all us alums.  We end up leaving, he got a ride home with friends, me in a taxi with a few other friends and we start texting.  I managed to get back into my bedroom and crash on my floor when I get a text from Steve “I want you in my mouth”….abuhhhhhhhh.  I was flattered, excited, and somewhat confused by this exclamation.  We had flirted but in the back of my mind I had not really thought anything would have come of Steve.  I’m drunk and I’m pretty sure I send a text back that wasn’t sexual in nature but ponderus…my cell phone blinks with a response from Steve, “ I want to suck  you off”…could my 11 months of strike outs with the boys finally have worn off?  Have I just scored a homerun?…my cell phone blinks again.  It’s Steve, “j/k”….what in the world I wonder, then another text “just kidding.”  At this point, between the massive amount of booze circulating in my system and these weird text messages, I’m totally confused.  We text for a few more minutes when he tells me he is texting his EX-BOYFRIEND…I pass out downtrodden. 


The next day I receive a text from him apologizing for the perverted texts…I haven’t texted him in three days.  Needless to say, the universe screwed me over again, not surprisingly.  I’m sad but not surprised.  For the moment Steve is out of the picture.  I don’t time or patience to worry about a guy who is hung up on his ex when I took the time to flirt and make myself available to him.  Available for dating and such…what kind of available are you thinking of?????


The rest of the weekend goes of without a stitch.  It isn’t until Monday that things get interesting.  So I am at work and Craig and I have been emailing each other.  Mostly about the event I’m hosting but there are flirty nuances in the emails.  So I give him my personal email.  In one email I ask him what he is doing.  He responds going to a movie, and asks if I like Woody Allen films (queue the Juno Quote “Woody Allen! I love Woody Allen.”  That’s would be Juno’s friend Leah who is flirting with an older teacher…the situation is reminiscent to my own at the moment).  I tell him I don’t mind them and that my evening was going to consist of going to a lecture about Civil Rights, MLK, and the political race with Obama.  He then asks me to join him at the movies….hello Vicky Christina Barcelona good bye Civil Rights lecture.  (I couldn’t help myself…you would do the same)  So we meet at the theater.  He had a couple of free passes so we go in and it is me and him and these two older people.  Drat, I totally would have made out with him in the theater.  The movie was awesome and we then go out for drinks…I’m thinking this is kinda like a date but kinda not.  After two hours of drinking and talking and A LOT of touching, he asks if I would like a tour of his house…meager come on but I am totally down with it.  We get back to his house and I do get a tour and then the real fun began.


I know I know you probably want all the fun and gay details…I’ll give you just a few.  It was fun, after 11 months I know I still got it, it was fun, I still have a few scraps of dignity still intact, it was fun, no we didn’t go all the way, it was still fun, and I might be meeting up with him on Sunday….did I mention it was fun!


After our fun all I could think is of that moment in Under the Tuscan Sun where Diane Lane has sex for the first time after her divorce and she’s bouncing all over her room chanting “I still got it… (grabs chest)…I still got it…(laying on her back kicking her legs like an excited child…I…Still…Got….It.”  I had the same type of reaction, it just wasn’t in my bedroom therefore it was a little reserved.  Note the picture below



So I don’t know where this is going.  I am not putting to much thought into it.  He is older than me; perhaps we are friends that just like to fool around…I don’t know and I’m not going to try and label quite yet…I’m sure that won’t last long though…that’s my neurosis talking.


P.S. He gave me his cold……

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Good morning bloggers! I hope you are doing well.  I have some fun stuff to talk about but first I want to look once more, briefly, at Palin.


I’m not sure what American people are thinking supporting McCain and most importantly Palin.  I am going to break this really easily.  Why in the world would anybody vote for a woman who has little to no foreign policy…especially if we are in a war in a foreign country?  Is it just me or does anyone else see the absurdity of this?  I’m telling you it is flawed reasoning, plain and simple. 


You know the invasion into Afghanistan and the war in Iraq has been a heated topic for the past 8 years.  It has been a long conversation across party lines and here we are 8 years later on the cusp of an election and people want to elect someone who doesn’t have any foreign policy experience.  This is despite whether you are for or against the war…this is about running a war in a correct manner.  I do not think Palin could advise adequately regarding the war.  More importantly that is just a glossing regarding foreign policy, there is so much more involved.  Think of what would happen if McCain passed away in office and Palin assumed the role of President.  America would have a young woman with little to no experience running the country.  I just don’t know what people are thinking. 


Okay I’m getting off my soap box.


So this weekend was good, busy…but good.  Friday night I was invited out to a gay bar with friends whom I’ve not come out to yet.  They were going with another gay friend so that he could spy on his ex-boyfriend.  So my reasoning is go any chance to become acclimated to a gay bar is a good chance, plus what if the friend is cute…there is always a catch.  So we meet and go to a straight bar and have some drinks we are having a good time and the boy is cute…we’ll call him Steve.  He has a wicked sense of humor and is wildly inappropriate…which a plus in my book is always.  I’m slowly getting drunk and think we are hitting it off, we are discussing LGBT issues in the election and I want to get his number.  So we exchange number and then the group goes off to the gay bar.  We dance and drink and are having an all around good time.  That’s when Steve confides in us that he has a crush on this 21 year old.  I glance at the guy.  Young, very gay…and I’m like ugh.  I’m a little disappointed and I decide to take matters into my own hands.  While at the bar I text him asking if he could keep a secret.  He’s drunk and I get a text back from him saying yes.  So I tell him that I thought he was one of the cutest guys in the bar and that I thought he was way to good for the 21 year old video gamer.  (On a side note I’m positive I have blown my gay cover with these friends and it is only a matter of time before they ask me about these texts and Steve.)  Well I don’t hear anything and I’m kinda sad…but it’s the norm.  So we get ready to leave.  We go home and imagine my surprise when I get a text from Steve.  It’s like 2 in the morning now and I’m exhausted and know I have to be up in 5 hours to work a fundraiser.  This touches off a two hour text messaging session.  Obviously, I’m drunk but not in a crazy I can’t contain myself kinda way…I wasn’t that lushy that night J.  The texts are tinged with flirty overtones and stuff.  Over the past 3 days we’ve texted each other and I am excited.  Some of the texts are flirty some are just regular texts but the problem is I can’t gauge if he’s interested in me or not. 


I just don’t know what to do.  I’ve invited him to join me on a couple of things (we have a mutual friend I had to pick up a birthday gift for and asking him if he wanted to go) but has kindly declined.  I am trying to play coy but I hate playing games.  If you are interested then tell me if not tell me so I can keep looking.  I just don’t know.  The other thing is when we text each other they are usually long text messaging sessions.


I’ll keep you posted on the wooing of Steve.  Here’s a little description.  He is shorter than me probably about 5’6”, he has dark short hair and light blue eyes.  He has a wicked sense of humor and has some of the funniest stories.  He has no facial hair and his ears are pierced (the piercing goes through this lobes from the side…it’s weird but cool).  He always seems to have some funny story or some witty comment come back with, but when we were talking about gay right he sounded well read.  I want to get the chance to talk to him about more serious things.


So that’s about it right now.  We’ll see how it goes.


I also did four loads of laundry this weekend…and it was lovely 😉

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