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So I have a small confession to make.  I’ve been keeping a bit of a secrete from blog friends, as well a bunch of my friends in Erie.  Along with the weddings the busy weekends and such I have also been training for a half marathon.

Yes, I’ve been training for the past month and a half and the race is on July 19th.  I just registered today for it (I had to make sure I was going to get my “free” t-shirt).  It has been eating up a decent amount of time.  I run 4 days a week and cross train on two giving me one free day on Mondays (the only day I get to do my laundry).  Frankly, I’m exhausted.  I think that is one of the reasons I’ve been less then attentive to my blog recently.  It is also the reason I’ve been less then attentive to my friends as well.  It has taken up a bit of time and it is causing some degree of problems between Frank and me.  We’ve been dating just shy of 5 months and I haven’t been giving him as much attention as I guess I should be.  Granted I told him that I wasn’t ready for anything other than dating one another and that the status of boyfriends should be left alone because of my hectic summer.  Needless to say I only get to see him only once a week.  It seems as though my weeks have become much more regimented lately.

My junior year in college was much like it is this summer in terms of schedules.  During that junior year I took one of the heaviest course loads of my college career.  It also included over 300 hours of lab work in a 10 week period. It was intense and because of the added lab work I found myself never being able to have down time.  Every spare moment in the day I had I was either doing something in terms of apartment up keep or working on homework for other classes to make sure I didn’t fall behind.  It worked out well, but I remember by the time Thanksgiving rolled around I was ready for a long break and it became much harder to maintain such a strict schedule until now.  It’s like the moment after work I am jammed with things to finish.  It’s nice to be busy but I can’t believe it’s JULY already.  In the past, almost 2 months, I’ve had one weekend off, and I had to lie to a ton of people making them think I was out of town so I could just crash.  I’m not big on lying but it was totally needed this time.  Okay, maybe not lying but an act of omission. LOL

I’m just being whiney.  Sorry; it’s just been on my mind for a while and it’s nice to just type it down.  The Frank thing is freaking me out to.  He is a little, I don’t know how to say it, not intense; but encompassing!  He is very nice but he is always saying things like, “I like you.”  Which is great, all people dating should want this right…of course….but he says it all the time!  Constantly, and he is constantly touching me!  It sounds awful but it’s like I’m eating pizza he’s rubbing my back.  We are sitting on the couch and he’s laying on me, and so on.  It is totally out of the realm of cuddling.  It’s almost as if it’s an over stimulation of the senses.  The “I like you” thing also scares me a touch because I feel like it’s his euphemism for love.  I don’t know but the way he says it makes me feel that instead of saying love he says like because it placates me because I am totally not into the boyfriend thing and especially love thing.  I know I don’t love him and that isn’t a bad thing we’ve only known each other for 5 months….I would think it is far too early for L word.  I mean come on 5 months!?!!?

That’s one good thing about my hectic schedule is that I can only see Frank once a week.  That is all the time I have for him and it isn’t like I’m restricted in terms of seeing other friends.  But it has cooled things off a bit for us.  Which is good…I think?!  The other thing that I find a little worrisome is that, as I mentioned above, I am holding the whole boyfriend title at bay.  It is quite the commitment that I’m not totally ready for.  Well, I just recently found out that Frank has been telling people we are boyfriends!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!?!?!!? (note the abundant use of punctuation)  I mean can you have a boyfriend without knowing?  Apparently yes, yes you can, I don’t think he knows I know and I haven’t brought it up to him yet.  I don’t know how to as of yet.  But I don’t like it.  I think that is clear indication that I have to set some intense boundaries or end things with Frank.

You’ll have to excuse my little venting bit!  In better news I got back from Boston last weekend after visiting my Urban Family.  It was lovely to catch up with them and it makes me wish we lived closer together.  This weekend we have a ton of people staying with Lauren and I.  We have a wedding on the 4th and a ton of people we know will be here.  I’m looking forward to catching up with them.  Now I just have to keep my drinking to a bare minimum considering all the running I’ve been doing!  But it is another fun, hectic, busy weekend. 

I hope you all are doing well!  Happy 4th of July!!!!!!  I hope your weekend is filled  with fun and exciting picnics and making out!   Here is a little video for you to enjoy!


Murder on the Dance Floor- Sophie Ellis Bextor

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So I just want to do a quick up date.  Last weekend I made out with a 19 year…3 times.  It might have been a mistake I don’t know if there were feelings involved which would make it worse.  But, it was fun at the time….which could be a good or bad thing.  We’ve texted a few times back and forth.  I think this is going to be a problem down the line:/  During out texts he has asked me to come over to his parent’s house to watch a movie.  It is a lovely offer but in my mind I see something like this happening.  Sammy heads over to Dan’s house to watch a movie.  One thing leads to the next and his Hispanic father walks in on his son making out with a boy (Dan is in college but commutes)…..ends with Sammy trying to out run Dan’s Father!!!! :/  We’ll see what happens.


I have recently been working on some lobbying efforts regarding Pennsylvania politics.  I am really excited about lobbying and being part of the political process (especially in terms of gay rights) but I have to admit I’m a little scared to.  Our group of 6 people is meeting with a politician to do our lobbying and we are going to have a specific item to speak on.  I am worried that I will flub the whole thing so I have been doing a ton of research lately.  The areas we are working on include DOMA, ENDA, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and Anti-Hate Laws.  I’m torn I want to work on the DOMA aspect of the lobbying but I find myself very versed in ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act).  This Act is a lot like the 1964 Civil Rights Act specifically article 7 that wouldn’t allow employers discriminate against black employees.  We want something very similar and it was looking good but then our politicians freak out over the transgendered/transsexual language being included in the Act when then derailed the whole thing.  Now there are two acts out there one with and one with out language on transgendered/transsexuals.  It’s all very interesting.  So wish me luck I have a planning meeting on Tuesday and then my big meeting is on Friday!  I am pretty pumped.


Today I leave for Harrisburg with a couple friends to meet up with a married couple we know.  We are going to visit and then go to the Farm Show.  I don’t know what the farm show is but I suspect it is a glorified county fair (for those of you in the city a county fair is a giant fair in the summer that we rural folks live and die for J)  We are talking children raising pigs to win money and prizes, 4-H stands abound with goodies, and obviously there’s going to be tractor equipment, and a school bus demolition derby!  I know you are all salivating at the splendidness known as the county fair.  Did I mention all the local high school marching bands decorate the buses prior to their destruction?  Did I also mention I was in 4-H and the marching band….I don’t know why I just admitted that to you all.


Here are a couple 4-H links for your viewing pleasures:





Yes, my days in 4-H were spent growing plants (agricultural sciences), wood working (thanks Dad for all your help and by help I mean doing all the hard stuff), and baking (gay).  I did really like 4-H though it was a ton of fun as a kid and I can only hope the Farm Show is the same way!!!!  The only difference is that I think (HOPE) it’s indoors!  If you haven’t heard Erie is currently at -9 degrees today.  I bit chilly for me and any Farm Show.  The other thing that I’ve been told is that there is a 900 pound (yes! 900 Pound) butter sculpture.  Nothing gets me going than a giant block of butter that has been molded into something fabulous.  I am guessing the butter will be sculpted into the likeness of a farm staple the rooster!!!! I’M IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ll be sure to take tons of pictures (especially of the butter) and post to let you see them.  I will let you bloggers banter about what the butter sculpture may be.  But for now here is a picture of last years butter sculpture and the link to the Harrisburg Farm Show!






(and despite the picture, being from a rural town myself I’ve never had a cow by my school bus or even taken a cow to my bus….I have almost hit a cow driving to  my Grandparents once….I don ‘t think that counts as being hickish?!?!?)



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Hello folks so here is an update from the past weekend.  You’ll have to excuse me my blogging might be a little wild and off kilter today I have had about 10 cups of coffee and I am firing on all pistons at the moment….As for a little update, I was out of town again for a wedding in Hermitage.  As it turned out what my friend meant when she said wedding, she meant a backyard picnic to celebrate a wedding that had already occurred.  So my suit was not appropriate attire and I ended up having to buy a new polo for the occasion….which I really like.  So her boyfriend ends up coming down to which can sometimes be fun and sometimes awkward.  It was fun this time.  So I was there with a bunch of people that I know through Carrie (that’s my friend’s name).  We ended up have a blast…then some crazy drunk man (who was the brother of the groom) told me I needed “a reality check” when I mentioned that I wanted some chicken.  He then proceeded to yell “yeah well fuck you, you Nancy boy.”  I am not sure if he was talking to me or Carrie’s boyfriend, whom he had asked if he was gay earlier in the evening.  Well, we promptly left the party after that.  I don’t think I was to entirely offended about potentially being called a nancy (I’m not sure if grammatically I am suppose to capitalize nancy because I’m not sure if the crazy drunk man meant nancy as a slander, or if he meant it as a proper name…so I’ll use a mix of capitalization and lower case for your reading enjoyment…what ee cummings got away with it).  There are several reasons why I didn’t find it to offensive


1)      He was crazy

2)      He was wasted

3)      He didn’t seem like the best representative of the family

4)      He was middle aged, graying, and obese


So I thought screw him he really isn’t anything to worry about.  Anyhoo the weekend was a blast.


As for any gay schenanigans, there were none….there wasn’t anyone to wildly attractive I could potentially want to hook up with it so the dry spell continues….hhrrmmmm






One last thing…I have fallen in LOVE with the following video.  It is Mercy by Duffy, great music cute dancers….it is true love



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Alright everyone I just wanted to do another quick post before the start of the weekend.  I have another wedding this weekend.  It is much closer to the homoterritory than York is.  I am heading down to an Urban Family members home in Hermitage.  I am really excited I am going as her guest for a wedding of one of her co-workers that we both know.  So It is going to be a good time.  I hope there are hotties to oogle from the pews and reception…I am going to try and be good, just because I don’t know where my gay antics might get me in a room full of people I don’t know…but who knows…booze always has a very persuasive way of getting me to do things I deem perhaps not totally acceptable. 


The work week was pretty lousy and I am glad the weekend is here.  One of the brighter points of the week is that me, Lauren, and Lucy scored tickets to see my favorite comedian, Kathy Griffin, in NY!!!!!!!!!!!  Needless to say, I am very very very excited and cannot wait for August to arrive (that’s when her show is).  The only bad thing is is Lauren’s boyfriend is going and he isn’t always a socially fun guy and I suspect he isn’t going to enjoy Kathy.  Oh well, he isn’t going to rain on my parade….(and the sun’s a bowl of butter…I gotta stop myself my homo is showing…LOL).  We are making shirts for the occasion and I am uber excited about that too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well I hope all of you have a spectacular fun filled weekend!  Below is a fun clip of Kathy Griffin for you to enjoy.






okay okay there are two clips…there were to parts….just enjoy it bitches!!!!



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Hello all! I am back from my extended 4 day weekend and ready to blog.  So from my previous post I let you guys know that I went to a friends wedding.  I took an extra two days off from work to see some relatives and take my time traveling to York.  Who likes a 7 hour car ride…especially if you’re the driver…and you’re all alone. 


So the first leg of my trip was a stop in Somerset to stay with my Aunt for two nights.  It was a great decision.  I got there late Thursday evening and my Aunt and I talked for hours over lasagna.  Let me paint a picture of my Aunt…she is my Father’s sister and very much in touch with her Italian side.  She cooks and is happy (typical Italian mantra).  To give you a better idea of what she’s like, she’s like Doris Robert’s character in the movie Grandma’s Boy…if you haven’t seen it and you like comedies I highly recommend it.  In the style of Robert’s Character, Grandma Lilly, I was fed like a king, did some housework for her, she has cats (albeit live cats), and we even discussed the Antique Road Show.  That Friday my Father came up to my surprise, he occasionally spends weekends with his sister and I got to give him his Father’s Day gift and then on Saturday, my Uncle (my Father’s brother) also came up.  So it was nice to see a portion of my family.  I headed out early on Saturday to get to the wedding fully intending on a night of fun, drinking, good food, good friends, and perhaps some man on man action.  I get to the hotel in York with no problems and find my Urban Family.  We all stayed in the same suite together (all seven of us).  The wedding was beautiful, but, unbeknownst to me, it was outside and hot.  The reception was loads of fun and I managed to work up a great buzz.  I was just drunk enough to get on the dance floor and not make a fool of myself.  Mean while, in the man on man action area, the bride’s older brother was a sight for soar eyes.  Tall, lean, broad shouldered, with a brown beard and big hands……deliciousness all around…but I wasn’t sure if he was married or not, and I am pretty sure I am not a home wrecker, and considering it was the brides brother….I chose not to pursue him….He did actually give me a slap on the ass on the dance floor though, all I could think was, “if you ask nicely, I would definitely let you do more than just slap my ass.”  But, I digress…the wedding ended and sleep was had by all.  The next day the Urban Family and I had a big brunch and we set off to our particular places of residency around the country.  I began my journey back for another night at my Aunts.  I get to my Aunts and we had a blast we just hung out and watched a couple of movies together….it was heaven.  Then on Monday morning I began my journey back to my homoterritory of Erie PA.   I did manage to flambé my arm on the way home…now my left arm and leg are a full shade of tan darker than on my right side….it hurt.


So that was a run down of the past four days of my life.  I am currently getting ready for another wedding this Saturday which I am also excited for.  I am a date for one of my Urban Family members.  It will be a fast weekend but fun none the less.


On a final note, I just found out that I didn’t get a job I had applied for down in DC.  This was before I decided to start blogging.  I was very excited for it.  All dreams, of moving to the big city, working in what could be considered partly my field, while keep hot gay DCians at bay, that were dancing in my head were conveniently shattered today when I found out I didn’t get the job.  What irked me the most was the fact that I had to effing call the office and ask if I had got the job.  Talk about adding insult to injury.  I was informed that I would be contacted to let me know if I got the job after I completed the interview.  I suspect that if they can contact all the people who got the job or even a second interview they could contact those of us who didn’t get the job…right.  Am I being neurotic or does it seem like to much to ask for a letter saying I didn’t get the job?  You know, college students are always told they don’t know how to interview, they don’t dress correctly for interviews, or there is something that they don’t do right when it comes to job searches, and all I can think is perhaps the jobs and business we apply to need some etiquette lessons as well.  When I was informed I had the interview I had exactly five days to prepare myself, get to DC (which easily cost me like $250 buck) then wait for almost 2 and a half months to hear whether or not I got the job.  I busted my ass to oblige them for this opportunity and you would think that a simple letter or even an email (which is pushing it in my book) would suffice as to let me know where I stood in regards to the job instead of letting me languish in job purgatory.


Uuuuggghhh now I am irritated and still horny, not a good combo I might add.  I guess it could be worse….meh

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